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Nokia Phone Deals3/23/2010

Deals: Get the Nokia N97 for $379.99 Shipped

Dell is selling the mixed bag N97 for the grand total of $379.99 (+tax). I’ve never seen it cheaper, and at this price it’s pretty affordable.


Revisiting the Nokia N900, Two Months Later

I originally reviewed the N900 back in early January. A lot has changed since then, both in my honest opinions of the device and what’s out there. So how has the N900 fared? Let’s find out!

Mobile Phone Software2/27/2010

Ovi Maps Beta Gets a 3.04 Update

The latest version of Ovi Maps has been released, and there’s quite a few performance improvements included in the update. Or, more specifically…


Five Games Actually Worth Playing on the N900

The N900 hasn’t exactly been a gaming powerhouse – just check out the Ovi Store, where there’s a total of ten games for download. That number includes both free and paid, and doesn’t look likely to change any time in the future. Fortunately, there’s some decent games to be had in the repositories, even though [...]


Should you use Firefox Mobile or the stock N900 MicroB browser? [A Comparison]

There’s a browser war going on, but it’s not the typical IE vs. Firefox series of battles. No, on the N900 it’s Mozilla vs. Mozilla, brother vs. brother, with the stock MicroB browser on one side and the latest Firefox Mobile 1.0 on the other. Which one is better? It’s a tough call, that’s for [...]

Mobile Phone Software1/28/2010

How-To: Enable Flash in Firefox Mobile 1.0 [N900]

The good news, first: Firefox Mobile 1.0 was been released for Maemo 5, and it brings a couple of sweet improvements to the table. Flash, however, is not one of them. It’s disabled by default, but it’s pretty easy to get it back with these simple steps.

Mobile Phone Software1/21/2010

Nokia: Ovi Maps Now Free, a “Game-changing Move”

A “secret” launch event early today (one that I’m sure many of us thought was for a new handset) brought the news that Nokia’s Ovi Maps will be completely free. That’s Drive and Walk navigation, Lonely Planet guides, the whole shebang. Free. And it’s available now. Sweet.


Something a little different: Google Nexus One Review

Yep, I picked up a Google Nexus One. For me, it’s my first serious foray into Android and the land of the Eclairs, Donuts, and Cupcakes. Would Google’s full touch-screen phone entice me to completely drop my two-week-old Nokia N900?

Mobile Phone Software1/14/2010

The N900 Gets Its First (Major) Update: PR1.1

A massive 90MB update was released today for the Nokia N900. There are way, way too many changes to list here, so I’ll pull out a couple of the highlights:

Mobile Phone Software1/12/2010

The N900 Gets Its First (Mini) Update

Got an N900? Great. Grab the first firmware update, released today. It’s available over-the-air in the Application Manager. Before updating, App. Manager will ask you if you want to backup your phone. I would suggest doing so.


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