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Nokia Phone News8/20/2010

More Leaked N9 Pictures Surface

It’s that time again: time for new spy shots of that ever-elusive N9. Nokia hasn’t officially announced the N9 yet, although considering the quality on these leaked pics, that could be soon. And right now, the N9 looks like it’s got potential. It’s an angled slider (like the N97 of yore) with a keyboard that [...]

Nokia Phone Deals8/13/2010

Smoking Deal on a Nokia N900: $131.14 With Trade-In

Holy cow. NokiaUSA has a new summer promotion for the Maemo-powered (and now Android-powered) N900 – buy the phone for $479, trade-in your old phone and get a $280 rebate + trade-in credit. This might be the deal of the summer here.


Running Android on the Nokia N900: A Fun Diversion

What happens when you mix the most prevalent open-source mobile OS with one of the most “hackable” phones out there? You get Android, on the N900.

Mobile Phone Software7/14/2010

Three Great N900 Tweaking Tools: Shortcutd, Tweakr, and Phone Speakers Switcher

There’s quite a few tweaking programs for the N900. But these three all bring something new to the table when it comes to managing calls and button presets.

Nokia Phone News7/1/2010

What’s Coming: Nokia’s Mysterious C0 Phone

There’s been some sightings of a new phone in the wild: a Sidekick-ish slider branded with the mysterious “C0″ designation. Nokia uses zeroes to indicate prototype phones, and the C probably means it’s destined for the C-series line of medium-end phones. That hasn’t stopped people from calling it out as the elusive N9, a phone [...]

Nokia Phone News6/25/2010

Nokia Drops Symbian on N-series Devices

It’s official: the Nokia N8 will be the last N-series phone with the Symbian operating system. Instead, the company will shift over to MeeGo, a love-child OS of Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin. It’s the end of an era!

Nokia Phone Deals6/23/2010

Deal: Nokia N900 for $369 Shipped at Dell

Dell, it seems, is doing a slam-bang job of clearancing out Nokia phones. The latest deal is the absolute cheapest price that I’ve ever seen on a Nokia N900: $369 with free 3-5 day shipping.

Wireless Industry News6/18/2010

What is Wrong With Nokia?

Nokia certainly knows how to break bad news. They released a press release on Wednesday with the title “Nokia lowers Devices & Services second quarter 2010 outlook and updates the full year 2010 outlook”. What the heck is going on over there?

Nokia Phone Deals6/10/2010

NokiaUSA Goes Nuts With New Promos

There’s all kinds of weird stuff going on lately at NokiaUSA.com, Nokia’s American retail site. Namely a couple of odd promos that leave me scratching my head.

Nokia Phone News6/3/2010

Nokia Announces T-Mobile-Exclusive E73 Mode

Nokia’s latest phone announcement is the E73 mode, a QWERTY-packing smartphone that’s practically identical to the E72. It looks like they even recycled the same data sheet. It’s headed (exclusively) to T-Mobile, and carries the elusive WCDMA 1700 mhz band.


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