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NFC is coming in 18 months. Mark your calendars!
Mobile Phone SoftwareNovember 17, 2010

NFC Is Coming: No, Seriously

It’s been a long, long time since I last wrote about near-field communication, a technology that makes all kinds of mobile phone transactions possible. For the past couple of years, it’s been lying low in a number of international trials. But it never seemed to make any real progress in the United States. Until now.

Wireless Industry News6/18/2010

What is Wrong With Nokia?

Nokia certainly knows how to break bad news. They released a press release on Wednesday with the title “Nokia lowers Devices & Services second quarter 2010 outlook and updates the full year 2010 outlook”. What the heck is going on over there?

Wireless Industry News4/27/2010

Looking at Nokia’s Q1 2010 Earnings Report [Bad News]

Nokia reported earnings for the first quarter of 2010 on Thursday, and wow: it’s pretty cringe-worthy.

Wireless Industry News4/5/2010

What’s Nokia and Newegg Up To?

A little something arrived in my mailbox yesterday…(updated!)

Wireless Industry News12/9/2009

Breaking: Nokia Closing Flagship Stores in USA

Wow. That’s about all the words I have after learning that Nokia is planning to close its two retail stores in New York and Chicago. While I’ve never been to the Chi-town location, the Flagship store on Fifth Ave. has been the site of many blogger meetups and events, as well as being an overall [...]

Wireless Industry News10/17/2009

Nokia Q3 Earnings Report: Mixed Signals

Nokia released their quarterly earnings report two days ago, and at first glance the numbers were horrendous. Nokia managed to lose 426 million Euros, net sales were down 20% (year over year, or the change from last year), Devices & Services sales were down 20% while profit margin fell 3.1%, average selling price (ASP) dropped [...]


A Comparison of the US Wireless Carriers

I have to admit, I liked the new table comparison that I did for the N900/N97/N97 Mini. So now I’m applying it to other data, like wireless carriers and plans in the USA, with mixed success. Inside, a version 1 comparison of the major US carriers.

Wireless Industry News6/7/2009

Nokia Losing Its Cool, Drops 8% in Teen Survey

You can look at the results of a recent survey of 112,000 teenagers worldwide in one of two ways: either Nokia is the most popular cell phone maker in the world, or Nokia’s starting to lose its popularity.

Wireless Industry News6/4/2009

Nokia VP: N97 sales will (hopefully) top 10 million

An article at Bloomberg highlights a couple of tidbits about the Nokia N97′s release this month. Among them:

Wireless Industry News4/22/2009

LG Mobile Phone Division Reports 255 Billion Won Profit in Q1

And while that sounds like a lot, 255 billion South Korean won actually equates to about 181 million dollars USD. Gotcha! Still, parent company LG Electronics managed to post some decent numbers for the first quarter, with an overall profit of $324 million US dollars.

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