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It could happen.
Nokia RandomnessJanuary 29, 2011

Nokia’s Q4 2010 Earnings: A Faint Glimmer of Hope

So, yesterday Nokia announced its first-quarter earnings. The numbers kinda sucked, to put it bluntly, but they beat the estimates. Still, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel, and no, we’re not talking about MeeGo.

Nokia Randomness2/10/2009

Send Your Valentine Messages With Nokia Cupid

This pretty much sums it up: “Nokia is playing cupid this year for anyone too shy to reveal their true feelings. So if you’d like to send a certain someone a Valentine but are frightened they’ll find out it’s from you, let us deliver a FREE and completely ANONYMOUS text message to your beloved on [...]

Nokia Randomness10/15/2008

Nokia Productions: The Film Now Up

There’s a new Spike Lee joint in town: it’s Nokia Productions, the “collaborative effort” that mashed together a bunch of media to create the ultimate movie with the ultimate theme of Connecting People. It’s directed by Spike, and now showing after 5 months of user submissions that included, among others, pictures of my feet (not [...]

Nokia Randomness9/17/2008

Reminder: S60 Meetup in NYC Today (9/17)

If you’re in the NYC area, hit up the Nokia Flagship Store at 7:30 pm today for “An Evening With S60″. There’ll be food, drinks, fun, tons of Nokia devices, and me. Also attending the event is Dean Kamen, “legendary” inventor of the Segway. Yep, the Segway. Should be an interesting night. Read: An Evening [...]

Nokia Randomness8/18/2008

Nokia’s Weirdest Clip Site Is Back

Openatownrisk.com, Nokia’s odd teaser site, is back and stranger than ever. If you’re bored, you can give the new 4-part puzzle a try, but most likely you’ll just want to see the outcome: the so-called “weirdest clip ever made.” Gizmodo has the video clip here. Well, it’s certainly weird all right. The video makes absolutely [...]

Nokia Randomness8/11/2008

What the Hell Happened? (WordPress Migration)

After three days of no posts (come on guys, I’m lazy, but not THAT lazy), I present to you the newly redesigned Nokia Phone Blog. Unfortunately, it’s so new that the paint hasn’t quite dried yet, so expect glitches, bugs, and other anomalies crawling around the place. If you came in from an outside link, [...]

Nokia Randomness7/1/2008

Yet Another Weird Nokia Countdown Site Emerges

Forget Nokia’s Open to Anything slogan. It’s now “Open at Own Risk,” Nokia’s latest oddball website that opens with a story about unlocking a box containing the “weirdest clip ever made.” Uh…right. The important thing to grasp from all this is the countdown, which ends in about 124 hours from now, or sometime on July [...]

Nokia Randomness5/11/2008

Homegrown: From the people who brought you Remade

Nokia Randomness4/17/2008

Free Track at Nokia Music: Natasha Bedingfield

Nokia Randomness3/19/2008

So What Are Nokia’s Best Imaging Phones?

Nokia Randomness1/21/2008

Throw Away Those Old Cell Phones – The Right Way

Got some old cell phones lying around? Don’t trash ‘em. Instead, pick one of VoIP-News’ “50 ways to leave your cell phone” and you just might help yourself, or at least some other worthy cause. Some suggestions from the article: Send it back to Nokia! Sell your old phone and possibly make some cash (but [...]

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