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It could happen.
Nokia RandomnessJanuary 29, 2011

Nokia’s Q4 2010 Earnings: A Faint Glimmer of Hope

So, yesterday Nokia announced its first-quarter earnings. The numbers kinda sucked, to put it bluntly, but they beat the estimates. Still, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel, and no, we’re not talking about MeeGo.

Nokia Randomness10/8/2010

The Nokia N8 Parties in France, While I Wait for My N9

In case you were sitting around wondering, just what exactly goes on at Nokia France? Here’s the answer.

Nokia Randomness3/23/2010

What’s Happening at The Nokia Phone Blog, Part 3

Well, it’s that time again. The time when I move to a new host, migrate the entire blog over, and have pretty much everything blow up in my face. If you’ve been seeing any weird error messages or haven’t been able to access the site, this is probably why. The good news is that things [...]

Nokia Randomness11/26/2009

Measuring Google Trends: Nokia Phones Edition

I’ve been playing around with Google Trends for the past couple of days. For the uninitiated, Trends sums up the popularity of search phrases over time with a nice graphical chart. People seem to be going gangbusters over the N900 right now, but are they really?

Nokia Phone Deals10/26/2009

Contest: Win a N900, N97 or Other Fabulous Prizes

Nokia’s InnOviate contest is in full swing, and includes some pretty sweet prizes for the top entrants. Simply create and upload an image or video of yourself using *something* that you downloaded from the Ovi Store, and you’ll be in the running for TWO of the following: an N900, N97, N97 mini, or Nokia BH-905 [...]

Nokia Randomness10/20/2009

Nokia: Connecting People

And to all those people getting a little antsy over their N900 preorders, here’s something for you: Via Engrish.com

Nokia Randomness10/6/2009

Dealing With a Really, Really Annoying N97 Bug

On one hand, it’s nice to see that one of my earlier posts, The Definitive N97 Bug List is bursting with activity. On the other, that can’t be good news for the N97, or for Nokia, since it means people are having lots of problems. If the comments are anything to go by, I’ve been [...]

Nokia Randomness6/17/2009

My 5800 XpressMusic Post From Hell

So right now i’m on a train heading to the Nokia Flagship store in New York City. There’s an Eseries event going on there tonight, so stop by if you get the chance. This post isn’t about the event. It’s just some random musings by me to pass the time.

Nokia Randomness5/13/2009

How Much Is a Nokia 1100 Worth? $34,102.50!

You’d think that a six year-old phone that can barely make phone calls and send text messages would be worth somewhere in the vicinity of 5 cents or so. But you would be wrong. Wrong to the tune of…25,000 euros, or $34,102.50 in US dollars.

Nokia Randomness5/7/2009

And I’m Back!

For the past week, I’ve been on vacation in Italy, and more or less away from any kind of internet connection. While the trip was entirely for pleasure, it was also a bit of an experiment: could I possibly find my way around armed with nothing but a Nokia E66, and the Maps application?

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