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FeaturedMay 12, 2010

Nokia E72 Review: Quirky QWERTY Smartphone

I picked up a Nokia E72 for an upcoming trip to Japan. Here are my thoughts on this Blackberry-ish smartphone.


Revisiting the Nokia N900, Two Months Later

I originally reviewed the N900 back in early January. A lot has changed since then, both in my honest opinions of the device and what’s out there. So how has the N900 fared? Let’s find out!


Something a little different: Google Nexus One Review

Yep, I picked up a Google Nexus One. For me, it’s my first serious foray into Android and the land of the Eclairs, Donuts, and Cupcakes. Would Google’s full touch-screen phone entice me to completely drop my two-week-old Nokia N900?


Nokia N900 Review: A Multi-Tasking Monster

The Nokia N900 is the latest and greatest smartphone brought to you by the same folks that brought you the not-so-great N97. But the N900 isn’t cut from the same cloth: it has a snappy operating system, faster processor, and a nice collection of completely free apps. Will the N900 follow the same path as [...]


The Definitive Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Bug List

Back and better than ever: the Definitive Bug List, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic edition, is now open! Maybe this will turn out to be an even bigger success than the previous Nokia N97 Definitive Bug List. As usual, add bugs in the comments but make sure you mention your firmware version, phone type (enter *#0000# in [...]


Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Review: Best Touch-Screen Phone Under $200

Everyone’s hawing and hemming about the latest super high-end handset, which means the low-ends don’t get much love. And it’s really too bad, because the 5530 XpressMusic is one of the most capable el cheapo phones out there. More inside.


The N900: A Game Changer for Nokia (First Impressions)

The release of the N900 comes at an important time in Nokia’s history. Despite a new Symbian operating system, new touch handsets, and a growing smartphone market, the company’s smartphone division is faltering, with market share dropping 6% in the previous quarter. It’s not too hard to see why: competition is fierce, with Apple and [...]

Nokia Phone News10/29/2009

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic: First Impressions

I just got the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic. I like it. Let’s do some first impressions.


Revisiting the Nokia N97, Four Months Later: A Review

I never did an official review of the Nokia N97, mainly because by the time I actually got the phone, everyone and their mother had already filmed videos of unboxing and smashing N97s on concrete, and released reviews left and right. And mine would just have simply echoed everyone else’s sentiments. But now, no one’s [...]


10 Ways to Improve the Nokia N97

How would you improve Nokia’s N97 smartphone? That’s the question of the day. My answers inside!

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