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Nokia Phone NewsSeptember 15, 2010

Nokia Announces Three New Symbian^3 Phones: C6, C7, E7

Nokia World 2010 just wrapped up, and Nokia’s got some new models to show for it: the C6, C7, and E7. Here’s the rundown on each.

Nokia Phone News8/27/2008

More on the Nokia N85/N79 Phones

As promised, Nokia today dropped the official press release, as well as some new high res images of the N85 and N79 phones. Nothing really out of the ordinary here.

Nokia Phone News8/20/2008

Preview: Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

Nokia loves churning out new 8800 series models by the truckload. Last time, it was the 8800 Sapphire Arte. That one sported a genuine sapphire gem and retailed for about $1600 bucks. And now, in an attempt to match the success of the Sapphire, we turn to the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte.

Nokia Phone News8/14/2008

Preview: Nokia 3610 Fold Phone

It’s been pretty quiet on the Nokia front, unless you count the unofficial N85 rumors. The latest news is the release of the Nokia 3610 Fold, a pretty simple low-end flip for the budget set. It’s like a cross between the Nokia 3555 and 6555 phones. For starters, the 3610 Fold is a quad-band handset [...]

Nokia Phone News7/14/2008

Preview: Nokia 1508/1508i Phones

Nokia Phone News7/3/2008

Preview: The Rest of the Supernova Line (7210, 7310, 7510)

Nokia Phone News6/29/2008

Preview: Nokia 7610 Supernova

Nokia Phone News6/18/2008

Preview: Nokia E66 Phone

Sliders are the new candy bars. At least that’s what I thought upon seeing the E66, another slide phone to hit the Eseries enterprise line. It’s feature set is pretty similar to the Nokia E71 minus the big screen and QWERTY of course. Nokia E66.

Nokia Phone News6/16/2008

Preview: Nokia E71 Phone

Well, you knew it was coming, and now it’s official: the E71 will start shipping in July. This sleek Eseries successor to the E61/E61i/E62 is Nokia’s latest attempt to crush the rampaging juggernaut known as the BlackBerry. Except behind the BlackBerry is a nice long line of competitors, ranging from Samsung’s Blackjack II, the Moto [...]

Nokia Phone News6/15/2008

Preview: Nokia 6205 BatPhone

If Batman carried a cell phone, would it be the Nokia 6205? That’s a tough question to answer. But either way, the Nokia “Dark Knight Edition” 6205 non-smartphone is headed (exclusively) for Verizon. The BatPhone

Nokia Phone News6/3/2008

Rumors: Three New “Supernova” Handsets (7310, 7510, 7610)

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