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Nokia Phone NewsSeptember 15, 2010

Nokia Announces Three New Symbian^3 Phones: C6, C7, E7

Nokia World 2010 just wrapped up, and Nokia’s got some new models to show for it: the C6, C7, and E7. Here’s the rundown on each.

Nokia Phone News5/17/2009

Nokia’s E52 Is a Huge Improvement Over the E51

We’re getting awfully close to the second half of 2009, which means a whole slew of new phones coming soon to a Nokia Flagship Store near you. Joining them will be the E52, Nokia’s latest Eseries candy bar. While it might be a little bland in the looks department, it’s got an impressive feature-set including [...]

Nokia Phone News4/1/2009

Nokia 1661 Crash Lands at T-Mobile

Wow, what a deal. AT&T gets the chic E71x, and T-mobile gets left with the Nokia 1661, an ultra-budget handset that’s referred to as an “economically priced utility device”. Quick summary: it’s a flashlight with calling features.

Nokia Phone News3/24/2009

Nokia 7205 Intrigue: A CDMA Phone That Actually Looks Decent

It’s good to know that Nokia’s CDMA handsets keep getting progressively better. Better looking, that is. At this rate, Nokia will have quite a looker in 2012.

Nokia Phone News2/20/2009

Preview: Nokia 8208 Phone (Now Official)

Seven months and twelve days ago. That’s when we first caught a (leaked) glimpse of the Nokia 8208, Nokia’s first CDMA dual-slider. And while Nokia’s American CDMA operations desperately need a pick-me-up like the 8208, it’s not coming here. At all. But it looks nice.

Nokia Phone News2/19/2009

Previews: Nokia E75 and E55 Phones

At the Mobile World Congress this week, Nokia unleashed a virtual crapload of devices, services, agreements, and practically everything else under the sun. Among the phones announced was the E75 and E55, two very similar looking Eseries handsets with a big emphasis on messaging. One has a half-keyboard (Blackberry style I suppose), while the other [...]

Nokia Phone News2/18/2009

Preview: Nokia N86 8MP Phone (Finally?)

You might recall a certain Nokia N85 phone released back in September that packed some serious features (among them an AMOLED display) into one slick little dual-slider. Well, take that phone, throw in an 8 megapixel camera, kick-stand, and some metal siding and glass and you’ve got…the Nokia N86 8MP.

Nokia Phone News2/13/2009

Preview: Nokia 5630 XpressMusic Phone

The XpressMusic line has been so vastly improved that it isn’t even funny. Two years ago, XpressMusic phones (known here as XpressPlastic) were akin to Fisher-Price toys for tots – now, the line has expanded to include Nokia’s first touch-screen phone (5800 XpressMusic) and a bunch of actually decent midrange models. What the heck happened?

Nokia Phone News2/8/2009

Preview: Nokia 6303 classic Phone

It looks like a slider, and it looks like a touch-screen. Unfortunately, the Nokia 6303 is neither – it’s just another budget handset based on the design of the older Nokia 6300. I have to admit, though, it feels like somewhere along the way this phone evolved into some kind of alien device. It’s just [...]

Nokia Phone News2/1/2009

Preview: Nokia 6700 Classic Phone

Three more S40 phones hit the press this week, with the most notable being the Nokia 6700 Classic phone. Officially, it’s the successor to the Nokia 6300, a middle-of-the-road candy bar that sold like hotcakes. The funny thing about the 6300, however, is that it had no real distinct features, unless you count the stainless [...]

Nokia Phone News1/2/2009

Preview: Nokia 6208c Phone (Obligatory Chinese Stylus Phone)

In what is starting to become a yearly tradition, Nokia recently announced its latest stylus-driven smartphone, the 6208c. Heading to, you guessed it – China. Read the whole preview for a look at the 6208c’s fun features like a 3.2 megapixel camera and bamboo slip detachable stylus.

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