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Nokia Phone NewsSeptember 15, 2010

Nokia Announces Three New Symbian^3 Phones: C6, C7, E7

Nokia World 2010 just wrapped up, and Nokia’s got some new models to show for it: the C6, C7, and E7. Here’s the rundown on each.

Nokia Phone News7/1/2010

What’s Coming: Nokia’s Mysterious C0 Phone

There’s been some sightings of a new phone in the wild: a Sidekick-ish slider branded with the mysterious “C0″ designation. Nokia uses zeroes to indicate prototype phones, and the C probably means it’s destined for the C-series line of medium-end phones. That hasn’t stopped people from calling it out as the elusive N9, a phone [...]

Nokia Phone News6/3/2010

Nokia Announces T-Mobile-Exclusive E73 Mode

Nokia’s latest phone announcement is the E73 mode, a QWERTY-packing smartphone that’s practically identical to the E72. It looks like they even recycled the same data sheet. It’s headed (exclusively) to T-Mobile, and carries the elusive WCDMA 1700 mhz band.

Nokia Phone News4/28/2010

Nokia N8 Announced: Symbian^3 and a Huge Camera

It’s official: The Nokia N8 is official. It’s a 12 megapixel full touch-screen shooter running the latest and greatest Symbian^3 and crammed chock full of other features. But is it enough of a phone for Nokia to make a comeback? More inside.


The Nokia N97 vs. N97 Mini vs. N900 Comparison Table

Considering buying an N900? How about an N97 mini? Yeah, Nokia’s bringing two more touch-screen devices to the table, both suspiciously similar to the original N97 on the surface. But what about underneath? Let’s see how they stack up. (“winning” features in green)

Nokia Phone News9/3/2009

Two New Phones: Nokia X6 and X3 Hit the Scene

One smartphone and one dumbphone. That’s the ultimate breakdown of the X6 and X3, two new Nokia handsets coming in the fourth quarter of 2009. Both of them are, shall we say, sleek as hell.

Nokia Phone News8/25/2009

Nokia’s Booklet 3G: Possibly a New Standard for Netbooks

Well, the rumors were true: a Nokia netbook is coming. Called the Booklet 3G, it’s a super-sleek, super-thin Atom-powered portable PC. Even though it’s almost 2 years late to the game (typical Nokia modus operandi), I have to admit – I’m intrigued.

Nokia Phone Previews7/20/2009

Preview: Nokia Surge Phone [Ouch]

The combination of Nokia and AT&T hasn’t exactly produced fruitful results – look at the N75 and E62, for example. And just when you thought that things were starting to look up with the release of the Nokia E71x, a phone that’s not *that* crippled compared to its high-powered cousins, here comes the Surge. I [...]

Nokia Phone News5/29/2009

Not on Vodafone? No 6730 For You!

…but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Nokia announced the Vodafone-exclusive candy bar device today, and by the looks of it, you probably won’t be missing much. The 6730 is a pretty basic Series 60 phone with only a couple noteworthy features: namely, S60, A-GPS and 10 hours of battery life (GSM). It also looks [...]

Nokia Phone News5/22/2009

Nokia 6600i: Sleek S40 Slide Coming in Q3

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the 6600i is the second S40 phone armed with a 5-megapixel camera (no Carl Zeiss, though). The first was the 6260 Slide, a phone that looks and feels strangely similar. And you might be better off with the 6260 Slide, because the 6600i’s a slight downgrade from there. At [...]

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