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Nokia Phone DealsNovember 28, 2010

Deal: Nokia N8 for $429 at Amazon or $386 at Newegg (Updated)

Amazon’s gearing up for Cyber Monday with some nice Gold Box deals, including this one for the Nokia N8: $429 shipped free. Retail price is $549. This also beats Nokia USA’s joke-of-a-Black-Friday sale price of $499. Update! It’s now $386 over at Newegg. Use coupon code NOKIANCP.

Nokia Phone Deals11/5/2009

Mega Price Drop: Nokia N900 for $441.99 + Tax (Shipped!)

Thinking about preordering an N900? Better do it before Friday, if you want to take advantage of a pretty smoking deal from Dell. A $441.99 deal, to be exact.

Nokia Phone Deals10/27/2009

Deals: Nokia 5530 XpressMusic $166.49 + Tax (But Free Shipping!) UPDATE

Dell is selling the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic (basically, a budget 5800 XpressMusic) for $234.99 – $95 coupon ZS57R18LN40MM0 = $184.99 with free 3-5 day shipping. However, Dell also charges tax so you’ll have to factor that in as well. Don’t forget to enter the coupon code at checkout. Update: add stackable coupon code JPKNV2V$VBV?T5 for [...]

Nokia Phone Deals10/26/2009

Contest: Win a N900, N97 or Other Fabulous Prizes

Nokia’s InnOviate contest is in full swing, and includes some pretty sweet prizes for the top entrants. Simply create and upload an image or video of yourself using *something* that you downloaded from the Ovi Store, and you’ll be in the running for TWO of the following: an N900, N97, N97 mini, or Nokia BH-905 [...]

Nokia Phone Deals10/6/2009

Price Drop: Preorder the Nokia N900 For $542.59

Prices for Nokia’s N900 mega-smartphone are dropping fast, and the phone hasn’t even been released! You can choose to preorder the N900 at NokiaUSA for the retail price of $649.00 (+ tax but you get a free Bluetooth headset), you can preorder the phone at Amazon for $582.99, OR you can now get it from [...]

Nokia Phone Deals9/16/2009

Today’s Deals: Pre-Order the Nokia N900 for $582.99! [Update]

This deal is second only to Nokia’s web site glitch back in June. Amazon currently has the Nokia N900 phone for $588.99 shipped, tax-free unless you live in Washington. The N900 retails for 600 euros. Wow. Update: Price has dropped to $582.99. Hooray? Nokia N900 for $588.99 at Amazon

Nokia Phone Deals9/15/2009

Today’s Deals: Nokia E71 For $167.40 + Tax

Possibly smoking deal on a Nokia E71 phone here. Dell has the E71 on sale for $180, but you can do slightly better with Dell EPP (7% off) or Bing Cashback (5%).

Nokia Phone Deals8/11/2009

Deal: Nokia E71 Phone Now $280 Shipped @ Dell

Haven’t put any of these deal postings up in awhile. Here’s one for today, courtesy of Dell.

Nokia Phone Deals6/16/2009

Get the N97 With Overnight Shipping for $535.19* at NokiaUSA

While this deal is nowhere near as hot as the previous mega-hot N97 deal, it’s also currently the best price for this phone. The * refers to the price you’ll get BEFORE taxes (regardless of whether Nokia has a presence in your state…how scammy), so tack on your state taxes. For me, the total ended [...]

Nokia Phone Deals6/14/2009

Should You Pay $700 for the Nokia N97?

With Amazon and Dell now officially sold out, finding the N97 is turning into a huge chore. But let’s back up a bit – sure, the N97 is the latest Nokia Flagship Phone. But is it really that much of an improvement over something like, say, the 5800 XpressMusic – which costs almost $500 less? [...]

Nokia Phone Deals5/28/2009

Nokia N97 Preorder Up At Amazon: $603.99

For those of you who missed out on the veritable Deal of the Century (myself included), you can now preorder the N97 at Amazon for the reasonable price of $603.99. This is the US version of course. It’s not a whopping discount (14% off, retail is $699.99), but not having to pay tax/shipping a la [...]

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