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Nokia Phone AccessoriesJune 9, 2009

Price Drop: Nokia BH-102 Bluetooth Headset Now $2.99 After Rebate

Nokia is really clearing out these BH-10x headsets. Not too long ago the BH-102s were going for $7.18 after rebate – now they’re $2.99. Maybe in six months they’ll be paying YOU to take them away.

Nokia Phone Accessories12/11/2008

Accessories: Nokia Extra Power DC-11

Following in the footsteps of the Extra Power DC-8 and the Power Pack DC-1 is the Extra Power DC-11. Larger than the previous incarnations, the DC-11 still allows you to charge 2 devices simultaneously for twice the fun, and uses a rechargeable battery vs. the AA battery found in the DC-8. There’s also support for [...]

Nokia Phone Accessories12/7/2008

Accessories: Nokia Home Music

With all the hoopla surrounding recent phone announcements (aka the N97), some new Nokia accessory announcements fell through the cracks. First up is Nokia Home Music, a giant speaker stuffed with a radio. Yum!

Mobile Phone Software10/28/2008

Nokia CarMenu v2.4 Now Available

Salvaged from a previous entry: “If you’re one of the ten owners of the Nokia Car Kit CK-300, you’re in luck: Nokia just released an updated firmware for the device.” And so it is again. The aptly named CarMenu application is now rockin’ with some new, badass features like bigger, more badass fonts.

Nokia Phone Accessories10/23/2008

Preview: Nokia BH-804 Bluetooth Headset

When Nokia sends out a press release for the sole purpose of announcing one measly Bluetooth headset, it’s gotta be big. Or small rather. The BH-804 is apparently the tiniest headset ever created (by Nokia), at 42 x 13.6 x 6 mm.

Nokia Phone Accessories9/1/2008

Deal: Soyo Bluetooth Stereo Headphones + Transmitter $22.99

Woot is selling the Soyo Freestyler Bluetooth Stereo Headset for a grand total of $22.99. It’s basically a pair of over-the-ear headphones with A2DP/AVRCP support (stereo + wireless remote control) that also comes with a nice little 3.5mm plug transmitter for your other audio devices. Like all Bluetooth headphones, the Freestyler functions as a normal [...]

Nokia Phone Accessories8/25/2008

Updated: Nokia Car Kit CK-300 v.1.400

If you’re one of the ten owners of the Nokia Car Kit CK-300, you’re in luck: Nokia just released an updated firmware for the device. Unfortunately, considering where the car kit is actually located – namely, in the car – you’ll have to trot over to said vehicle, hook up your laptop to the handsfree [...]

Nokia Phone Accessories6/5/2008

Three Digital Pens Duke It Out (and the Nokia loses)

Nokia Phone Accessories5/15/2008

Accessories: Attack of the Nokia Carrying Cases

Nokia Phone Accessories4/30/2008

Accessories: Nokia MD-8 Speakers

Nokia Phone Accessories4/21/2008

Deal: Energizer Energi To Go Cell Phone Charger $4.17

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