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Mobile Phone SoftwareDecember 13, 2010

Nokia says “no” to multi-touch virtual keyboards

Say no to drugs. Say no to alcohol. Say no to multi-touch virtual keyboards. According to a YouTube comment posted by the official Nokia user account, the company isn’t keen on adding the feature to upcoming Symbian phones.


Finally, An N97 eBook Reader That Isn’t Broken [ZXReader]

Quick Summary:
- ZXReader 1.2.3 is a .txt and .fb2 S60 Fifth Edition (N97/5800) ebook reader. Right-click and choose “Save Target As” option: Download.
- Use FictionBook Designer to create .fb2 files from other file formats (such as html). Directions here.
- Convert prc files to html with MobiPerl

Mobile Phone Software6/2/2009

Nokia Messaging for S60 Fifth Edition: No Longer Beta, But…

Nokia Beta Labs recently announced that the Nokia Messaging client for S60 Fifth Edition phones has gone live, and is now available at email.nokia.com. For those hoping that there would be some major changes, sorry – the transition didn’t actually add anything new minus some translated languages and “small bug fixes”.

Mobile Phone Software5/30/2009

Grab PaintPad for 5800 XpressMusic [Freeware]

One thing that irks me about the 5800 XpressMusic are the little oversights that I come across. You know, small little things like being unable to select multiple items in a list, or an email application which is supposed to have Home screen notifications, but doesn’t. Things that should have been caught during testing.

Mobile Phone Software5/26/2009

Nokia’s Ovi Store Opens

Today Nokia announced the opening of its Ovi Store, a one-stop place to get your S60 applications, ringtones, themes, and Hannah Montana games. There’s just two problems with it: 1) lack of “merchandise” and 2) way too much junk. The good news is #1 is gradually turning into a non-issue. There’s a heck of a [...]

Mobile Phone Software5/20/2009

Grab Nine Freeware 5800 XpressMusic Apps at Nokia India

Anybody who’s got a 5800 XpressMusic knows there’s one huge problem with the device: lack of software. Here’s a way to fix that: hit up Nokia India and grab some freeware. Right now the site has a fairly random jumble of free apps for the 5800XM, ranging from the possibly fun (Marble Maze, basically labyrinth [...]

Mobile Phone Software5/15/2009

Updates: Nokia Updater and 5800 XpressMusic Firmware

Today’s news includes one major update, and one not-so-major update. The latest version of the Nokia Updater software has been released, and probably wouldn’t be very newsworthy if it wasn’t for a new feature: the ability to see what new improvements are in new phone updates. This is huge.

Mobile Phone Software3/4/2009

Not Fail: Multi-touch Hits Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

You can always find a reason to smile in the face of epic failure. Only a few days after Nokia stopped selling the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic at its Flagship stores in the USA, a YouTube video by user 30dirtybirds surfaced, showcasing the first instance of multi-touch on an S60 device. And with a Guitar Hero-ish [...]

Mobile Phone Software2/26/2009

Software: Nokia Magnifier Is Beta For A Good Reason

One of the more recent releases by Nokia’s Beta Labs is the Magnifier application. Designed for Series 60 phones, the app blows up whatever text or object that you’re focusing on, and lets you turn on some nifty features like stabilization, contrast, and negative image (if supported by your phone’s camera, that is). Great idea [...]

Mobile Phone Software2/24/2009

New S60 Text-to-Speech Language Packs Available

Head on over to the Nokia S60 text-to-speech page to pick up some new language and speech packs for your S60 phone. Most Eseries and Nseries devices support the language packs, not to mention some other random S60 phones (5320, 6121/6124 classic, 6210, 6220, 6290, etc).

Mobile Phone Software2/6/2009

Firmware: Nokia N95/N95 8GB 31.0.15 Out

Fear not, Nokia N95 and N95 8GB owners: you are not forgotten. The latest 31.0.15/31.0.17 firmware adds, among others, “music player playlist enhancements”, N-gage demos, and a bunch of bug fixes.

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