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Mobile Phone SoftwareDecember 13, 2010

Nokia says “no” to multi-touch virtual keyboards

Say no to drugs. Say no to alcohol. Say no to multi-touch virtual keyboards. According to a YouTube comment posted by the official Nokia user account, the company isn’t keen on adding the feature to upcoming Symbian phones.

Mobile Phone Software9/9/2009

Nokia Messaging Adds HTML Support

The long-awaited upgrade to Nokia Messaging was just released, The biggest improvement is the ability to view HTML emails, with a side benefit of kinetic scrolling through said emails. The sad part, however, is that there’s no kinetic scrolling for your non-HTML emails. Mind-boggling.


How-To: Play DOS Games On Your Nokia N97 [DOSBox]

Before there was Windows, there was DOS. A command-line interface with nothing but text, text, and more text. During the ’80s and ’90s, DOS was the OS of choice for gaming. And there were lots of great games. Flash-forward to today. Thanks to an open-source emulator called DOSBox, you can now run those oldies-but-goodies on [...]

Mobile Phone Software8/20/2009

Firmware: Nokia N97 12.2.024 Released

There’s a new firmware available for the Nokia N97, and it looks like it’s a global update. Good news, right? Unfortunately, for the most part no one seems to know what the firmware actually fixed – myself included. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, my phone crashed several times after successfully updating. Ugh! And [...]


How-To: Hack Your Nokia N97 In 16 Steps [HelloOX2]

The latest version of HelloOX has been released, and it’s easier than ever to get unsigned software working on your N97. But let’s step back a bit: unsigned software is simply any kind of application that hasn’t gone through the Symbian Foundation’s rigorous signing process. Most freeware is unsigned, mainly due to the costs involved [...]


How-To: Change Your S60 Phone Key Mappings With VirtualKey

I recently discovered the S60 gem VirtualKey after going on the hunt for a good key remapping application. It’s easy to use, sufficiently powerful, and best of all, it actually runs on S60 Fifth Edition. There’s a caveat, however: VirtualKey is an unsigned application, which means you might be in for a world of hurt. [...]


How-To: Encode Videos For Your N97 and 5800 XpressMusic

You’ve got an N97 or a 5800 XM, and you’re fiending for some content. Movies. TV shows. Funny video clips. Where do you start? What settings do you use? I’ve written up a short guide that will get you up to speed with encoding videos for the S60 Fifth Edition phones’ default RealPlayer application. Hopefully [...]

Mobile Phone Software7/1/2009

Nokia N97 11.0.021 Firmware Update Out Now

A couple of days ago, a twitter update from Nokconv (Nokia Conversations) announced an upcoming 11.x.021 firmware update for the N97. It’s out – now. Exciting changes include backlight fix, transition bug fixes, improved photo thumbnail performance, and widget stability fixes. Oh, and this: “-Device reset when browsing with high speed packet access (for Malaysia)”. [...]

Mobile Phone Software6/29/2009

Nokia Messaging for S60 Fifth Ed. Now Available! [N97, 5800XM]

Nokia’s infamous (at least on S60 Fifth Ed.) email client, Nokia Messaging, has a new release available for download. There’s no official mention of it anywhere, nor is there a changelog, but I can confirm it’s faster, more responsive, and most importantly: actually usable! Unfortunately, it seems that this version lacks HTML email functionality too.


The Definitive Nokia N97 Bug List

Update: Nokia N97 v20 firmware was released on October 27, 2009. It’s been a week since the N97 arrived at my door, and yet during that time I’ve seen some strange things. And not strange in a good way either. So I’m making my official Nokia N97 bug post here and updating it as I [...]

Mobile Phone Software6/23/2009

A fairly awesome N97 custom wallpaper.

A couple of weeks ago, I found a really, really, awesome desktop wallpaper. And so I decided it needed to be on my phone. After a little resizing, color changes, and experimentation on how the N97 deals with custom wallpapers (verdict: it doesn’t) – I came up with this. Grab it inside. Also, more about [...]

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