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PSFreedom Released for N900: Simplifying the PS3 Hacking Process

September 10, 2010 in Featured
One-touch PS3 hacking with PSFreedom.

One-touch PS3 hacking with PSFreedom.

If you’ve been following the release of the PS Jailbreak USB dongle (and subsequent downfall of Sony’s Playstation 3 console), then there’s a good chance that you’ve heard that an N900 can work just as well as the PSJB. The original jailbreak process on the N900 needed some basic command-line knowledge, but the latest release of the PSFreedom now makes it as easy as a single touch. It’s the “I Win” button for the N900!

But let me back up a bit for those of you who are in the dark. Here’s a quick summary of the whole saga so far:

A couple of weeks ago, an Australian web site announced that they had a new USB “mod chip” working, along with YouTube videos to prove it. People understandably went nuts, and Sony Australia filed an injunction against the distributors seeking to block the sale of the modchips. Soon after, USB clones of the device started popping up everywhere, and some enterprising hackers released an open source version of the software code which used special (cheap) USB hobbyist development boards. Sales of the boards skyrocketed, leading to stock shortages everywhere. Finally, a developer named named KaKaRoTo came up with an N900 version duplicating the functionality of the USB boards and requiring only three files.

The process to hacking the PS3 is absurdly simple now with the latest version of the PSFreedom. The steps are as follows:

- Download and install the PSFreedom package from the Extras-Devel repository.
- Plug the N900 to the PS3 with the appropriate USB cable.
- Run PSFreedom, and click the Jailbreak Mode On button.
- Shut off the PS3 by either pulling the power plug (Slim PS3) or using the switch at the back (Fat PS3).
- Reconnect the power plug (Slim) or flip the on switch at the back (Fat).
- Press the power button and then immediately press the eject button. The PS3 will boot. Check the Games category for a new option called “* Install Package Files”.
- You can now remove the N900.

Note that this process needs to be done every time you turn off the PS3. The Install Packages option allows you to run a .pkg file, and the first one you’re probably going to want to install is the Backup Manager, a utility that lets you copy your BD-ROM games to the hard drive and run them from there. That, however, is beyond the scope of this post – you can find Backup Manager easily enough in the talk.maemo thread.

Another thing to note: you need to have PS3 firmware 3.41 for this to hack to work. Any, any other version (above or below) will render it completely useless. At this point, Sony has released 3.42 – you probably don’t want to upgrade just yet.

This talk.maemo thread should answer all of your questions, or pose them in the comments below. The PSFreedom thread can be found here.



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