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Preview: Nokia E63 Phone (E71 Clone)

November 13, 2008
The Nokia E63 takes the E71 a step sideways.

The Nokia E63 takes the E71 a step sideways.

Today Nokia dropped an E-bomb on the world with the (completely random) announcement of the E63 smartphone. Essentially it’s a budget E71, with the exception of a couple nice features aimed towards the consumer market. Since it’s an Eseries device, it still retains business-y features such as the ability to switch work/personal modes. More details inside.

In a nutshell, here’s the differences between the E63 and E71:

  Nokia E71 Nokia E63
Size 114 x 57 x 10 mm 113 x 59 x 13 mm
Camera 3.2 megapixel camera 2 megapixel camera
Audio Jack 2.5 mm audio jack 3.5 mm standard audio jack
Talk Time 10.5 hours 11 hours
GPS Yes No

-”Better” features are highlighted in bold.

The E63 isn’t what I’d call a step forwards or backwards, even though it loses the GPS and the higher pixel count camera. It’s more or less a step sideways. The way I see it, Nokia is just starting to recognize the trend towards Blackberry-ish devices with full keyboards. Look at the success of recent Blackberry models as well as the Palm Centro, a phone that I personally think has a horrible shape and design:

The Palm Centro in all its rounded glory.

The Palm Centro in all its rounded glory.

But the Centro, for all its roundness, surpassed the 2 million mark in sales thanks to a retail price of $99 (with a plan). Meanwhile, the E63 will retail for 199 euros ($247) without a plan – which brings it pretty damn close to the Centro after all is said and done. This is, of course, assuming that Nokia manages to get the E63 into the hands of some carriers, something that’s been a major feat in past years.

The Nokia E63 is expected to ship some time in – you guessed it – Q4 2008.


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a blog about Nokia phones, S60, and the wireless industry

The Nokia “Aeon”

November 4, 2006

So this one comes right out of the article “Pimp My Mobile: 33 Ways to Sex Up Your Cell Phone“, which got it straight from Engadget. The Pimp My Mobile article is a pretty good read, so be sure to check that out.

I try not to make a habit of ripping ideas from other sites’ articles, but it’s oh so worth it this time.

The Nokia Aeon

The Nokia Aeon

The Nokia “Aeon”?

Nokia maintains a Research and Development website that is usually filled with, well Research and Development stuff. Mostly it’s just boring images of scientists and r&d people at work – at least until you scroll to the top. That’s where the images of Nokia’s latest “research concept” phone are currently housed.

Nokia Aeon, a view of the keypad.

The “Aeon” seems to be your “typical” razr-thin candybar form factor cell phone with no actual buttons. No, it’s not the next generation of Nokia’s L’amour Fashion Collection. The bottom half of the prototype pictured here is actually a touch-screen display that can change (I might be going out on a limb here) into any kind of menu, button, keypad, whatever. It’s so damn cool that I’m almost speechless. I mean, yeah, the touch screen method brings up a ton of quirky problems – like causing damage to the display with those pointy thumbs of yours, among others – but it’s also so innovative and (brilliantly simple) that I can’t even associate it with the Nokia name. What happened to those super thick oversized fatso phones that Nokia keeps churning out?

So the Aeon got me pretty excited about what’s coming in the future of wireless technology. Of course, by the time this phone actually comes to market (if ever), I’m sure Motorola will have similar devices available, all with those really annoying vowel-less names that nobody wants to pronounce. I really hope their next set of phones are called KRPR or something. It’d be more fitting.

Nokia Aeon, again!

I’m still drooling over this thing.


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  • Mohamed jIhaad notes:

    waiting for this phone can any one knows when it goin to be release..thanks

    • ang replies:

      This is a concept phone, so it’s not a “real” product. Basically it’s something that Nokia *could* do, but isn’t. Don’t expect it to be released in stores.

  • hossein writes:

    There is this other kind of Nokia Aeon phone a picture of which is available here:
    Would you please take a look, tell me what this one is? I mean how is it different from the one you’ve written about here?
    I’d be really thankful if you e-mailed me.
    A million thanks in advance.

    • ang replies:

      i have never seen this phone before, and it doesn’t look like a nokia either.

      it is definitely NOT the aeon.

  • charbel atallah writes:

    where can i find this device in lebanon please… Thx.

  • Zain notes:

    Its so much beautiful.
    i want to know how much is it
    and when it will be launch in Indian Market

  • dingopuppy says:

    I’ve just found that there’s a ‘clone’ of this out now from China- called a W168 has anyone seen, or tried it out?

  • stefi writes:

    how much is it and when does it out in indonesia ??

  • governor writes:

    Nokia will sell alot more Aeons if they don’t discriminate against the cell phone techs buffs in the U.S. and built it for quad-band GSM + UMTS…