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Deal: Nokia N900 for $369 Shipped at Dell

June 23, 2010
Grab the N900 for the low-low price of $369, shipped.

Grab the N900 for the low-low price of $369, shipped.

Dell, it seems, is doing a slam-bang job of clearancing out Nokia phones. The latest deal is the absolute cheapest price that I’ve ever seen on a Nokia N900: $369 with free 3-5 day shipping.

To get it, first go to Dell and add the N900 to your shopping cart: Nokia N900 at Dell

Then click the “Proceed to Cart and Checkout” button.

At checkout, apply coupon code LL17PBSTFKZ440 in the “Coupon Entry” section. you should receive a $230 discount making the final total $599 – $230 = $369.

The N900 is one of Nokia’s megaphones, combining a speedy processor (well, for its time anyway) with 32 GB of internal memory, a 5 megapixel camera, touch-screen, and the Linux-based Maemo operating system into one device.

It’s probably thicker than your typical phone, but handles a surprising amount of pretty much everything, thanks to a good number of free apps available in the repositories. It’s also extremely hackable. However, if you’re expecting mass quantities of applications on the same level as Android or iOS, you should probably look elsewhere.

Nokia has been pretty good about getting updates pushed to the phone, even though some basic features such as specific-caller ringtones and MMS have been left out.

If you’re a power user, or someone who craves customizability, then I’d say the N900 would be your phone. But if you’re new to the smartphone game, I wouldn’t recommend the N900.

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