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What’s Nokia and Newegg Up To?

April 5, 2010
Happy Easter, from Nokia & Newegg to you.

Happy Easter, from Nokia & Newegg to you.

A little something arrived in my mailbox yesterday…(updated!)

A large Cadbury “crunchie” Easter egg, courtesy of the fine folks over at Womworld. That was mysterious in itself, but included in the box was a message that read “We just wanted to let you know of a new exciting project between Nokia & Newegg.com…keep your eyes peeled for more information!”


The million dollar question is, of course, just what is this new project/partnership? Nokia makes cell phones and accessories, and Newegg is one of the Web’s favorite retailers (it’s definitely one of mine, next to Amazon). The connection seems pretty obvious, but Newegg has been selling Nokia products since 2006. Nothing new there. That leaves us with two possibilities:

1. A phone (or phones, or a completely different device like a media player or tablet or netbook) being exclusively sold by Newegg. Update: According to Reuters, Nokia is working on a tablet for Fall release.
2. Newegg, like Dell, wants to get into the mobile phone business and is working with Nokia to make it happen. (doubtful)

I’d go with the first. I’m starting to doubt that Nokia would sell phones through Newegg exclusively, since that’s just not newsworthy at all. Instead, I’d expect it to be something different – think Nokia Booklets selling at Best Buy retail stores.

Either way, there’s more at work here than I can really figure out. Ah well – we’ll just have to wait and see.



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