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How-To: Enable Flash in Firefox Mobile 1.0 [N900]

January 28, 2010

The good news, first: Firefox Mobile 1.0 was been released for Maemo 5, and it brings a couple of sweet improvements to the table. Flash, however, is not one of them. It’s disabled by default, but it’s pretty easy to get it back with these simple steps.

The Setup

You’ll need the latest version of Firefox Mobile 1.0. Get it from the Mozilla Catalog repository (which should have been added with the Maemo PR 1.0 update) via Application Manager.

How To

Type about:config into your Firefox address bar.

1. In the address bar, type in about:config. You should get a warning message that asks you to confirm that you want to mess with the config options. Click the I’ll be careful, I promise! button.

Change the value of the two bold fields here to false with the enter key.

2. You should be see the config box, with a search bar on top that says “Filter”. Type “plugin” into this bar and you should see a couple of options popup. The two we’re interested in here are the plugin.default_plugin_disabled and plugin.disable options: tap on each one (or use the arrow keys) and hit the enter button. This will change the value from true to false. Make sure you do this to both options!

3. Close Firefox and reopen it.

4. Enjoy your new Flash experience!


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  • banjoquint notes:

    The first useful advice I’ve found on the subject and it worked too. Now FF works like you expect it too. Cheers.

  • firefoxhunt writes:

    thanks, it works with the latest firefox (on the latest n900 system update). the only issue here, as an example, is that zooming in and out/moving around a page is still very slow, and with flash enabled, some webcams dont show properly unless in full screen mode (eg new york on earthcam). apart from that firefox is showing steady improvement, but its still not as good as the built in browser (which i believe was created partly by the firefox team anyway)?.. ill give the official firefox another year or two of development before its on the same level. ive yet to try opera. as with firefox, its flash support is switched off by default, so ill assume it has alot of development work to do before its as good as the n900 browser as well.


  • Tom writes:

    Thx a lot! works for me. N900 rulez, iphone sucks, BB sucks.

  • Thanks for a great post. I’ve had all sorts of problems with that plugin Sorted now. Thanks for an informative post.

  • mccwho says:

    Works!!!! Cool, but most sites are requiring flash 10 now so whats the point.
    Until they give us a flash 10 update its not worth the diminished load time that I experienced.

    Good job, Hope they give us the update this year, ;-\

  • wasatchmax says:

    As an iphone junkie it is always tough to think any thing can really top that phone. However, one of the major flaws that the iphone has, in my opinion is that it uses safari as its default browser I like that this phone uses Firefox and can handle flash! Very cool!
    Nice Post!

  • Bud notes:

    I’d take it up the ass to enable Flash in Firefox on my N900!

  • [...] Firefox Decent support for extensions. There’s an add-on search and installation is as simple as tapping the “Add to Firefox” button. To get Flash working, however, you’ll need to follow these steps. [...]

  • Clayton notes:

    It appears that on the nightly builds (as of today’s), the ‘plugin.disable’ option was renamed to ‘plugins.enabled’ that defaults to TRUE. The other option still defaults to FALSE as stated above.

  • Paul says:

    Hi, it doesn’t work for me. plugin.disable is already false by default (nothing to change there), and setting plugin.default_plugin_disabled to false didn’t have any noticeable effect. Flash still does not work. Any other idea? Thanks.

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