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The Definitive Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Bug List

December 4, 2009 in Featured, Nokia Phone Reviews
The Definitive Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Bug List is now open for business.

The Definitive Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Bug List is now open for business.

Back and better than ever: the Definitive Bug List, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic edition, is now open! Maybe this will turn out to be an even bigger success than the previous Nokia N97 Definitive Bug List. As usual, add bugs in the comments but make sure you mention your firmware version, phone type (enter *#0000# in the Dialer), and region.

I do want to mention something before we get to the bug list. Just because I made a “Definitive 5530 XpressMusic Bug List” does not mean that the 5530XM is a bad phone – on the contrary, it’s actually an excellent phone. But even the best phones have problems, and this list will highlight them as I see ‘em.

Current software version: RM-504 v10.0.050

The stock version of the 5530 XpressMusic is pretty stable. Major problems include random reboots (infrequent), continuous reboots (also infrequent), and a pretty annoying Messaging bug.


- [Quality Control] Volume control button is extremely hard to press and gives little to no feedback.



- Phone occasionally continuously reboots, usually during a call but also occurring on boot up. This is almost identical to a bug I had with the N97, fixed by the v12 firmware. Basically, red vertical lines appear on the screen, the phone display fades out, and reboots. If you’re lucky, when the phone reboots you’re fine. If not, well – the phone reboots again and again.

- Random reboots when the phone is in the locked state.

- [Menu] Kinetic scrolling is not available.


- If the Messaging application is open to the Inbox view, and you receive a new SMS, you cannot open it by tapping on the SMS – you have to either exit the Inbox and go back in, or go to Options -> Open. Also happens after sending a text message.


- Kinetic scrolling doesn’t work correctly. Back scratching required to move around webpages.
- Certain web sites crash the browser app and cause it to quit to Home Screen.

Music Player

- [Huh?] In Now Playing, tapping a song’s cover art opens up a volume control box.



Dr Faisal
12:20 pm


just bought nokia 5530, a couple of days back to be precise.
The problem i have already faced is, that the camera doesn’t function again if you once open it and take a snap and then close it.Only way to get rid of this issue is to restart the phone , only to have the same problem after taking a snap.
Secondly, just when camera ceases to work, i can’t get to play videos as well. Sound tracks work just fine as well as other applications such as , games etc .
Kindly update if there is a solution.

1:11 am

Keeps switching between portrait and landscape too early. That along with the fact that the switch itself is painfully slow (the screen becomes black for about a couple of seconds) makes me feel sick when this happens (you know you have to adjust the tilt a little and wait for another 2 or 3 seconds to get back to the correct mode).

7:12 pm

With v20 there are not much bugs left. But the plastic quality makes me sick. Button to control sound and unlock-lock the touchscreen. The quality is too bad. When i shake the phone, i hear voices from everywhere. That is BS! I love using my phone but it’s just like a toy :(

7:33 am

I have a Nokia 5800 xpressmusic and it often hang. I dont know why…

9:00 pm

software: RM-504 11.0.054

bugs: browser crashes (exits to home screen), reboots with red lines, phone freezes, boot freezes (phone freezes on “nokia” logo – only way to get it running is to take out the battery)… but the biggest bug is the one that causes phone to malfunction – it disables dialer and contacts buttons on home screen, makes shortcuts bar invisible and not working… and there is no fix for that other than hard reset, that erases all your data from phone memory – yes, you can do a backup using backup option, but, at least in my case, it went wrong… you see, after restoring the backup some of the applications are invisible – there are still on the memory card (I can see their files using 3rd party file browser) but they aren’t visible in applications menu, also some settings were back to default values… ohhh, and one more thing, after this hard reset & restore phone seems to work slower, browser hangs more often etc. I will probably do a full reset with memory card format and see if it will help… and this isn’t just me, this problem is described on nokia forums and some other pages, so it’s this phone bug…

Nokia 2710
2:22 am

Nokia 5530 xpress music is a good phone. I love its sound quality very much but picutre quality is not that much good.

Mike R
10:17 pm

Nokia has always made the most stylish phones. Look at the phone that Neo used in the first Matrix, It was a Nokia. They have always been the most cutting edge, but mainly for GSm phones. Its a shame they really dont have any phones for the CDMA networks which dominate the US.

12:03 pm

finally i get to know the review of this nokia phone. thanks for this post.

recently, my friend just get this phone. the appearance is good, the speaker is quality. but i seldom get use this nokia brand. because sometimes, their camera picture is not good enough. i love to catch picture. a quality one. but how much is this phone??

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