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Where the heck is the N900?

November 19, 2009 in Nokia Phone News
The N900: Now you see it, now you don't

The N900: Now you see it, now you don't

I’ve found myself asking this question many, many times in the past 2 months. But according to an official Nokia press release today, the N900 is “now on sale in the United States.” That’s a pretty deceptive statement, however.

Try as I might, I could not locate a single N900 anywhere in the United States. Amazon, Buy.com, and Dell are still taking preorders for the device, yet haven’t updated the open availability, nor are customers getting any reliable answers through customer service. Newegg’s release date changed from 11/14/09 to 11/30/09. Nokia’s USA online store still has “end of November” availability. Nokia USA flagship stores do not have it. A twitter by the Nokia UK Flagship Store announced that the N900 would start selling on Thursday, but the tweet has since disappeared.

It makes me wonder: what the heck is going on here?

I have to admit, the N900 launch may go down in history as one of the absolute worst product launches ever. Nokia, you’d better get your act together if you’re going to take on Android (forget the iPhone).



cell phone treasure
6:26 pm

People are very content with their iPhones. Should I buy one or choose this Nokia?

8:36 am

Is nice phone, but is too big, 180grams that thing can’t be put in the pant pocker. sure you can put this in the belt but isn’t idea.

6:16 am

I totally agree. I think I’ve read almost every article and seen almost every video of the N900 and all I hear about the release is that it is postponed.

More and more people are canceling their pre-orders. This can’t be what Nokia wants them to do. I don’t understand Nokia’s intention. There would be nothing really bad about just admitting that there are problems here and there due to which the release date will be XX.XX.20XX. But not talking to customers or even lying is really frustrating for potential buyers.

The N900 seems to be THE KILLER PHONE, but it has its insufficiencies (resistive touchscreen, size, weight). And the more I think about them and the more I get frustrated about this politics I might come to a point soon when I think I’d rather go for a Palm Pre (sorry, iPhone and Android).

5:54 am

Stop thinking about killing iPhone, it doesnt make sense, iPohne is for Kids, like a Gameboy. N900 is for users who really want a good phone, console, and internet tablet.


Jessica Magert
1:40 am

This phone might not be a Iphone killer, but it is like a BMW on the automobiles’ world. I personally like it better that the Android from Verizon. This phone is not for everyone, jus like BMW. This is way better than most of the phones on todays market. It is a computer in your pocket and it will let you make phone calls as well.

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