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Mega Price Drop: Nokia N900 for $441.99 + Tax (Shipped!)

November 5, 2009 in Nokia Phone Deals

Thinking about preordering an N900? Better do it before Friday, if you want to take advantage of a pretty smoking deal from Dell. A $441.99 deal, to be exact.

Important Notes

- The shipping date for the N900 at Dell is December 7, 2009. Not sure if this is a firm date, or whether Dell will definitely ship them on this date. The actual release date for the phone is mid-November at NokiaUSA.
- The coupon expires on Friday, November 5.
- Shipping is free for 3-5 business day shipping.
- Tax is added to your order.

The Setup

Bing cashback, 15% Dell Business coupon code, and an $80 instant discount are the orders of the day.

1. First, go to Bing.com. Search for dell.
2. At the search results page, look for a sponsored site ad – this is either at the top of the page, or on the right side. The ad should say “Dell Official Site” and have a link to Bing cashback. Click on this link.

If you don’t see an ad, change your browser (Firefox to IE, or IE to Firefox). It does make a difference.

3. The Bing cashback link should confirm the 5% Bing cashback, and you’ll need to provide an email address or login if you already have an account.

4. Once you reach the Dell page, make sure you enter the Dell Business link.

5. Search for n900 in the search box, and add the phone to your cart.

6. Apply coupon code 9PD$33PJFL5P21 to your cart – this will take 15% off your order. Sweet!

7. Continue to checkout. When checking out, you’ll need to enter a company name (required field). Doesn’t really matter what you put here.

8. Profit!




Nokia n900 deals
11:27 am

An iphone killer if there ever was one!

Nokia N900 deals are currently available on two telcos in the UK – Vodafone and T mobile…and retailers are now shipping orders!


Cell Phones
2:47 am

When it is going to launch in India?

The Nokia Phone Blog » Blog Archive » Deals: Nokia $50 Rebate on N97/N900/5530XM Purchases
11:33 am

[...] you got in on the Dell deal, you’re potentially looking at an N900 for $441.99 + Tax – $50 gift card, which for me [...]

6:40 pm

great! thanks.
do you know if the NAM version will work ok in the UK? the N900 is very pricey here and I dont mind waiting a little extra if I can make a huge saving.

11:38 pm

In terms of making calls, it will work fine as the N900 is quad-band. If you’re looking for 3G, remember that the phone uses the 900/1700/2100 bands – not sure what the standards are over in the UK though.

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