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Here Are Your Nokia N900 Buying Options

November 27, 2009 in Nokia Phone Deals
Get your N900s here.

Get your N900s here.

Looking for a Nokia N900 deal on this Thanksgiving weekend? Look no further! The deals are here, now someone just needs to make the actual N900s appear.

Before we get to it…

All prices here are the final price, AFTER any rebates or cashback. Currently there’s a $50 Nokia Rebate that’s valid until Jan. 8, 2010 that comes in the form of a prepaid Visa card.

Bing cashback is also available for certain stores, and functions like an online rebate: for most stores, you just need to go to the Bing Cashback site and select the store that you plan to order from. If you don’t have an account, you can choose to create one. You probably won’t notice any banners or anything while you’re browsing the store sites – but rest assured that Bing can track your purchase once it’s been completed. Note that Bing cashback is only available 60 days after your purchase.

And now let’s get down to it:

$587.99 After Rebate and Cashback
Free Shipping, 2% Bing Cashback, In-stock (?)
Tax in CA and NJ

Link to Store

Everyone’s favorite online PC retailer is selling the N900 for retail price minus a meager 2% Bing cashback and the standard Nokia $50 rebate. On the plus side, it looks like Newegg might actually have some phones in stock.

$509.99 After Rebate and Cashback
5% Bing Cashback, In-stock (?)
$4.99 Shipping, Pre-order (No ETA)

Link to Store

The anti-Newegg, Buy.com has been offering the N900 for pre-order since the early days. The shipping date is currently unknown, but the price isn’t bad at all.

$499.99 After Rebate
Free Shipping
Pre-order (No ETA), Tax in WA

Link to Store

If the discussion boards are any indication, Amazon has started (slowly) shipping out N900s from their secret underground vault. The status has changed from a couple of hours ago (estimated ship date was Dec. 25), so right now it’s actually impossible to place an order with them. Update: it’s back.

$429.99 After Rebate and Cashback
Free Shipping, 20% Bing Cashback
Ships in 6 weeks, Tax EVERYWHERE

Link to Store

Dude, what’s up with Dell? They’ve got an estimated ship date of six weeks, after a couple units trickled out from their warehouses. Right now there’s a 20% Bing Cashback (Go to bing.com and search for Dell, then click on the sponsored ad). Even crazier, Dell had a $100 instant discount on the phone but pulled it a couple of hours ago. What a fiasco.

$471.99 After Rebate
Free Shipping, $58 Off with Coupon BLK100
Ships before Dec. 1, Tax in NY

Link to Store

Mobilecityonline isn’t a completely unheard of cell phone store, and according to the site the N900s will be going out before Dec. 1. Which is pretty damn soon. Apply coupon BLK100 for a $58 discount.



Tech eSpot
1:43 am

I have read somewhere that it is bulky – it is for the following reason

*Stereo Speakers
*Expansion Slot
* 5mpx – bigger sensor , lens cover , kick stand,dual LED.
*Removable battery
*integrated 32GB
*FM transmitter and Receiver , TV-out chip ?

8:44 am

great! thanks for these. i live in the UK, will the NAM versio work fine in europe? its so expensive here.

11:47 pm

As a phone, it will work fine. If you’re looking to take advantage of 3G, however, you need to make sure that your provider supports WCDMA 900, 1700, or 2100 mhz bands.

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