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The Definitive Nokia N97 Bug List

The Nokia N97 bug list.

The Nokia N97 bug list.

Update: Nokia N97 v20 firmware was released on October 27, 2009.

It’s been a week since the N97 arrived at my door, and yet during that time I’ve seen some strange things. And not strange in a good way either. So I’m making my official Nokia N97 bug post here and updating it as I see fit.

Current status of the Nokia N97: The NAM version that I have is pretty stable. However, it sounds like the international versions are *still* having some major issues – see the comments below for more.

To anyone running v10/11/12, make sure you update to the latest firmware via Nokia Software Updater.

The following is my list of N97 problems, bugs, and other irregularities. Note that after the latest firmware update (20), some things have shifted to the “Fixed” heading.


- Playing music seems to cause the phone to run much warmer than normal, which leads to the battery dying very quickly. The strange thing is the phone might not heat up until several hours AFTER you’ve finished playing music, in some kind of delayed reaction. The N97 is rated for up to 40 hours of music playback, and that leads me to believe there’s some kind of weird issue here. Update, sort of: I think this has been fixed.

- The lens cover mechanism has a tendency to scratch the plastic above the lens. Noticeable when the cover is opened. [Thanks Tuan]

Home Screen

- The portrait/landscape wallpaper display is screwy. When you use a standard 300×640 vertical image as your background, it will not display correctly in landscape mode. Basically, instead of rotating the image 90 degrees, the phone will take the middle 300 pixels and make an 640×300 image out of it – meaning you get a nice blown-up image in landscape view. Lovely! Fix: when creating a wallpaper image, use a 640×640 image. See my N97 wallpaper post for more details.

- Hitting certain keyboard keys repeatedly causes the screen to freeze for a lengthy amount of time. Basically, whenever you hit a non-numeric key, the screen clears for a quick second, showing only the background and a broken side menu. Pressing the button repeatedly causes some kind of loop, which lags the phone to all hell. Try it with the Uppercase + top row of keys for a bit ‘o fun.


- No way to enter a url in fullscreen mode without exiting back to windowed view.


- [Help] No help topic for Sensor settings. I would love to know what sensors are affected by the “Off” settings. Proximity? Brightness? Accelerometer? All?

- [Profiles] My N97 randomly plays the Nokia tune for contacts that I have assigned a custom ringtone. Also randomly plays the tune as the default ringtone. Argggghh!

- [Photos] When viewing photos, auto-switching to landscape mode causes the menu options to disappear, but the menu option box remains.

- [Menu] No transitions when switching from one folder to another. Could just be the default themes, but the 5800XM default themes has them.

- [Menu] Quitting the Photos causes a Back button (instead of Exit) to appear in the resulting Menu screen. Pressing the Back button simply refreshes the Menu screen and changes the button to Exit.

- [Music Player] Not quite a bug, but more of a feature request: removing a connected set of headphones while listening to a song should automatically pause the song. I don’t really see the logic in having a song start blasting from the speakers just because you forgot to pause it when removing the ‘phones.

- [Music Player] Switching to another application while simultaneously playing several music files in a row messes up the progress bar. Instead of showing the current song’s progress, the bar will continually scroll from start to finish, cycling through all of the songs that were played outside of the Music Player app.

- [Messaging] The Messaging application sometimes fails to display the menu options upon loading. Instead, the phone just shows the leftover parts of the Home screen. The options are still there, and can still be activated by touch.

- [Messaging] A phone that has the option “Memory in use” set to Mass Memory, and has been disconnected from USB (Mass Storage mode) will show the error “Cannot access selected memory” for subsequent received messages. It will also change the default memory in use to Phone Memory. No fix, but you can switch back by going to Messaging -> Options -> Settings -> Other -> Memory in use -> E:Mass memory.

- [Messaging] There’s no way to transfer text messages from phone memory to Mass memory.

- [Stupid] The applications Boingo, Qik, and Joikuspot cannot be uninstalled, despite all of them being useless.

- [Nokia Messaging] Deleting consecutive emails too quickly in Nokia Messaging using the delete key (with delete confirmation turned off) sometimes crashes the program. Update: The new version of Nokia Messaging ( now shows a dialog box that says “Deleting” without actually deleting anything. It also freezes there unless you hit the Cancel button.

- [Active Notes] Entering a note with the keyboard in Active Notes is uncommonly laggy. This does not occur in the regular Notes application, or if entering notes with the virtual keyboard.

Fixed in N97 Firmware Update 12.2.024

- The lock/unlock switch is still seriously buggy. A good amount of the time the phone will either NOT lock or NOT unlock even though the screen will flash. Come on, Nokia.

Fixed in N97 Firmware Update 11.2.021

- 3G causes the N97 to crash and reboot endlessly. This only seems to happen in certain areas, leading me to believe that the N97 has problems with one of the two 3G bands on AT&T (850 or 1900). Any use of 3G causes endless reboots in any application that uses 3G. Fix: switch your phone to use EDGE, or get a new SIM card from AT&T. More info at [Nokia Support Discussions]

- Unlocking the phone via lock switch will not activate the backlight most of the time. This happens on the first unlock after an idle period – subsequent unlocks will activate the backlight until the phone goes into idle mode again. Seems to be a pretty universal problem. Extremely annoying because I have to hit the unlock switch a minimum of three times, usually more. No fix yet. Workaround: Hit the Menu Key [thanks Jasz] or Camera Key [me] to turn the backlight on before hitting the unlock key.

- Unlocking the phone via slide sometimes shows the message “Use keyguard switch to unlock screen and keys” for 1-2 seconds.

- Unlocking the phone via slide while in landscape mode will sometimes cause the screen to reset to portrait mode for a quick second before reverting to landscape mode.

- The phone can’t be locked or unlocked if the keyboard is open. This comes into play when the backlight bug above is triggered – you can’t just lock and unlock the phone to turn on the backlight. [no more backlight bug]

- Opening the browser and selecting Options -> Exit while loading up a default page sometimes crashes the application.

Final Notes

If you’ve found a bug, please add it in a comment below. Make sure you specify your phone model (RM-5xx) and software version (ie. 10.2.012). You can find your model/version by typing in *#0000# in the Dialer (or go to Settings -> Phone -> Phone mgmt -> Device updates). Thanks!




7:36 am

The N97 really sucks, the flash blurs out half the photo, and the phone continuously restarts and sometimes switches off and then will nto turn on again. You can try removing the battery and replacing it but still it will not turn on. Only had the phone a month. WORST PHONE EVER MADE! DO NOT BUY, GET RID OF IT AND NEVER RETURN!!! ive lost so much money due to missing calls etc.

Arunsha B S
1:33 pm

I have never used a phone other than Nokia. But the N 97 is totally disgusting. Pricing is in line with I Phone but it is undoubtedly a poor performer. Inspite of my attempts on firmware it hangs quite often. And I am also suffering from many of the listed problems above.

The plating on the ring around the body of the phone is already pealed off.

Shame on you Nokia. Here ends my brand loyalty. No more Nokia Phones for me!

mahavir jain
1:45 am

i have 1500 sms in my n97 phone in memory card my phone hang and it restart automatically and my all sms deleted i don’t know how

i have nokia latest software version

help me what can i do

11:29 am

Basically my Nokia N97 can’t do anything accept show the white start-up screen with the Nokia logo… It does absolutely NOTHING else… Anyone have a solution for that?

2:02 pm

I have the same proble :s… I tried to update my phone but the problem is,the phone will not be conected to the pc if not turned on :S I odn’t know what to do…

11:31 pm

Hi again, after reading a lot of the posts it seems nokia are really letting its customers down, not to mention myself. Ever since the 5110 I have always had nokia. But now I’m being to regret ever buying this phone. My last phone was the N96 and it was a nightmare. Even then I said nokia would not be my next choice. I have had a couple of other brands but nothing suited. So I purchased the n97 and passed the n96 off as just a bad batch. But since having issues with this model too I have lost my faith in nokia. This is clearly a rushed job just to try and keep up with Apple. This is handset was claimed to be the iphone killer. No way! Even my ipod touch beats this handset and that’s just a music player. Come on nokia where did go wrong.

9:58 pm

I have the N97 with V20 firmare. The bug is with back light. It says if the auto lock or key lock is not active when the sceen goes out touching the screen will activate the backlight. This is annoying as this does not work and I have to use the menu button to activate the light. As my phone is preloaded with V20 I don’t know if this is an on going issue with earlier firmwaremor is it only just occured with the current version. As for the key lock I havem not had any issues.

6:20 pm

I have about 12 new messages and when i went to select show, it said Memory full. Close some applications and try again later.
The thing is , i have delted all my messages and i have no apps running and i dont know what to do.
If anyone knows anything please let me know.

8:19 pm

Nokia released a “Memory reorganizer 1.0″ which fixed most of my N97 memory problems.
You can get it thru SW Update app on your phone.

6:29 pm

I’m having problems getting the phone activated and set up with a cell phone company. Any advice?

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1:08 am

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5:45 pm

anyone having problems with selecting the clock on the main screen..?i cant click on it to adjust my alarm….and the access to the web in the bottom right hand corner has disappeared…any help wud be appreciated x

1:05 pm

just upgraded my n97 firmware to 2.0 and when it was completed everything looked good just untill i went to make a call or use the internet. if i try to make a call i get a message saying not allowed and will not pick up any WLAN’s when i try to pick up my own network, it takes text messages ok but no calls or internet. anyone help please. Thanks.

7:22 am

Have updatd to V2.0 and have found that when I have more than 1 text message I can read the first one, but when I try to read another nothing happens when I touch the screen, but I can read the message by going to Options->Open. With emails, can read the first one and the email app just closes if I touch the screen for the second one.

Why the hell don’t Nokia put “Slide to unlock” or “Shake to unlock” in the firmware instead of that stupid slider button?

10:04 am

I’m joining you guys, I’m sick to death of my N97. I’ve just upgraded the hardware to V20.0.19 and now my touchscreen won’t work. I’ve done all the usual, take the battery and sim out, hard resets, factory resets but to no joy. Once I get this sorted I’m selling it and buying an iPhone.

2:24 am

i have the same problem just cant be stuffed with it paid top dollar for what i thought would be a good buisness phone and its failure is huge should of saved my money and got a blackberry or something like that

10:47 pm

I’m feeling same pain as my fellow nokian people. Every since I got the n97 NAM, I’m having a serious problems with it. The problems are like deadly virus that spread and destroy all your important vital organs of your body. This phone took away our love for unique and compact gadgets like computer. Nokia needs to pay for their action of released unpotential products to market. They lied to us about the most advance phone but can’t do a simple task such as making a call without cutoff on you. N97 didn’t ready for market as yet before they iron out bugs first. I was so disappointed with this phone, I don’t even what my friends to know about I’m having pest problems. They are fan of samsung, apple, etc. Even with the new firmware, the phone has gotten worst. I cannot believe I waste $700 on garbage phone. I should use the money and invested in samsung, sony or apple phone that work.

11:56 pm

Hi my N97 is still at the very first software version and is still having alot of bugs. I’m trying to update it via the computer but it doesnt register on my computer

12:53 pm

Let’s be fair…

I know that most (not all) flaws described here are a PITA, but other “flaws” are not Nokia’s fault (Yahoo problems, for example).

However I will post my thoughts after FW V20 upgrade:

1. Battery lasts for a whole working day with Nokia Messaging Push-Mail from 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM, constant Gravity, Facebook, web, photo, video, games, PIM, etc. It really rivals my Nokia E71. Honestly!

2. The sound quality, both over speakers or headset improved dramatically.

3. Keyboard input like it should be. I can now use characters without pressing the arrow key.

4. Call quality vastly improved after upgrade.

5. Photo/Video capture and playback improved.

6. GPS, it has always been great but seems like this time it’s even more reliable, quick to lock and more precise.

7. More free RAM, before the upgrade, my apps where closing down on me constantly. This time I can leave open apps and don’t worry much about them closing (ie. AutoHangUp)

8. Flick scrolling, something that should be implemented from day one, but still it’s nice to have it. Better late than never.

9. Reliability, no more crashes. V20 seems to handle memory a lot better.

So, as you can see, there’s much to gain from a firmware upgrade to V20.

I don’t know if the first batches came defective or what, but mine is a pretty recent build (supposedly with lens and gps fixed).

If you don’t want it, then just Craiglist it and move on.

But just so you know, HTC, SonyEricsson, Apple, and pretty much every other brand have it’s fair share of problems and build defects… So don’t expect to move on to another brand thinking you’ll be 100% satisfied. THERE’S NO PERFECT DEVICE!


Larry Ginsberg
6:31 pm

I am suffering, as are we all, with my 97. I successfully (seemingly) upgraded my software, but the phone is indistinguishable in every possible way. Same phone. What did I do wrong. Nothing was wiped, either. Was I supposed to do a hard reset?

Amy (Aus)
4:28 am

I got my N97 in July and after three months it completely died. While I was using it, the phone completely turned off and when it turned back on it got stuck on the white Nokia screen (the one that comes up when you first turn your phone on). After this I couldn’t turn my phone off at all without pulling out the battery, and every time I tried turning it on again it did the same thing. Took it to the Nokia Care Centre to get fixed. Apparently it was a software problem.

Updated the software yesterday to the latest software/firmware (with kinetic scrolling like an iPhone) and today it had the exact same problem as before.

Just a heads up to anyone who’s recently updated their software to the latest version available, apparently this is a common problem with N97s.

2:08 pm

Strange. Sounds like a hardware problem. I would take advantage of Nokia’s warranty program (not sure if it’s the same over there as in the USA) and get a replacement.

12:59 pm

Hi Amy,

That’s not a problem with the Firmware… That’s a pretty common problem caused apparently by the Mass Storage corruption or a corrupt application that was previously installed to Mass Storage.

Be careful when you disconnect your device from the PC while in Mass Storage mode. You need to “eject” de device first from your windows notification area.

Also, be careful what you install. There are many apps that can cause problems like this.


8:34 am

Has anybody else had a problem with the unlock switch sliding straight off the side of the phone!!!??

I’ll be taking this in to vodafone(UK) I will update to advise what Nokia say…..I’m putting a tenner on “the phone appears to have been dropped” which it certainly has not.

10:59 am

Mine hasn’t slid off the phone, but it is definitely loose.

Blue Boozie
8:00 pm

Same prob here, just bought an n97 recently (upgraded from my son’s Motorola Razr).

Have missed sooo many incoming calls cos the unlock switch just does not respond – has really annoyed people as they think I just iggying them.

Now I notice what looks like a crack across the lens cover, yet the phone’s bn treated with kid-gloves.

Why ohh why did I go 4 such hi-tech cr*p. And why couldn’t Nokia w8 a few weeks b4 releassing what is claimed to be their i-Phone buster and have cleared up all these bugs b4 releasing it to the market. That’s what U get when the share-holders want results and the name just gets tarnished.

Am returning to my local Vodafone store to see what they’re going to do to sort it out.

5:52 am

Just to update……..Hold on to your hats….take a seat, prepare yourself….Nokia repaired the handset free of charge. Unbelievable!

But on the negative side….the phone is still full of ridiculous bugs and software issues. such a shame….potentially one of the greatest handsets around.

On another note, I think its about time Nokia modernised the look of symbian software. I want animation (i recently discovered the setting for theme animation-poor excuse really)

3:58 pm

just bought a nokia n97, was pretty excited about it, Imported my contacts et cetera. Then i wanted to try to shoot a picture, but i couldn’t because the phone couldn’t recognise the mass storage!?!?! With lots of other functions the same problem occurs. I think i go back to the store on monday and change to another phone now i still can!!!

6:53 am

I got my N97 about a onth ago. I t give me error message when o try to connect to the internet. It says i should delete some items fro the c.phone memory when there is virtually nothing there. Cant view my photos and th list of problems continues. Am so disappionted

4:30 am

wow. people truly hate this phone…
these are some tips for people who are new users:
- turn off the auto rotate straight away
- do a hard reset on the phone before you even begin using it (ie. in dialler, dial *#7370#) it will get rid of all the preloaded crap.
- update your firmware for the love of george!

about 2.5 months down the track these are still the problems/bugs i’m experiencing:
- alarm delay
- unlock switch sometimes temperamental (15% of the time)
- web browser spontaneously exists once i select a link off bookmarks to access (40% of the time)
- phone freezes/goes blank when i exit some heavy processing apps quickly or when sliding phone into potrait mode
- nokia tone comes into play if phone rings during the use of a heavy processing app
** MOST ANNOYING THING: the proximity sensor just has a mind of it’s own.
- when i answer the phone by sliding “Answer” the screen will automatically blacks out and becomes inactive before i even place it to my ear! then i have to wait till the other person hangs up, i can’t hang up myself.
- if i “Unlock” first and then answer the call, the above prob is avoided most of the time, but sometimes screen will stay illuminated even if phone is up to my ear but so far my cheek has not hung up on anyone.

thanks for reading! please comment.

12:51 am

I’ve definitely still got issues with the unlock switch, web browser (at times), and most of all, the Nokia tune playing randomly.

3:26 pm

thank u very much for ur tips it fixed my phone i called not make any calls and no one could ring me ur *#7370# help so much

8:17 am

I have had numerous Nokia phones and stuck by them since the very early days. After my experience with the N97, I will never buy another Nokia, what a pile of crap.
Full of bugs, annoying glitches, silly reactions, just a completely messed up phone. My Nokia n95 , and nokia n95 8gb were much better phones and much more user friendly.

DO NOT BUY ONE, and if you did, SELL IT. I am getting a HTC or maybe even an iphone, which i have been avoiding.

Trust me , every firmware update, has not properly either fixed or made it a pleasant experience.

N97 owner
6:07 pm

I have a Nokia N97 and I’m VERY disappointed. I bought it right after it came out. Nokia made promises and came out with a useless device. It’s firmware software is FULL of bugs, it’s extremely slow, freezes, Skype is still not included but they said that the Nokia N97 will be shipped with Skype. The worst thing is that Nokia lied and lies about the N97. What they do is simply not telling the truth about their buggy device. I am very disappointed. I’ve always had Nokia phones, but I’m sure this is my last Nokia phone. Bugs and lies – this is what you can get from Nokia. If you planned to buy an N97, forget it. It sounds great what Nokia tells about the device, but the device is useless.

4:36 am

When i try to use my N97 as a modum for my laptop in the Nokia Ovi Suite using the one touch access, I get an error message QUICK GPRS starting failed (cannot load language resource file) can anyone help

mohamed elnakib
12:23 pm

V 12.0.024
Black N97

A bug with pc suite mode , i cannot connect the mobile through the pc suite mode , the pc always keeps trying to install a new hardware , and i wait for nothing , always keeps on trying to install MTP driver , The mobile it self disconnects and stops charging after a while .
although the mass storage mode works perfectly .
tried different PCs , different USB cables , different versions of Windows XP with different service packs , and even different programs ( PC suite , the beta N-series PC suite and of course the OVI suite that came with the mobile )

another bug is that sometimes after using mass storage mode with the PC the mobile can’t access the messages on the mass memory and stores new messages on the phone memory and i have to change it back manually .

3:53 am

My bugs so far:
1) Widgets that are installed on E: disappear from the homescreen after the N97 has been connected in mass storage mode. They have either to be put back there manually or, like Gravity, the application has to be reinstalled.

2) When the phone turns off due to an empty battery it can’t be charged. I plugged in the charger, but the phone stayed dead, the charging indicator was blinking and nothing happened. Swapped the battery with the one from my E71 and all was fine, the N97 charged again and the E71 also charged the empty battery.

12:58 am

Voice dialer, does not work!
Contacts, type one letter, wait 5 seconds lookf for the next letter, (they changed position), wait five seconds, and so on.
With other phone you finished your call, with N97, your still trying to call.
Battery life after last update is enough for 6 hours.
Applications freeze all the time.
After 10 years with NOKIA, this is it!

10:11 am

Biggest problems – not enough space on C: – 48gb of memory and still getting “out of memory on drive C” error messages

Flash bloom on half of the photo bug.

The Nokia Phone Blog » Blog Archive » Dealing With a Really, Really Annoying N97 Bug
12:44 am

[...] one hand, it’s nice to see that one of my earlier posts, The Definitive N97 Bug List is bursting with activity. On the other, that can’t be good news for the N97, or for Nokia, [...]

1:06 pm

I have had the N97 (USA) version RM-507 since its inception. I have applied all of the firmware updates and even hard reset the phone clearing all data and settings. These problems that I will list below are still here since June 2009.
1. If you put the phone into a case that uses a magnet to hold the cover closed, it starts the camera, even if the phone is locked. Something about magnets that turns the camera on. (happens about 95% of the time)
2. When viewing photos & you attempt to zoom in using the on-screen slider, the phone appears to lock, closes the photo app and takes you back to the home screen (happens 60% of the time)
3. If you power-on the phone while it is connected to the USB cable and you open the slider, the screen stays in portrait mode and wont go into landscape. Even if you disconnect from the USB cable, still no change. You have to remove the battery to recover from this. (happens about 50% of the time)
4. Once you remove the battery to recover from item 3., it resets the “memory in use” (where you want your text & email stored) back to the default C:Phone memory. If you are using the 32g mass memory for your messages, you have to go to messaging>settings>other and change back to E:mass memory

These are some of my issues with the N97 – thanks for taking the time to read them.

12:21 am

I’ve never heard the magnet one before, that is actually a pretty interesting/annoying design flaw.

3:46 am

If it is like in the N82 there’s a small magnet in the lens cover to let the phone know when the cover has been opened/ closed. That’s why other magnets can let the phone go crazy.

12:06 pm

The magnet issue is true and its so annoying because it drains the battery so much and heats up the phone… and you constantly have to check the phone if the camera is on standby or not… so its best to get a case without a magnet

Riaan Louw
9:13 am

My nokia N97 spontaneously shutsdown, the screen makes funny thin lined colors as if the battery died, except the battery is fully charged. Also sometimes it just reboots automatically, when it restarts, it has lost all time and date settings. Is there any solution to this problem?

8:29 am

whenever i press the menu button on my N97 the screen go blank for a seconnd then just goes back to my home screen. I’ve done a soft reset and even recovered previously backed up settings but its still doing it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

5:40 am

@alakdan I have the same problem with apps. When I open an application, it just goes blank and goes back to the home screen. Crazy, but I only can open the apps when the keyboard is open. Try doing that. Just open the keyboard and hit the menu button, maybe it will work.

Since few days I can not connect my crappy N97 to my pc. I tried thousands of ports, laptops and computers, nothing happens. My N97 just doesn’t connect, nor dose it ask if I want to connect. I reseted, formated and bla bla bla, nothing helps. Any ideas??

6:36 pm

My N97 has a problem in that the headset sign is always on!!! The phone thinks the headphones are plugged in but there not. So when people ring me they can hear me but i cant hear them unless the headphones are actually plugged in which is a pain in the arris!!!! My phones a dick!!!! please help

10:25 pm

hey spud mine has the same problem….did you find a fix?? ive tried reinstalling the firmware but it wont allow me cause it is the most current version…does anyone know of how to reinstall the same firmware or a fix to the “always connected headphone problem??

11:36 pm

Nokia Software Updater should let you reinstall the same firmware. The option comes up after the program detects that you have the latest version.

9:03 am

Same problem with mine, have done soft then hard resets, reinstalled latest firmware, cleaned the socket out with an ear cleaner. And Nothing!! This phone has been no end of problems since it came out of the box, think i’ll just chuck it in the river and go get an iphone.

1:17 am

Another thing about Yahoo mail…
From the mail screen you can select a Yahoo mail app but it refuse to stay on-line. Very annoying

Also, the power charger socket is very delicate. For example if you use a car charger and you hang the phone near the car front glass with a holder, it usually fail to charge it.

Oh – and this phone is a Battery eater. 15 mins of heavy duty work and you can kiss it good bye.

1:10 am

Few N97 bugs I found:
- Yahoo mail sometimes retrieve old mail although I have erased them from the server
- While you can see on the File manager files in Hebrew, the music player will display these files as gibrish
- Not a bug but annoying – when you open a contact it display it’s phone number just for few sec – why not to leave it there?
- Worse thing is the WLAN. It is not smart enough to switch between available APs and it drives you crazy with messages when it can not connect to a WLAN.
- Once a day you need to reset it since crazy things can happen (like battery charge indicator does not show etc)

Emanuel Dabah
4:14 am

N97 is my last nokia phone!!!
unlock function has real life and it do what it want
some time work some time no

phone is doing restart and lose all time date configuration

nokia ringing tone is taking over my favorite tone when it decide that it is better….

but the most important thing is
Nokia lie to her customers !!! they promised skype and we do not have it

sorry nokia I bought it and I am going to wait more 1 month if these problems will not fixed then I will have to say good buy to your product forever!!!!!

Michael Y.
9:46 am

I have N97 RM507 Ver 12.2.024 and have to say that this is my definitely last Nokia phone. I have been Loyal Nokia user for 5 years, but this is it!
After spending so much money I have:
- Spontaneous shutdowns
- OS freezing at the end of conversations
- self inflicted camera shots, while phone is locked and sits in holster, one time it started filming and wasted battery after one hour of movie darkness
- sliding camera cover keeps getting sand under it and scratching camera optics, very stupid design!
- and last, but not least RF tuner is very inferior to the usual Nokia signal quality, we all used to. I have to run outside in order to not drop a call, where my Nokia 5800 would allow me to talk with 2-3 bricks on the screen.
Shame on on you Nokia!

7:30 am

@SAJESH: Try updating the Firmware, you are using a older version. You can do that easily and free of charge by following the steps explained on the following Nokia web site:



If your phone is branded (coming from a carrier) you might not be able to update the Firmware. If so, ask your carrier provider for further information.

Ahh, and one more thing, you will have to do that all ON YOUR ON RISK!!!!!

6:17 am

TAKES FOREVER TO LOAD AFTER RESET!!!! EMAIL SETUP ASKS EVERYTIME!!!FREEZES ALL THE TIME! locking switch is broken the actual switch broke off after about 1 month GAH CMON NOKIA I THOUgHT BETTER OF YOU!

12:28 pm

this is the worst nokia phone i ever had. it continously hangs.version 11.0.021. type rm-505

8:47 am

thanks for all the reporting bugs. I was going to buy one. I hope Nokia comes out with a better phone.

5:56 pm

Thanks everyone… I was considering the N97. Now I’ll reconsider it !

8:48 am

i have had my 97 for 8 weeks now and i had to get it replace with the first week as the phone was freezing when the alarms went off with the lock but didnt freeze when the phone not locked, i also has major with the maps app, have now found out that nokia have has some hardware issuse with the phone and been good enough to give 4 different ones.

if i has anymore more problems i will let you know

Malaysian Firmware V11
11:39 am

this device is driving me crazy! before N97 i was using N93, everything was perfect. But now…>:(

-Photo not showing in photo viwer
-sometimes phone will not load just showing NOKIA when i turn it on, so i have to hard reset it!!! and all setting restore to original!
-Battery drain very fast.
-Problem with Messaging Storage. “Memory Full, close some application and try again”


Low below
5:50 am

Yes, I am experiencing the same problem with messaging! It will not even open my inbox folder saying the memory (RAM, supposedly?) is full and wants me to “close some applications and try again”. You’re guessing, there are no opened applications besides that menu whatsoever. :|
Hope they fix it and fix it soon!

6:44 am

hey how did u do the hard reset thing while the problem didn’t even allow us to go pass the NOKIA homescreen? oh man.. really need ur help if u know how to fix this..

cheers man..

7:08 pm

My n97′s touch screen has completly gone say i touch on contacts it will go to music and so on, also when i open it up into landscape mode it takes about 3 seconds for it to change when before it would go as soon as i moved it, ive only had the phone since july and im in the right mind to tell them im leaving if they dont give me what i want i pay them enough as it is

6:24 pm

Nokia N97 RM-505 Firmware 12.0.024

Hey fellows, my Nokia N97 is making me crazy for now 2 days. All application that can be viewed on the home screen are not working. All I see on the home screen is “Loading content”. When I click on one of these application, nothing happens. I always have to start the application manually. Once I go out of the program, the cell phone crashes. When I hard reset my cell phone, everything works fine for maybe two hours and after that the same thing happens. I tried to reinstall the firmware, no change. Arrgh, I stated to hate the N97!

6:12 am

RM-505, V 10.0.012


I just got a N97 as a gift. Now since been using my beloved N82, i had to learn using this… Now lets see how good/bad this is.

The design was ok for me, morelike fancy and u have to simply get used to it wether u like it or not. I browsed throw the progams etc.. and found the dictonary program. Ok nice.

Now to the net via my phone to install some more languages to translate from Eng to what ever for fun. Installed ok!

The problem starts when i open the dictionary program. First i meet is” Delete a language” now wtf?

To enter the dictionary u have to delete a langauge u have already sinatlled! That made me really mad when i had to install use. .and at another time i have to delete and then install to use.

Really drove me mad. been having this pohone for some days now so havent found any big problems.

Nina from Brasil
7:25 pm

I bought two N97 in the end of this July when I was in California. One for me and one for my dad. I was very excited with the idea but unfortunetly both of the phones had problems. Beside all the problems listed above both of my N97 appeared to have a problem with the softwere. They turn it off even when they are fully charged. My N97 have original Batteries and original Chargers….So that is not the problem. does someone has the same problem? do anyone have a solution? It is really strange because we never know when is going to turn it off.

5:29 pm

v11. RM-505 N97
Problem which switches on the camera on while typing an sms or browsing on the internet. Very anouying problem does anybody recognizes this problem.

5:29 am

ya you keep pushing the shutter button with the palm of your hand when texting, I did it a couple times then clocked on to what was happeneing.

freewheelin bob
4:42 pm

hi i found with my n97 that when using yahoo if i start a message with the letter i it disconnects and goes to home page …anyone else experienced this………apart from that annoying lock i am reasonably pleased with it but hope nokia address many issues in firmware update

5:27 pm

RM-505, firmware 11.0.021.c01.01 15-06-2009
Well, the main bug in my N97 is that on the homescreen, when push on the profile to update it, i’m chossing onther profile from the menu (for example GENERAL or MEETING), but the profile on the screnn remains the same. I have to lock and unlock the phone so the profile in the screnn will be updated after it

5:41 am

I have been a nokia fan for a while especially since trying some other makes of phone and had issues. I signed up with Vodafone Australia about three weeks ago and was pretty impressed at first. However…..
-The most annoying thing was that when talking to people on either speakerphone or normal mode that I could hear them fine but they couldn’t hear me.
-The alarm went off a few minutes later than set.
The deal I signed up for has a 30 day handset replacement guarantee so I went and got another one. With the same problems!! So I went and got yet another. Didn’t get much of a chance to try this one out as I couldn’t access the oki store at all. When you clicked on it absolutely nothing happened. So I’m now on my FOURTH brand new handset. Haven’t experienced any problems yet but only picked it up yesterday so ……
By the way all of these handsets had the latest version of the V12.0.024 software.
Also wondering how to put downloaded oki store apps on the home screen. One of the handsets did it but this one won’t seem to. Any hints?

Low below
5:59 am

Really? I convinced myself this very morning that I didn’t wake up for a couple of minutes after the alarm went off. Never suspected that the alarm itself might run late! :o

Terry from Australia latest firmware (12 +)
3:43 am

Hi I have had a bit of a hate>love>hate>love>put up with it relationship with my N97. After the first month I had so many problems I took it back and wanted to swap for an apple.

The store manager would not be in that idea, but he did give me a new N97 which did fix a lot of the issues and I can live with the little niggley things it didn’t fix however I cant live with the phone part of the N97.

First you have to be really on the ball to answer a call.
I get advertising signs coming up on the screen saying answer and unlock at the same time.

If you press either of these on screen signs the phone doesnt answer. You have to unlock it manually then press the answer key.

If you enable any key answer the only key that works is the silver raised key.

If I switch off unlock it answers as soon as I touch it in my pocket. But slowly I am getting used to this behavior.

Dialling out is another issue as soon as I manage to dial the number I get a sign pop up blocking all the on screen buttons saying diverts are on.

So if I dialed the wrong number or want to switch on hands free and I go for the screen button only to have the button covered by this sign. But slowly I am getting used to this behavior.

What is driving me totally insane is the voice dialer.

No matter what I say or how long I practice it will not respond with anything like what I am saying where as the N95 I had worked perfectly.

If you dont watch exactly what its doing and it starts dialling the wrong number you cant hang up with the red hang up button till its dialled.

It takes so long for the speech bar to come up quiet often I have said the command and it has not started.

NOKIA if you are going to fix anything please please have a go at the voice dialer and make an old man happy.

4:14 pm

Terry, when you get an incoming call do you get a green stripe/arrow going from left to right across the screen? If so swipe your finger from left to right across the green stripe/arrow and the phone will answer ;)

Likewise with the unlock except swipe right to left.

Cant help with your other issues i’m afraid.

Reply to agrippa

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