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The Definitive Nokia N97 Bug List

The Nokia N97 bug list.

The Nokia N97 bug list.

Update: Nokia N97 v20 firmware was released on October 27, 2009.

It’s been a week since the N97 arrived at my door, and yet during that time I’ve seen some strange things. And not strange in a good way either. So I’m making my official Nokia N97 bug post here and updating it as I see fit.

Current status of the Nokia N97: The NAM version that I have is pretty stable. However, it sounds like the international versions are *still* having some major issues – see the comments below for more.

To anyone running v10/11/12, make sure you update to the latest firmware via Nokia Software Updater.

The following is my list of N97 problems, bugs, and other irregularities. Note that after the latest firmware update (20), some things have shifted to the “Fixed” heading.


- Playing music seems to cause the phone to run much warmer than normal, which leads to the battery dying very quickly. The strange thing is the phone might not heat up until several hours AFTER you’ve finished playing music, in some kind of delayed reaction. The N97 is rated for up to 40 hours of music playback, and that leads me to believe there’s some kind of weird issue here. Update, sort of: I think this has been fixed.

- The lens cover mechanism has a tendency to scratch the plastic above the lens. Noticeable when the cover is opened. [Thanks Tuan]

Home Screen

- The portrait/landscape wallpaper display is screwy. When you use a standard 300×640 vertical image as your background, it will not display correctly in landscape mode. Basically, instead of rotating the image 90 degrees, the phone will take the middle 300 pixels and make an 640×300 image out of it – meaning you get a nice blown-up image in landscape view. Lovely! Fix: when creating a wallpaper image, use a 640×640 image. See my N97 wallpaper post for more details.

- Hitting certain keyboard keys repeatedly causes the screen to freeze for a lengthy amount of time. Basically, whenever you hit a non-numeric key, the screen clears for a quick second, showing only the background and a broken side menu. Pressing the button repeatedly causes some kind of loop, which lags the phone to all hell. Try it with the Uppercase + top row of keys for a bit ‘o fun.


- No way to enter a url in fullscreen mode without exiting back to windowed view.


- [Help] No help topic for Sensor settings. I would love to know what sensors are affected by the “Off” settings. Proximity? Brightness? Accelerometer? All?

- [Profiles] My N97 randomly plays the Nokia tune for contacts that I have assigned a custom ringtone. Also randomly plays the tune as the default ringtone. Argggghh!

- [Photos] When viewing photos, auto-switching to landscape mode causes the menu options to disappear, but the menu option box remains.

- [Menu] No transitions when switching from one folder to another. Could just be the default themes, but the 5800XM default themes has them.

- [Menu] Quitting the Photos causes a Back button (instead of Exit) to appear in the resulting Menu screen. Pressing the Back button simply refreshes the Menu screen and changes the button to Exit.

- [Music Player] Not quite a bug, but more of a feature request: removing a connected set of headphones while listening to a song should automatically pause the song. I don’t really see the logic in having a song start blasting from the speakers just because you forgot to pause it when removing the ‘phones.

- [Music Player] Switching to another application while simultaneously playing several music files in a row messes up the progress bar. Instead of showing the current song’s progress, the bar will continually scroll from start to finish, cycling through all of the songs that were played outside of the Music Player app.

- [Messaging] The Messaging application sometimes fails to display the menu options upon loading. Instead, the phone just shows the leftover parts of the Home screen. The options are still there, and can still be activated by touch.

- [Messaging] A phone that has the option “Memory in use” set to Mass Memory, and has been disconnected from USB (Mass Storage mode) will show the error “Cannot access selected memory” for subsequent received messages. It will also change the default memory in use to Phone Memory. No fix, but you can switch back by going to Messaging -> Options -> Settings -> Other -> Memory in use -> E:Mass memory.

- [Messaging] There’s no way to transfer text messages from phone memory to Mass memory.

- [Stupid] The applications Boingo, Qik, and Joikuspot cannot be uninstalled, despite all of them being useless.

- [Nokia Messaging] Deleting consecutive emails too quickly in Nokia Messaging using the delete key (with delete confirmation turned off) sometimes crashes the program. Update: The new version of Nokia Messaging ( now shows a dialog box that says “Deleting” without actually deleting anything. It also freezes there unless you hit the Cancel button.

- [Active Notes] Entering a note with the keyboard in Active Notes is uncommonly laggy. This does not occur in the regular Notes application, or if entering notes with the virtual keyboard.

Fixed in N97 Firmware Update 12.2.024

- The lock/unlock switch is still seriously buggy. A good amount of the time the phone will either NOT lock or NOT unlock even though the screen will flash. Come on, Nokia.

Fixed in N97 Firmware Update 11.2.021

- 3G causes the N97 to crash and reboot endlessly. This only seems to happen in certain areas, leading me to believe that the N97 has problems with one of the two 3G bands on AT&T (850 or 1900). Any use of 3G causes endless reboots in any application that uses 3G. Fix: switch your phone to use EDGE, or get a new SIM card from AT&T. More info at [Nokia Support Discussions]

- Unlocking the phone via lock switch will not activate the backlight most of the time. This happens on the first unlock after an idle period – subsequent unlocks will activate the backlight until the phone goes into idle mode again. Seems to be a pretty universal problem. Extremely annoying because I have to hit the unlock switch a minimum of three times, usually more. No fix yet. Workaround: Hit the Menu Key [thanks Jasz] or Camera Key [me] to turn the backlight on before hitting the unlock key.

- Unlocking the phone via slide sometimes shows the message “Use keyguard switch to unlock screen and keys” for 1-2 seconds.

- Unlocking the phone via slide while in landscape mode will sometimes cause the screen to reset to portrait mode for a quick second before reverting to landscape mode.

- The phone can’t be locked or unlocked if the keyboard is open. This comes into play when the backlight bug above is triggered – you can’t just lock and unlock the phone to turn on the backlight. [no more backlight bug]

- Opening the browser and selecting Options -> Exit while loading up a default page sometimes crashes the application.

Final Notes

If you’ve found a bug, please add it in a comment below. Make sure you specify your phone model (RM-5xx) and software version (ie. 10.2.012). You can find your model/version by typing in *#0000# in the Dialer (or go to Settings -> Phone -> Phone mgmt -> Device updates). Thanks!




3:13 am

1) major issuess with GPS signal: overheating when using GPS more than 2-3 hours; signal is VERY BAD in plain road clear sky and no buldings around
2) useless application can’t be uninstalled
3) lock/unlock issue: the phone can’t decide if it is locked or unlock and bahaves strangely

and all this using latest (12.0.024) firmware.


8:54 am

i change the themes and wala it stuck i try to clik on menu button n it restart and the the menu change change to white cannot open anything….. trying to open menu agian.. but it restart back.. damn i buy this moning… tmorow going to @!#$# the selller….

Felix Fung
4:17 am

My cents:
- no way to deactivate voice dialing after activation
- voice command only work for profiles, no way to add other applications!
- can’t connect to hidden network in offline mode (even my N82 can)

8:19 am


I realy love this new n97 phone. ive had it for 2 weeks to the day. but now it is DEAD!

i was using the navigator while driving for around 10 minutes. i was using this function for the first time. and then the battery ran out. so i pressed the power button and it instantly came back to life, flicked through around 10 different screens and windows that were completely random in roughly 2 seconds and then died again.

i have tried to charge it and it wont. the usb indicator light does flash intermediately when on the charger. and stays lit when on the computer. but wont connect to my computer. completely blank and not responding to any input.

bug list
1) when i started to use navigator, it hit me with a heap of disclaimers and “do u wish to connect ect” all at once. the windows were overlapping! and while all this was happening, it was trying to connect to the server and the “connecting…” window would poke through the already overlapping windows in blips. total chaos for around 15 seconds then the n97 was ready to start my journey. worked fine until the sudden death happened :-(

2) unlock/lock key would have it’s strange moments. more often in landscape mode as apposed to portrait.

3)alarm was always 2-8 minutes behind the time. this would vary daily.

4)set ring tone is not necessarily the one it will use.

5)on loudspeaker mode, i could always hear the other end fine but they couldnt always hear me.

that’s all i can think of for now. will order another one definitely. awesome phone potentially!

i am a big nokia fan. i actually thought nokia took so long to release something like this phone after the iphone because they were ironing out bugs ans stuff. but obviously i was wrong!!

1:04 am

Well I’ve been using my n97 for about a month and a half now, and I must say that it seems to work much better here (in India). Mind you, I do not use 3G so there are none of the problems associated with it. I have also disabled the auto rotation of the screen when the phone position changes. With these differences only, I ain’t facing most of the issues mentioned above. Phone unlock works like a charm, web and facebook application work almost perfectly. Personally I prefer the nokia messaging application that came pre-installed, and that too works good enough (although the text based browser can’t display a few mails, but for official mails, i’m good with it).

The alarm problem I’m facing too, and its totally unreliable, I use Handy Alarm instead and that works for me.
Camera blackout problem I have faced only once, and a restart fixed it. Sometimes the menu icons in the inbox disappear, and also it randomly switches back to phone memory for saving messages. But I can live with that too.

But I do have a problem with battery life. It is quite inconsistent, mostly it will last 1 – 2 days easily with medium usage and sometimes it’ll go off in half a day. This is really annoying because I don’t mind charging it every night, but it should always suffice for the complete day! Also, it seems that the battery life is not dependent much on what i do with the phone. It will last the complete day and a half, irrespective of whether I watch TV for 2 hours or not!

Other than the above, it is an awesome phone for what it does, and I really am happy with it. It definitely is an Iphone killer because of its multitasking abilities, and other subtle features missing from iphone! Mind you, the Iphone here costs Rs. 32000, and I got the N97 for Rs. 33000.

8:08 am


A few problems had occurred at my N97 and I first thought it was only me who had this kind of problem and was feeling very bad about the new phone of mine. “Fortunately” it’s not only me having the problems. Here are a few of mine:

1 – When I slide the camera-protector, the phone should be automatically show the camera-function, instead it goes black and I have to reboot it. It can be helped by selecting the photo-option in the menu, but still…

2 – When the nokia receives a call, I can not answer immediately. I have to wait at least two or three rings, because it will FREEZE and CRASH, when I answer to quickly.
Specific problems when answering too fast: Can’t hear the caller, but the caller can hear me. The screen is broken up in parts of menu, homescreen and wallpaper AND the touchscreen is disabled.

3 – Sometimes when I use the accelerometer to switch between landscape and portrait it freezes or doesn’t change.

4 – freezes at mail and internet-browsing, but this problem is already known.

10:47 pm

My Nokia N97 is on Vodafone AUS and run on latest v12 firmware…
After finding this site i was super hestitant about getting this phone… I actually printed out the various problems that everyone has listed, took it with me to my dealer and tried stuff on a demo model.
Most bugs were “myths”, hard to find majority of the problems. The only problems I’m experiencing are:
- 3min delay on alarm
- while on a phonecall and moving phone into landscape position, when I pull away proximity sensor lags immensely or doesn’t react at all. Got to unlock/lock a couple times

Have to admit, I’m not a full blown serious phone user so I don’t have the email widget or facebook on home screen. I’m happy to get into my browser and access from there.
There’s no perfect phone out there, not yet anyway. Obviously Nokia isn’t stupid and monitors sites like this to take onboard issues and try find solutions for them. Just like iPhone had initial problems. A bit of patience wouldn’t hurt.

5:54 pm

-Music Player – still yet organizing music by alphabetical order!!!!! I want to play all albums by one artist and it organizes tracks by name! With 32GB, you can put into the N97 with lot music. Artists have many albums and, sometimes, the same track number can be used in more than one album. Why it do not have option to play “all albums”, in album’s orders track. Make playlist is so difficult too. You cannot mark more than one album to insert it into a playlist.
-Menus – still yet showing only parts of all options, with no use of all space in screen. To find “exit” options, you need to use scroll before to find the exit option or other like this.
-Suggestion: why not use “music folder” in home screen shortcuts? When I open radio application, and after this, want to use Music Player, I can’t change this in home screen, and, if I want to change this using home screen, I have to use booth applications in this: radio and music player.
-Suggestion: how about a 3rd shortcut??? Why only 2?
-Camera: Some times, camera stops to use autofocus before take a photo.

5:29 pm

N97 – RM507 – v12.2.024
When use IDIOMA PORTUGUÊS, the handwriting do not works. You draw the characters and it not appears. In other idiomas, it works fine.

6:59 pm

My N97 has 3 bugs that really bug me.

The first and worst is the phone shutting down randomly. The screen seems to dissolve into nothing then the phone restarts, sometimes requiring the date and time to be reset.

Secondly, the slide out keyboard is next to useless and seems to have a mind of it’s own as to whether it wants to type symbols or numbers or letters. This could be my refusal to have much to do with the keyboard stopping me from learning the ropes.

Thirdly, the alarm likes to sleep in a few minutes and once it went off on a Saturday when it shouldn’t have.

4:58 am

I agree 100% with Stevo, my alarm almost made me late for work!

5:02 am

same here buddy …..the problem is the same with most of n97 …that i think is a firmware problem…. hate nokia for this … i cant even rely on my phone as it randomly restarts or even shuts down …. i have to check it after an hr or so to see if its still working….. and the problem appears mostly when wi fi is on on the phone…..

4:56 pm

Nokia N97 version 12.2.024 still too much bugs

Photo application still as it is .. buggy
-zooming working randomly.. sometimes beautifully, sometimes letting the pictures pixelized
-black screen that appears after opening of the lens and forces you to switch off the device to have it working

Nothing done concerning the installation of applications such as the Quickoffice that eats 4 Mbytes of the phone memory

Random exit from several applications

3:52 pm

Nokia N97 returns to the “Home Screen” automatically, after entering the “Search Icon” with the small magnifying glass picture above it, in the Apps section. This happens especially if the phone is shaken, prompting you to restart the search.
My phone is RM -507 with update 12.0…….latest firmware.

The Nokia Phone Blog » Blog Archive » Firmware: Nokia N97 12.2.024 Released
11:36 pm

[...] finding bugs? Report them in the The Definitive N97 Bug List [...]

12:01 pm


My N97 crashes on some incoming calls. When the ‘answer’ slider on the screen is slid, the phone answers but doesn’t move onto the screen offering ‘hang up’ when this happens, you can’t hang up and need to switch the phone off to reboot and get the screen back.

Also several incoming text messages now do not come in showing the contact in the address book, they just come in as the number.

Very annoying!


5:11 am

News of version 12.0.024

some bugs are solved such as:
-the call divert entry form for other numbers.
-the lock/unlock features works better

some others are not solved like:
- the camera black screen that forces you to restart your phone to have a working camera are still unsolved
- ringing tones are still random

3:43 am


I’ve had my n97 for a couple of weeks now… I read about all the bugs previous to getting the phone, but then got caught by its good looks at the shop.

Now, I love the phone but somethings are starting to get to me.

Has anyone else noticed that when you try to use facebook off the main page that if you try to update your status that the touch screen won’t work? Then if I slide it then the keyboard turns to numbers or symbols…

But if I turn off my phone then the first time I open facebook it will work, just the times after then it doesn’t…

Also my ringtone just randomly changes… I have a new profile, set my ringtone and still it just randomly goes to the nokia tone.

All these little things are starting to annoy me.

3:27 am

Finally , Nokia released version 12.0.024 dateed 04.08.09
I did the update on my N97 RM 505

seems ok till now
with a lot of the bugs solved
have not yet run an extensive test

8:12 am

N97 – newest Firmware – Switzerland

- Music Player hangs if I let search for new music. “0 files found” then “searching for music and podcasts…” over and over again

- Radio has not normal interruptions , no swish just quiet for about 5 or 6 sec

- menu, unlocking acts very slow and delayed, unstable

- phone is off, I connect with USB to PC to charche bat, phone turns itself on???? Why??? I can’t doo anything

- I put in a sd card, it writes all those dumb folders (images, sys, installs, …) why???? It is a independent card!!!

I’m really not happy, I’m a big nokia fan but on this, good and cool phone, is just a ?@#!$ software

7:01 am

hey. with the OVI store im trying to install apps but it gos to 100% downloaded then it goes to failed… how d i fixed this annoying crap!!

5:47 am

i have an issue with my n97-_-
if someone texts me, i dont know, and wont recieve that text unless i personally send one. whatthehell?!
can you help”/? x

6:28 pm

thanks for this info dude. im a big nokia fan and i was really close to buying this however im gonna go for an iPhone (the safer choice)

12:13 pm

I have had the phone about 3 weeks. My whole contacts list has been deleted by the phone twice. I have tried, pc sync with laptop & pc – just get warnings. I have tried switch to transfer from previous phone – worked 1st time, now wont. I have removed my 2 gb memory card and tried it as a copy over to the mass memory from the memory card – still no luck.

I suggest you back up your phone contacts, both pc wise and hard copy, which i have had to do, just in case things get worse.

Will now restore factory settings and upgrade firmware and hope for the best.

Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:25 pm

Please try to keep comments in regular case.

To perform a hard reset, press *#7370#. This will wipe everything in your phone memory (including contacts!) Reset/restore to factory settings is only a soft reset.

9:20 am

Guys is the speakerphone on this phone half-duplex? Have you noticed that in speakerphone that both sides cannot talk at once. Try to talk to the other person while they speak and see if they can hear you!


Bilal Ahmed
2:10 pm

i have nokia N97 updated with latest firmware v11.0.021 Type 505 .

the serius problem is the phone memory , i deleted most of the software packed with the phone, such as Pislic traveler and so face book , then re-installed them on the mass memory for save some memory but still getting 26 MB free only . which is really make me feel bad . as i dont know where is the rest of the phone memory drained.

hope this problem to be fixed with the next firmware update .

3:24 pm

Wow, I was really tempted with the N97, but after having read the above, yes I think Nokia needs to focus more on their bugs. What a disapointment for a Flag Ship Phone.

Adam Hawley
8:56 am

I have came across the majority of problems on this page along with a couple more.
1) Last night i sent roughly 40 pictures to my images folder in mass memory bringing the folder amount to just over 280. When i looked on my phone to see the pictures i only have 35 video’s…..my pictures are gone, but when i connect my phone to the computer the pictures are in the folder. which leads me to problem 2.
2)i can watch my videos by clicking into my Photo icon. Whats the point in the videos/TV icon?
3)facebook widget….crap. When you up date your status you cant read comments which have been left, which is really the point of facebook. I have ended up saving my facebook profile page as my web bookmark. it saves time, effort and a whole load of rage.
4)Weather widget….crap but in fairness thats nothing to do with the phone.
5)The battery life is rubbish. i now have a charger at work, in the car and at home.
6)the memory is suppost to be 32gb….if its 32gb i’ll eat my hat. similar to an early blog i cant seem to find some memory. When i load songs on to the phone, its delayed when navigating to the point i end up using my ipod to remain calm.
7)A few people have mentioned that V11 has got rid of some of your bugs……one of my bugs is the phone wont accept V11!
I struggle to believe that i was stupid enough to get shot of my n95, it did exactly what this one does with less hassle. It worked fine and you werent constantly thinking “my screens being scrated”. I, like some of you guys have followed Nokia for many years, nearly 12 years – i’m sad to say that this phone has probs ended that relationship. I have never been so annoyed and let down. When i renewed my contract 5 weeks ago i was stuck bewtween 3 phones the n97, iphone and sonys w995…..cant believe i chose this.

8:35 pm

Well, I can certainly confirm 2) and 3). Although I believe the Photos application displaying videos is by (poor) design. And sadly, my facebook application doesn’t even let me log in.

As for 5), the only time my battery drains quickly is after listening to music. Otherwise my battery can last more than a day with moderate usage.

5:25 pm

1. my battery was bad untill two days ago, I did uninstall a stupid battery software (which should extend the battery life, but it did reduce the life to a half day),and now my N97 is runing perfect .
2. I had problems to install firmware V.11 onto my new N97, the reason is VISTA, just find a XP and the update will work, VISTA did cause a lot of problems.
3. switch of the sensor which detects the phone position, this speeds the screen up.

Regards, Peter

7:10 am

I have N97 RM-505 V 11.0.021 its reboot randomly when the phone is in Idle mode and some time phone shut down with out any notice. Can any one help me about this matter???????

zeus one
9:21 pm

Firmware updated 11th august, around 2 weeks the purchase and it overheated untill the battery quickly was depleted, and now i cant seem to get him recharging.gg

6:16 pm

So far, no more screen freezes, but, what the hey, the alarm is always 3 minutes late. Go figure! I think I have also read about that elsewhere on this blog…

8:37 pm

Someone else here definitely had the same problem. My alarm appears to work though, so it could be a region-specific firmware bug.

6:04 am

in addition to the list of bugs already mentionned in my thread # 74 i discovered a new one:

10- no way to use the divert call option through the menu in the setting section. when you reach the field of the other number …. the application closes immediately and don not let you enter the number…

..every day a new bug….

9:53 pm

UPDATE: I’ve just performed a hard reset on my phone after spending the whole day trying to figure out what was wrong with the handset. It seems to be working ok now, stripped to the bare essentials. The only added apps were a theme by pizero and Nimbuzz. Gravity, Slide to Unlock and the Quickoffice Update are on hold until further notice. Let’s see how it will perform throughout the week. BTW, the hard reset freed up almost 30MB. Has any one tried a hard reset, has it solved the problems you were having? Cheers!

12:16 pm

When you say hard reset, do you mean reset to factory settings?

I would appreciate a reply.

2:47 pm

Has anyone figured out the problem with reboots, I recently have had my nokia N97 RM-505 V 11.0.021 reboot during calls, I didnt have the problem for the first month but only noticed it after the update…..

Also the ring tone everyone seems to have (rings nokia instead of the one I set)

2:42 pm

Well, I’m using v11 firmware and I don’t have those problems you guys have but only and the only major problem:

It’s will reboot/shut down/turn off itself after few minutes using the browser EVERYTIME WITHOUT FAIL…

Anyone having this problem? Please post your feedback… Thanks.

8:40 pm

I had a similar problem that only cropped up in certain places (most likely a 3G issue). Once I updated to v11 this was fixed however. You may want to try disabling 3G on your phone. (Settings -> Connectivity -> Network -> Network mode = GSM)

7:36 am

I have an American N97. Starting a week ago, give or take a few days, out of the blue, my screen freezes completely. I have to turn the phone off and on two times to make it work again. I’m no expert, but it seems to me that most of the problemas are related to memory management. It might be a coincidence, but the screen freeze started about the same time I updated the quickoffice app.

I have also noticed that some apps do not exit. When the screen freezes and I have to restart the phone, I can see several apps I thought I had closed being closed again by the phone. As I said above, it takes two restarts to make the screen work again… on the second restart, the same apps, which were closed by the phone the first time around, seem to be running still – how is that possible after switching off the phone eludes me – and are closed again on the second restart. After this little ritual, it goes back to its somewhat normal self. Nokia has really let me down. Sure way of losing a long time customer. Nokia’s design has always been geeky and subpar when compared to the likes of Samsung, LG and the iPhone, if we cannot trust the software, what’s left?

roy alexander
9:00 pm

Hi, mostly love my n97….

However… phone lens already scratched by the lens cover.

Speed dial #2 just will not work. I can save a number there, but when I press it…nothing… all the others work fine though.

deleted the facebook app, and just use the browser version because it was so buggy…..

lock/unlock problems/backlight problems like everyone else…

couldn’t answer the phone today when it was locked… however have just updated the firmware so going to check these out….

would love the smooth scrolling effect to be on every screen on every menu or application universally…

OOh and when I pick a zoom amount for a webpage (hotmail, bbc, facebook, I’d like to set that as default for the browser… not a bug, a wish really..)


2:40 pm

After using Nokia N95 which was a good product, i bought the N97.
Really sexy features when they work but the list of bugs is impressive .. Really impressive. That is a real shame for Nokia to sell with so much advertising a product that is so buggy. Bad marketing.. bad for the long term image of the company..

here is a non exhaustive list of bugs even after the software update.

1-random shutdown
2-camera that shows a black screen and works after removing the battery
3-phone memory that is too small
4-messages that disappears
5-messaging software that show you sometimes 0 messages while there ares 250 messages in the inbox
6-problems with the sliding for activation
7-applications that cannot be installed on the secondary memory like quickoffice and that consume a lot of the phone main memory
8-random behavior of the user selected tones. sometimes the ringtones selected for a specific contacts works .. sometimes the basic ringtone rings for the same contact
9-a video converted through PC suite shows a black screen with the normal audio


Jose Luis
10:54 am

I bought a Nokia N97 last week and I realised that it has lots of bugs, but the one that toubles my life more is with bluetooth, I have a Nokia car kit and I configured the N97 to accept automatic connections from that device but every time I get in my car, N97 asks for the device (car kit) password.

Some one have a solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance.

11:29 am

Nokia N97 Black (UK Version) Sodtware update version 11.0.021 now available via Nokia website.

10:06 pm

Hey ANG,
Thanks so much .. I really appreciate your reply .. I have given in my phone for a software update becausae the store I bought it from refuse to replace or refund my phone.. They are asswipes ..

Anyways, I shall keep you all posted.

1 Last question : Where is everyone’s phone made in ?? MADE IN FINLAND OR CHINA ?

Mines black and made in china.

I saw sum1 with a white phone and it is made in Finland .. :(

7:40 am

I have 40 mb free c drive memory, and 29 gb mass mamory.When i receive or try to open a message i get this: memory full, close some application, and I can’t open any messages and all applications are closed.What is the problem?Thanks

7:07 am

@Ellsworth (17): I’ve experienced the same twice when the phone ran out of power (and was left uncharged for quite some time). Reinstalling the firmware solved the problem.

3:36 pm

I’m Currently running on FW V.11.xx.xx
TV-OUT Cable provided by Nokia (With the N95) From 3.5mm Jack to 3-way Composite, Does not work on the N97. This is not caused by the cable, it works just fine on the N95. Nokia Says that it should work, But i’m very sure that it doesn’t.

6:25 am

receiving sms only number shows up even if the person is in my contacts all my contacts are saved in my phone memory how can it be fixed

4:09 am

I came back to the Nokia family when I bought my E71 last year after a gap of 5-6 years my last Nokia phones before that were the 6100 & 6600, what a great phone it turned out to be, I rated it 9 out of 10. Then I saw the N97 specs and just got plain greedy, great specs, great looks, Nokia phone that too the FLAGSHIP and I went for it, June24th!!! And what a lemon it has turned out to be…..

It is a great phone with great specs but its just too buggy. I have updated to the latest version of the software and the feedback is post this upgrade…….

1. When I answer a call using the answer or unlock swipes when the phone is locked for a while, it will hang. It answers the call, but then it doesn’t respond to anything. I can’t hang up, I can’t do anything except take the battery out and restart. Infact I have taken out the battery so many time that the back cover is all loose & squeaky. The fancy slide keylock doesn’t work too well either, the time on it is usually not updated so if you locked it at 15:13 and then go back to the phone at 17:15 it still will show 15:13 and sometimes it just plain hangs, I have disabled it to make things simpler

2. The camera slide cover rattles, I usually have long conversations while being driven and the rattling of the slide cover is now a constant companion during conversations in moving vehicles

3. On normal to medium use days the battery stays almost full strength on Day-1 drops 2-3 bars Day-2 and when I hit the sack on the night of Day-2 with 2 bars still left on the battery display happy assuming that we will charge in the morning I don’t wake up, I didn’t go to happy land it just that the phone died during the night. Further research shows that thejourney from 2 bars to No bars is an unpredictable and sometimes very short journey so keep the charger handy and keep checking the battery levels, from a battery low beep it will usually die within 25-45 minutes

4. No memory, QuickOffice sent an update but alas the free space on my C drive is ZERO, the only additional software I use is Handy Safe and Handy Taskman rest is what the phone came with. The RAM also keeps dropping off to 5-10 mb every half a day so I then go close all applications and often restart to get better performance. Also once in a while the “low memory” flashes and the phone reboots.

5. If I change to landscape and slide open the slider to use the qwerty key board without giving phone sensor time to reorient properly we are at hangsville again

6. Camera & Video, I was underwhelmed by the quality, though in all fairness I think I got carried away by the Carl Ziess stuff and my expectations were just too high so we can strike this off as a crib rather than a complaint

7. The key board is just not a patch on the E71 the keypads don’t have adequate feedback and often your enter the alphabet too many times or not at all, also the slider has some free play already wonder what happens 12 months later

8. The phone is a little bit of a prima dona and often reboots and sometimes shuts off without any command or word from the master (sometimes I wonder who the master is???). Friends and Colleagues have many a time come back to me saying that my phone was not reachable so now I look at the phone every 5 minutes just to make sure it on!!!!

9. Another comment that is in the category of a crib rather than a complaint is the touch interface, so very clunky the HTCs run rings around it forget the iPhone

10. I did send Nokia a email listing out my issues as above and got such a kiss-off email that I didn’t even consider a response. As a last resort I went to the Nokia Store and asked them if the issues were specific to my N97 or generic, I was happy (misery loves company I guess) to know that a large % of N97s suffer from these issues. Finally I asked them the buy back price and I was informed that my 40 day old phone bought for 35k (Indian rupees) was now worth 20K WOW!!! or should I say OUCH!!! the saving grace is that the E71 is for 19.5K so I could exchange and go back to the E71 immediately, unfortunately my better half is not aligned to this logical end to my N97 adventure so it continues….

9:55 pm

Hi to all N97 OWNERS.

I just got my n97 yesterday and I am a Nokia fan ever since I got my first phone almost 10 years ago.

My N97, without trying too much, I also have the slide unlock switch problem where the backlight of the screen doesnt turn on the first time, but the “green and red and menu ” lights at the bottom light up. This takes a few times to fix , usually 2 times does the job for me NOW. (2nd day).

Is this a hardware issue or a software issue ? Please let me know, cuz if its hardware, i might as well go back and throw it on their faces..

Other problems I have noticed, or complaints are the light flashes on and off during a call . That is really annoying. Is that normal or is it just my phone ?

I would really appeciate this feedback from you N97 owners, and I would do my best to reply to anyone who has any inquires or problems with this phone.

Thanks guys

11:30 am

Desert_Kid: This is a software/firmware issue. If you upgrade your firmware to the latest version, this problem is fixed (although the lock switch is still a little buggy).

2:33 pm

i recently got my n97 and have been slightly disappointed with it. Fortunately i have not had the huge problems most of u have faced. My only probs are as follows:
1.When the screen lock comes off and i press the unlock key, the keypad is enabled, however, if i repress the lock button to cancel this action, the image of the number pad stays in the background!
2.The facebook app crashes n will not allow me to exit n i need to restart the phone which is annoying!
3.Sometimes when i try to turn on the internet, it decides it wants to close itself!
Very disappointed with the widgets available! Only got this as i did not want to leave t-mobile but unfortunately this is NOT an iphone beater. Should’ve got the iphone instead! Nokia have made a huge mistake releasing this phone with so many issues and not enough features. Still got my n95 which may have to come out. Phone updated with v11 software but bugs still remain.

7:51 am

The microphone receives every sound that the phone makes. When I move my fingers on the phone, the other end will hear the cracking sound, which I think should be very annoying to the person on the other end.

11:35 am

Not synching contracts from outlook, apps that require internet connection such a BBC iPlayer requires you to reboot the phone to work after you change your internet connection, i.e. if you are at home and connect via wireless LAN then iPlayer will work, as soon as you go out of range were wireless is not available and you connect to 3G iPlayer will not work until you reboot the phone and vice versa when you go from 3G to wireless, other than that and a few other small bug I do really like the phone.

2:32 pm

Hi there,

I’m in the UK and got my N97 a couple of weeks ago. Since then I’ve come across a whole host of bugs. Some you’ve mentioned, some you haven’t. The most annoying one is having to flick the unlock switch three times every time to turn the back light on on the screen.
Also, has anyone else experienced problems with the music player? When I play downloaded songs (this only seems to happen with downloaded songs from 3 Music Store, not songs I’ve put on from my computer), they skip about every 20-30 seconds, every 20-30 seconds throughout the song. Not sure what this is, i’m in the process of updating software so should make a difference.

3rd problem: when typing using the on-screen touchscreen keypad. When I type a message and go into edit the word and come back into the message, the text on the screen will display both the incorrect original word and the word I have manually inputted.

4th problem: quite often, the widgets on my homescreen will not update when connected through my wireless home network.

5th problem: the email program is terrible. It regularly fails to display my emails properly. I have now taken to using the Gmail application, which incidentally updates and notifies me (through a vibration) of a new email, far quicker than the default nokia program does.

The compass on Nokia Maps takes forever to calibrate and then loses its’ calibration after about 10 seconds!

I think that’s it! I’m sure i’ll come across more.

Mind you, i’m not complaining having only spent £60 for the phone. :)

9:22 am

omg, i have the exact problem as number 45!
there are some random times when the screen is completely blank. even though the phone is still on & i’ve pressed the lock/unlock key its still the same. then there are times when the screen lights up again & later on it goes off again. i’m getting really fed up now. i’ve tried taking the battery out, restarted & i’m still having the same problem. i can answer calls because i press the unlock/lock key & press the green button. but i know when i have a text message, i get that tone to tell me i got a message & obviously i cant read it because the screen light doesnt light up. oh man, what should i do? :(

x x

4:49 am

1) Unlock problems.
2) Calls cut out after 4 mins 30 seconds when on 3G, have to switch to GSM instead!
3) Alarm comes on like four minutes after the time i have set it!!!

Not good so far. No update in Uk for black N97 phone. Still on firmware v 10.0.012

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