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The Definitive Nokia N97 Bug List

The Nokia N97 bug list.

The Nokia N97 bug list.

Update: Nokia N97 v20 firmware was released on October 27, 2009.

It’s been a week since the N97 arrived at my door, and yet during that time I’ve seen some strange things. And not strange in a good way either. So I’m making my official Nokia N97 bug post here and updating it as I see fit.

Current status of the Nokia N97: The NAM version that I have is pretty stable. However, it sounds like the international versions are *still* having some major issues – see the comments below for more.

To anyone running v10/11/12, make sure you update to the latest firmware via Nokia Software Updater.

The following is my list of N97 problems, bugs, and other irregularities. Note that after the latest firmware update (20), some things have shifted to the “Fixed” heading.


- Playing music seems to cause the phone to run much warmer than normal, which leads to the battery dying very quickly. The strange thing is the phone might not heat up until several hours AFTER you’ve finished playing music, in some kind of delayed reaction. The N97 is rated for up to 40 hours of music playback, and that leads me to believe there’s some kind of weird issue here. Update, sort of: I think this has been fixed.

- The lens cover mechanism has a tendency to scratch the plastic above the lens. Noticeable when the cover is opened. [Thanks Tuan]

Home Screen

- The portrait/landscape wallpaper display is screwy. When you use a standard 300×640 vertical image as your background, it will not display correctly in landscape mode. Basically, instead of rotating the image 90 degrees, the phone will take the middle 300 pixels and make an 640×300 image out of it – meaning you get a nice blown-up image in landscape view. Lovely! Fix: when creating a wallpaper image, use a 640×640 image. See my N97 wallpaper post for more details.

- Hitting certain keyboard keys repeatedly causes the screen to freeze for a lengthy amount of time. Basically, whenever you hit a non-numeric key, the screen clears for a quick second, showing only the background and a broken side menu. Pressing the button repeatedly causes some kind of loop, which lags the phone to all hell. Try it with the Uppercase + top row of keys for a bit ‘o fun.


- No way to enter a url in fullscreen mode without exiting back to windowed view.


- [Help] No help topic for Sensor settings. I would love to know what sensors are affected by the “Off” settings. Proximity? Brightness? Accelerometer? All?

- [Profiles] My N97 randomly plays the Nokia tune for contacts that I have assigned a custom ringtone. Also randomly plays the tune as the default ringtone. Argggghh!

- [Photos] When viewing photos, auto-switching to landscape mode causes the menu options to disappear, but the menu option box remains.

- [Menu] No transitions when switching from one folder to another. Could just be the default themes, but the 5800XM default themes has them.

- [Menu] Quitting the Photos causes a Back button (instead of Exit) to appear in the resulting Menu screen. Pressing the Back button simply refreshes the Menu screen and changes the button to Exit.

- [Music Player] Not quite a bug, but more of a feature request: removing a connected set of headphones while listening to a song should automatically pause the song. I don’t really see the logic in having a song start blasting from the speakers just because you forgot to pause it when removing the ‘phones.

- [Music Player] Switching to another application while simultaneously playing several music files in a row messes up the progress bar. Instead of showing the current song’s progress, the bar will continually scroll from start to finish, cycling through all of the songs that were played outside of the Music Player app.

- [Messaging] The Messaging application sometimes fails to display the menu options upon loading. Instead, the phone just shows the leftover parts of the Home screen. The options are still there, and can still be activated by touch.

- [Messaging] A phone that has the option “Memory in use” set to Mass Memory, and has been disconnected from USB (Mass Storage mode) will show the error “Cannot access selected memory” for subsequent received messages. It will also change the default memory in use to Phone Memory. No fix, but you can switch back by going to Messaging -> Options -> Settings -> Other -> Memory in use -> E:Mass memory.

- [Messaging] There’s no way to transfer text messages from phone memory to Mass memory.

- [Stupid] The applications Boingo, Qik, and Joikuspot cannot be uninstalled, despite all of them being useless.

- [Nokia Messaging] Deleting consecutive emails too quickly in Nokia Messaging using the delete key (with delete confirmation turned off) sometimes crashes the program. Update: The new version of Nokia Messaging ( now shows a dialog box that says “Deleting” without actually deleting anything. It also freezes there unless you hit the Cancel button.

- [Active Notes] Entering a note with the keyboard in Active Notes is uncommonly laggy. This does not occur in the regular Notes application, or if entering notes with the virtual keyboard.

Fixed in N97 Firmware Update 12.2.024

- The lock/unlock switch is still seriously buggy. A good amount of the time the phone will either NOT lock or NOT unlock even though the screen will flash. Come on, Nokia.

Fixed in N97 Firmware Update 11.2.021

- 3G causes the N97 to crash and reboot endlessly. This only seems to happen in certain areas, leading me to believe that the N97 has problems with one of the two 3G bands on AT&T (850 or 1900). Any use of 3G causes endless reboots in any application that uses 3G. Fix: switch your phone to use EDGE, or get a new SIM card from AT&T. More info at [Nokia Support Discussions]

- Unlocking the phone via lock switch will not activate the backlight most of the time. This happens on the first unlock after an idle period – subsequent unlocks will activate the backlight until the phone goes into idle mode again. Seems to be a pretty universal problem. Extremely annoying because I have to hit the unlock switch a minimum of three times, usually more. No fix yet. Workaround: Hit the Menu Key [thanks Jasz] or Camera Key [me] to turn the backlight on before hitting the unlock key.

- Unlocking the phone via slide sometimes shows the message “Use keyguard switch to unlock screen and keys” for 1-2 seconds.

- Unlocking the phone via slide while in landscape mode will sometimes cause the screen to reset to portrait mode for a quick second before reverting to landscape mode.

- The phone can’t be locked or unlocked if the keyboard is open. This comes into play when the backlight bug above is triggered – you can’t just lock and unlock the phone to turn on the backlight. [no more backlight bug]

- Opening the browser and selecting Options -> Exit while loading up a default page sometimes crashes the application.

Final Notes

If you’ve found a bug, please add it in a comment below. Make sure you specify your phone model (RM-5xx) and software version (ie. 10.2.012). You can find your model/version by typing in *#0000# in the Dialer (or go to Settings -> Phone -> Phone mgmt -> Device updates). Thanks!




Graham Whitelaw
7:27 am

I cannot believe that I bought an N97 at the cost I paid and I cannot even download my outlook contacts. I do not know whether to be angry or ashamed!

12:37 pm

just bought my n97 2 days ago and already here are the problems:

1. speed dial #3 does not want to save a number
2. system : message error -20 keeps popping out when i receive messages
3. some of my contacts keep flashing error
4. finally, all my inbox messages are all gone

oh my my! taking my phone to nokia center tomorrow!!!

4:01 am

Dont really have many complaints, have to reset the facebook app quite a lot oh and the weather always says the same forecast but thats not the phone. What I need to know is this,even though someone rings me their name doesnt come up on the screen just their number even though they are stored as a contact is this just a simple setting?

5:33 pm

how can i manually change my n97 setting to use edge instead of 3g service??

9:34 am

Menis: Go to Settings->Connectivity->Network->Network Mode, and change the setting to GSM. That should do it.

6:49 pm

The unlocking and backlight problem can be easy solved by changing automatic phone lock time to the same as backlight time. By default backlight turns off in 30s but phone locks only in 1 minute. if you try to unlock phone in that 30 second difference, when backlight is off, but phone is still unlocked, then it simply locks and backlight stays unlit. :)

11:21 am

hi guys i just bought my set, and came accross the unlocking problem as well. when i unlock my phone using the slide, the phone will unlock but the screen light wouldn’t fully turn on. what a mess up.

9:38 am

You can fix this problem by updating your firmware to v11.

Tuan Sanh
6:52 am

There is a camera len cover issue, the cover scratches the lens whenever we slice it open or close, every single N97 has this issue. This is a hardware problem of Nokia N97. Would Nokia be responsible for this?

9:39 am

Tuan: I didn’t notice that. Added it to the post, thanks!

1:20 am

lock issues
browser crashes when visiting aintitcool.com
email messaging application loads up each time i reboot my phone

9:50 am

I just tried that site in my browser and it worked fine. You can also stop Nokia Messaging from autoloading by going to Options->Tools->Settings->General->Application Startup and changing the setting to Manual.

1:25 pm

ive had mine nearly a month now, i have most of the problems you guys have. but now its completely died on me throught no fault of my own. the screen simply wont light up even thought the phone is on. it vibrates when i get messages but i obviously cant read then because the screen wont light up. if it does decide to light up it will only be for a few seconds then go off again. anybody else got this problem. going to have to send it to the nokia repair centre

PS Sidhu
10:20 pm

My n 97 alarm rings only about 4 mins later than I have set it. Example, if alarm is set at 7.00am it will ring at 7.04am. This is the actual alarm (before snoozing).
Does anybody else have this problem?

6:21 pm

My phone no longer makes a tone when receiving new sms’ I have checked all the relevant profiles even created a new one. Im at a loss.

11:50 am

To many of you having problems… have you tried to make a hard reset? It fixed a lot of my problems incl. the ringtone-problem. Heres a guide:


6:12 am

I also have the ring tone problem. I have gone in many times to set it to a ringing bell sound. But somehow, it would ring the nokia ring tone (esp when the phone screen is unlock).

And yesh, the unlocking thing is irritating. I wonder when the button will drop off at the rate I am using that button!

1:18 am

I have the US model, mine now just started to loose its touch capabilities. IT will stop and the touch screen will be useless cant do anything at all because somewhere down the line there is a touch prompt which i can’t do. The only way i have resolved it is to remove the battery and basically reset it. Also before or during one of these episodes the calibration will go completely nuts after i do the reset i attempt to recalibrate and this does nothing to fix it the screen will remain virtually unusable for a few more resets.

james c
8:01 am

The email function when set to auto update causes my phone to crash, become unlockable when re started and all applications and images etc have disappeared. I was looking forward to this phone but its turning out to be a nightmare. back to the shop for phone number 3!.

4:48 pm

on my call lists it says data retreiving and says that continuesly.

Patrik .Walterscheid
7:35 pm

Got Nokia N97 GERMAN Language 3 RM505
FW. 11.0.021,19.06.2009

FM Transmitter problem.
FM Transmitter not usable with applied USB Charger.
Large distortion noise makes FM TRansmitter not usable when
USB Charger is applied and phone is recharging.
Shutdown problem.
Phone shuts down automatically with scrambled screen and one , color changing vertical line.
this all additionally to the problems e.g Web.browser crashes, phone heats up a lot when used with 3G eplus UMTS,

12:59 pm

I bought the fone a few days ago and i have a problem. I tried to send some mp3s to my fone 9 came through no problems, but wen i tried to send anymore it came up as i have not got enough memory because it saved it to my phone memory instead of the mass memory. Wen i tried to transfer them to the mass memory it didnt give me the option, like it isnt ther.

If anyone has an idea how to transfer them to the mass memory pls contact me on georgi.coles176@yahoo.co.uk.


11:15 pm

When plugging in your phone via USB cable, select the “Mass Storage” mode. This will let you browse the mass memory drive in Windows.

9:24 am

hey everyone the one and only problem i have in which has almost made me break my n97 in which i have had for 27 hours is the slide the phone open issue, the light wont go on and its very very annoying, any fix around this besides the temp hit the menu or the camera button, thanks all..

11:14 pm

Rameril, this problem is fixed in the latest version of the N97 firmware (v11). Get it from Nokia Software Updater.

7:21 am

Even i have updated the newest version. When I unlock the screen by switching the key on the side, the screen sometimes doesnt unlock, it just come up with backlight. OR on the other way around, When I switch to lock the screen, it also doesnt work, it just vibrates.
That’s not a big issue for me but i sometimes find that very annoying. I dont knot if this is firmware issue or hardware issue. Should I bring my phone to the store?

Muhammad S Chaudhry
9:29 am

I bought this phone last week and in just seven days I am totally fed up with this set. I am having two major problems so far; firstly when someone call you the phone starts ringing but there is nothing on the screen and it is pitch black; green botton on the set doesn’t work either at that time. It doesn’t happen all the time but onec occure really annoying. Secondly sometime when I unlock the phone the light on the screen doesn’t turn on. I can use the phone normally; make calls etc but there is not light on the screen until I switch it off and then turn it on. Bear in mind that I have one set exchanged with new within seven days of first purchsed but still having same problems…..

7:45 am

Hey Whilst i didn’t have many problems that ar4e listed above i have a couple of different one. First of all when i view downloaded pictures they are in very low quality until i zoom in and the image becomes clear. Second of all I have about 30 MP4 videos downloaded from youtube and some of them work but majority fails to play with the massage coming up on screen saying ”unable to play video or sound. Trying to play partially” Also I have facebook on my home screen but when i open it it only comes up for about a secound and then closes :@. Ovi Store app doesnt open at all…

If you have same problem as me or know how resolve the problem please contact me on tomeknowacki69@hotmail.com or on my youtube account http://www.youtube.com/tom69pl


11:31 am

I have a problem with the maps program. If anybody has the same problem, advice will be greatly appreciated. =)

When I purchased the phone, the maps program runs perfectly fine. For some unknown reason, the next day, the maps program does not open. It will load to 30% and then just close and return to the main screen.

I did a factory reset and it worked again. But then when I placed the phone in landscape mode, the maps program only loads to 30% and shuts down again. The problem then escalates to not working in both portrait and landscape modes.

I then took the phone back to the store and they reset it with the “#3730#” code. But the problem still came back. I was finally fed up and had the store give me another phone. The problem still exists. Does anyone else have the same problem? Anybody know what to do? I believe this is a problem with all N97s because this happened to me with 2 different phones

8:36 am

My phone freezes after almost every call and half of the screen stays on while the other half goes blank. Of course I cant do enything with the “working half”.it is like that for a couple of minutes until it resets itself or I do it.Ill try to remove the e-mail widget. What is the purpose of widgets if you have to remove them just to be able to make a normal phone call like on a 50$ phone, Nokia?

3:33 am

If you are not getting the name of the person when you recieve an SMS, it’s because you have their number stored more than once in your address book. Usually as you have it on the phone and on your sim card. Delete the numbers from the sim and restart your phone, this should solve it. You can then copy the numbers back to the sim if you like.

2:13 am

Sometimes, when I try using the slide to open my newly purchased N97, My phone vibrates for long and the phone doesn’t unlock.

Second problem that I face is this: At times the phone will get switched on but there will not be any backlight.

Third problem that I face is this: When I dial a number I get the following message: Application closed: Main ETL server 3

Fourth Problem that I face is: Screen rotation doesn’t always works

Fifth Problem I face is: OVI store doesn’t open up. It says script initialization failed.

I don’t know, why the hell I bought this Phone. Its ridden with bugs and I am feeling osrry for wasting Rs 35k on this phone. No Nokia ever now.

10:37 am

Unlocking the phone via slide sometimes shows the message “Use keyguard switch to unlock screen and keys” for 1-2 seconds.

I get this same message with my nokia 5800.

8:56 pm

Hey guys, I’m thinking of replacing my N97 (Black) because I have a problem with my ‘Photos’ (Gallery) application because everytime i snap a photo then try to open it in the gallery it just shows a ‘cracked’ photo thumbnail/ or a black and whit thumbnail and refuses to be displayed on the screen, because of this I cannot change my wallpaper, send pics to my friends or even check the pics. I already shot before!!!! Very Annoying problem, I think i might be changing it to the White N97 as i Heard that this problem does not occur on the white version so please help me to decide!!!!! thx every1

8:49 pm

i have set a song on my n97 as ringtone and it only rings with that song half of the time over half it randomly plays the nokia tone. It is startingt get annoying so i’m taking the phone back. Also having problems un locking and sometimes half the screen goes blank oh and the messages menu doesn’t work. Lot of problems for 2 phone that costs 500 quid! I’m going back to my old 6111 i think

11:41 am

the camera doesnt work!!!!!!

when i open the camera the screen apppears blank!!

neone else having dis issue?

Andrew S
11:41 pm

I have N97 White (NAM Version bought from Nokia USA), I updated the phone with the latest firmware (V 11.2.021) and still having the following problems or bugs:

1. Weak GSM signal reception (I am using it on T-Mobile) I went to many places and the phone loses the signal and shows the no Signal message if I try to call Somebody while my wifes 5800 allways have signal and its at least two to three bars more than my N97 !!!

2.The Phone have very simple transition effects compared to the 5800 (Only gives a blinking cursor and some sliding Menus and thats it !).. although the transition effect is very simple, the phone feels slow and unstable once you turn the transition on !!! and the Web browser will start to display mid size blogs and other web pages without pictures !! (I tried Engadget.com and DailyMobile.se) ! when i tried to refresh the page so many times and then exit and re open the web browser the page showed properly with all images and text but that happened because the phone has automatically disabled the transition effects !! I had to restart the phone in order to get the effects work again !!!
3. The photo gallery is laggy and unstable ! sometimes when I try to zoom images the photo gallery acts strangely and goes to the background ! after checking the task manager I discovered that its still open but i cant re launch it from there and have to open it again from the Menu !! Some times the pictures show in low resolution and even if you wait for 10 seconds it wont clear up !!

4. The free available phone memory (not the mass or the RAM) is around 45 MB !!! as alot of widgets comes installed on the phone memory !! after loading 4 GB of songs and browsing the internet for two weeks the available free phone memory went down to 3 MB !!!! which affected the phone negatively !! after two days of investigation I managed to raise it up to 20 MB by clearing the Web browser cash ! I scanned the phone memory using the built in file manager and got the following:

Used memory around 47 MB
Free Memory 22 MB
Contacts : 200 KB
SYS file: 5.4 MB (the pre installed widgets)
Others: 40 MB !!!!!!!!!!!!

I searched the while phone memory and couldnt find anything installed there except the 5 MB of widgets and I don’t know where is the 40 MB which is stated as Others !!! if the lost memory space is used to map the 4 GB songs I put into the Mass memory I beleive it is a disaster as this will make the 32 GB not completely usable as you will run out of phone memory before you will be able to utalize the whole 32 GB !!!

4. The free RAM is much less than the 5800 (with Facebook and accuweather Widgets enabled) i allways have around 30 MB of free RAM as the phone keeps all important apps like contacts, calendar, clock,..Etc open and resident in the RAM for better and faster user experience !! I installed the Handy task manager to get all these facts as the built in task manager wont show anything !!

At last I beleive that the GSM signal reception and the RAM problem is very serious and might not be fixed at all even in future firmwares !!! and if Nokia dont fix it very soon especially the signal reception, I will sell my N97 and consider other options ! at the end it is a phone and should receive calls without any problems or signal issues !

7:23 am

Country: India


1. locking and unlocking key
2. Crashes very often
3. Slow response to touch
4. Disconnects from WIFI very often

Unfortunately the firmware is not released world wide and I will have to live with older versions :( (((

Let me know if someone has any inputs.


11:39 am

Oh God. I still can’t believe how badly Nokia screw up with N97. I have always been nokia user but this n97 will end my relationship with nokia. I just updated the firmware this afternoon to version 11, mine is RM 505. From afternoon until now, the phone has rebooted by itself for more than 50 times. I’ve tried removing the sim card, the sd card. Nothing helps. It keeps rebooting. Nokia is doomed. Period. I have told at least 10 people who is interested in buying n97 to get as far as possible. This is what happen when you screw loyal customers. !

Pete Taylor
10:00 am

I got my new N97 delivered Wednesday. I put it on charge all day before using it wednesday evening. By night the battery was nearly flat. I put this down to using it so much setting everything up. I had it on charge all night, Thursday morning the battery was low again and eventually died. I charged it over night Thursday night to revive it. Same again today (Friday) but the battery has completely died again. This time it shows no sign of charging or switching on again. Replacement being sent by 3 as soon as they have more stock which they have estimated will be Wednesday. Clearly the potential to be an awesome phone, but also clearly heavily bugged!!

9:48 am

I applied the latest update to the N97 on July 1st. Later that day, I connected my phone to my laptop. After a few hours, the N97 was frozen. After I disconnected and rebooted the phone, it will not go back into landscape mode. Also, now unlocking the phone via the switch will not turn-on the backlight. There is something wrong with this first generation N97 – If the Palm-pre had the N97 form factor with the landscape sliding keyboard I would purchase one. The Pre’s UI is better than the N97 & I like the deck-of-cards feature. I’m going to return my N97, too many problems…

Alberto J. Azevedo
10:27 am

I’m having a problem with the keyboard. Some of the function caracters, such as + or ? or #, and many others, are misplaced, like the ? is on it supposed to be +, or the = is on *. Is anyone elsefacing these problem?

Paul Tym
5:33 pm

Ho can i get the phone to show incoming call details, at present it just says “Call” and doesnt display a number or contact name!

5:02 am

when i receive an sms, the name of the person sending the sms does not show up. this happens to majority of ppl. for some ppl it works just fine.

4:38 am

i cant use the flash on my camera because it destroys the pictures making half the picture turn white. also the lid on the camera scratches the glas under it so that i get more and more stripes everytime i use my camera.
also when i started the phone the first time it forced it self to disconnect all wifi networks and go directly to using 3g connection, i did not realize this at first so i used almost i 1mb internett time . where a 500 kb costs like 70 dollars(because of roaming.. lame.
the triangular “stylus” that followed got lost in a few minutes and it did not follow a ca-75u cable for connecting to the tv.. WTF is this not supposed to be a flag ship???? OOOOHHH GOD! .

1:20 am

Nokia definitely messed by launching a model that’s not ready for use. I have already exchanged the phone twice and have recd replacements, but the list of problems keeps piling up. As soon as i would add the email & bloomberg widgets, the display would freeze. The battery would drain out in 5 hrs. In addition, the unlock key just wont function. I upgraded my Sim card to address the email+streaming data issue- dint help. Unlocking the phone should not involve an exercise of sorts. Its pretty disappointing given Nokia is charging a bomb for the N97.

La primera actualización de firmware para Nokia N97 disponible el día 1 de julio La primera actualización de firmware para Nokia N97 disponible el día 1 de julio « arrayexception.com - Tecnologia y Desarrollo
1:00 am

[...] tiene problemas con una de las dos bandas 3G de la operadora estadounidense AT & T (850 o 1900), tal y como nos cuentan en nokiaphoneblog. Cualquier aplicación que se utilice y que requiera del uso de la conectividad 3G hará que el [...]

3:55 pm

My n97 has a lot of bugs :/ -When i took a pic using the phone camera، I can see the thumb of the pic but when I click to open the file it just takes the pixelated thumb and make it bigger and it stays there all pixelated never converts it to the full resolution photo O_o or somethimes i take pics and they don’t appear on the photo viewer but if i connect my phone to pc the files of the pics i took are there o_O

the music player crashes when you play audio clips very quick, and it crashes the phone and you need to reboot.

When you have internet conection problems the fucking thing reboots itself…

Nokia needs to do a lot of update to this phone because it has a lot of potential, the camera wuality it is awesome but this problems really sucks.

3:34 pm

sup nokia lovers , my first problem with my nokia . is when i shake it up and down vertical ! you here something form the meganisme and i dont know what or why ! pretty enoying ! its like you have a sambaball !!

Second my nokia get pretty warm or sometime overheat ,

and crash some programs when i open a browser offline !

Battery is not so strong what nokia promise ! crappy !

Strange but its new , so i hope it will change in the 1st firmwareupdate

If you have tips or problem solve . follow me @ http://www.twitter.com/farentinoo

12:21 pm


I have a European model, it exhibits the following bugs-

1) reboots without notice, even during calls.
2) unlocking via the dedicated button works selectivly.
3) loss of signal strength intermittent.
4) full charge of battery can last 3-5hrs without use, no warning signal prior to the phone shutting down.
5) unit seems to crash offten when subject to application use.

My belief is the unit is riddled with bugs, it should not have been relaeased yet.
I have reverted back to my 6303, at least its trustworty.



4:01 pm

I’ve been playing with my handset for a solution to the slide unlocking issue and here is what seems to have worked. Press the menu key (actually the only key) on the bottom left of the phone before you attempt to unlock the phone using the slide switch. Most of the times the light will come on and you will see the message to unlock the phone using the slide switch. Use the switch now and it will unlock the phone at once. I must have tried it 30 times since yesterday. It worked every time except for maybe twice. Both these times i needed to press the menu key 3 times before the backlight came on. HOpe this helps.

12:15 am

you can also use the Camera Key for the same purpose. this will probably be easier for most people to use – i still have trouble pressing the Menu key with one hand.

La primera actualización de firmware para Nokia N97 disponible el día 1 de julio | MuyMovil
11:46 am

[...] tiene problemas con una de las dos bandas 3G de la operadora estadounidense AT & T (850 o 1900), tal y como nos cuentan en nokiaphoneblog. Cualquier aplicación que se utilice y que requiera del uso de la conectividad 3G hará que el [...]

11:30 am

Nokia released an unready phone to the market!!!
My problems are:
1. camera is being activated when my phone is locked.
2. calles are disconnected.
3. battey runs out within 5 hours(maybe 1/2 an hour of talking)
old charger isn’t working with the supplaid adepter.
God, what did i pay for?!?!

5:13 pm

I’m glad I came across this. I am having the same issue when unlocking the phone via the side switch. I thought I was doing something wrong. I’ve noticed that if I hold the switch down instead of just one quick slide, sometimes the backlight comes all the way up.

6:06 am

I noticed another problem in addition to the unlocking one in my n97. If the phone is locked and you receive a call, you have the option to either accept the call or unlock the phone. At first I would accept the call but the problem was that I would not be able to hang up unless the person calling disconnects. I tried unlocking the phone but it would just freeze for a few seconds before unlocking. Now I tried unlocking the phone before taking the call, but it still doesn’t unlock. It still keeps showing me the slide for “unlock phone” but when I try to unlock, nothing happens. This is really annoying. Is this a universal problem or does my handset only have this problem?

3:47 pm

I took a pic using the phone camers، I can see the thump nail of the pic but when I click to open the file it shows the file is corrupted. This is a major issue because it causes data loss.

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