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Nokia VP: N97 sales will (hopefully) top 10 million

June 4, 2009
Can the N97 match the N95 in sales?

Can the N97 match the N95 in sales?

An article at Bloomberg highlights a couple of tidbits about the Nokia N97′s release this month. Among them:

- The N97 has started shipping, and will go on sale in 75+ countries this month alone.

- According to Nokia’s Vice President for Nseries handsets, the expectations for the N97 are monstrously high – the company expects the phone to sell as well as the Nokia N95, which is currently going on 10 million units sold. The good news is that both phones retailed for the same price (550 euros). The not-so-good news is that now we’re in a global recession. The worse news is that there’s a heck of a lot more competition for this type of touch-screen, and Nokia’s already a year behind (at least).

- Quote: ‘In order to take back share, Nokia will need “something maybe a bit less expensive, almost a step between the 5800 and the N97, and definitely a much better touch user interface than they’ve implemented,” Gartner’s Milanesi said. “Consumers are getting pickier about what they get out of a device and what they’re committing to from a contract perspective.”’

- The gross profit margins on the N97 are huge: “between 40 percent and 55 percent” according to an analyst at iSuppli. Nasty.

- No surprise: the N97 wasn’t picked up by any US carriers. But why? Price, “poor fit” for AT&T, and a brand that isn’t as strong in the USA as it is in the rest of the world. Which leads us to another quote from a different article: “Rumors are circulating that T-Mobile, the other network that the device could work on, may end up carrying it.” [mocoNews]

Nokia Ships N97, Seeking to Regain Smartphone Share – Bloomberg


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