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Nokia’s E52 Is a Huge Improvement Over the E51

The E52 in all of its shiny glory.

The E52 in all of its shiny glory.

We’re getting awfully close to the second half of 2009, which means a whole slew of new phones coming soon to a Nokia Flagship Store near you. Joining them will be the E52, Nokia’s latest Eseries candy bar. While it might be a little bland in the looks department, it’s got an impressive feature-set including some things we’ve never seen before.

The original E51 was your basic Series 60 device – 2″ screen, 2 megapixel camera, 2.5mm connector, etc – of 2008. Except we’re not in 2008 any more. Which means some upgrades for the times: the E52 is equipped with a larger 2.4″ screen, a 3.2 megapixel camera, 3.5mm stereo jack, A2DP support, thinner form factor, and almost double the battery life (8 hours of talk time). What’s interesting are some of the new features being brought to the table – A-GPS (with compass), hardware-accelerated data encryption, noise cancellation, and the Voice UI.

One questionable change that the E52 has undergone from the previous iteration is in the button layout. The E51 had a middle button flanked on both sides by the four shortcut keys (Home, Contacts, Calendar, Messaging). I had no problem with a similar setup on my E66, so I’m a little concerned about the new layout:

E51 vs. E52 Button Layout

E51 vs. E52 Button Layout

Since the E52 is part of the Eseries line, expect the same business-oriented applications like mobile VPN, QuickOffice, and third-party email support (combined with the new E75 email UI). Now how about an onboard remote desktop client?

The E52 will retail for 245 euros ($330 USD), and start shipping sometime in the second half of 2009. Whether the phone will be participating in Amazon’s recent Nokia phone price-cutting ventures is another story.

Nokia E52 Data Sheet




Anisa Sharxhi
7:41 am

Dear Sir/Madam,

Concerning the Nokia E52 model, in case the mobile phone fall down, what is the probality to cause a handicap and/or failing????

As far as I am informed about the Nokia in general they are considered to be very longstanding & resistant mobile phones.

Thank you in advance


1:45 pm

> Now how about an onboard remote desktop client?

You can try SymRDP from telexy.com

Andy M
4:50 am

Looks nice; might have to think about upgrading my E51 as it has a very short battery life.

Btw, A2DP is not a new feature, the E51 has it too.

Erick Lamothe
5:06 am

The E52 clearly is a great device that should appeal way beyond the corporate market like its predecessor. With its arrival the E51 whose price will be reduced will be an absolute bargain. These smartphones are powerful and practical.

mobile phone reviews
7:32 am

The Nokia E52 is a a great looking smartphone with fantastic battery life, very affordable too.

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