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Grab Nine Freeware 5800 XpressMusic Apps at Nokia India

May 20, 2009 in Mobile Phone Software

Anybody who’s got a 5800 XpressMusic knows there’s one huge problem with the device: lack of software. Here’s a way to fix that: hit up Nokia India and grab some freeware. Right now the site has a fairly random jumble of free apps for the 5800XM, ranging from the possibly fun (Marble Maze, basically labyrinth the board game on your phone) to the possibly useful (MyRingtone, lets you create ringtones from other sound files, even combining them to create a “Fusion” ringtone).

5800 XpressMusic Freeware Apps at Nokia India

The full list of apps:

SMS Timer – SMS Timer allows you to schedule SMS/MMS messages to be sent on a future date and time. The application functions exactly like the standard messaging application allowing you to define multiple recipients.

Smart Guard – Smart Guard protects all your private information (e.g. Messages, Contacts, Videos, Pictures etc.) both on the phone’s internal memory and on the memory card. Thus it is visible only to the one who holds the passcode.

Marble Maze – Marble Maze is a labyrinth game that utilizes the orientation sensor built inside the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. In this game you control a ball in a labyrinth by tilting the device in your hands and lead the ball into a goal.

WaveSecure – The ultimate security application for your phone. It not only helps you track the lost phone but also ensures full security of the data on the device.
Touch Card Match – The classic ‘Card Memory’ game, but with a difference. This version has a superb audio visual interface with engaging graphics and touch control.

Touch Maneuver – Let the kid in you bounce back in action. ‘Touch Maneuver’, the virtual version of the classic ‘Don’t touch the wire game’ makes you hold your breath as you aim to control a ring on a virtual path without grazing the track, just with a touch of your finger.

Easy Reject – Always wanted to keep those unwanted calls and messages at bay? ‘Easy Reject’, the smart auto-reject tool is at your rescue. Reject calls with a busy tone. Get messages filtered silently to view and restore them later.
Cricket Widget – It’s time to put an end to the woes of seeking information on your favourite sport. Keep yourself updated with the latest on Cricket. The Cric Info Widget brings to you real time ball by ball update of matches being played. Not only that, you can also check the Match Summary & Scorecard and brag about your knowledge on Cricket.

My Ringtone – Bored of using ringtones created by someone else? Let the composer in you lay hands on this new ‘My Ringtone’ application and create your own ringtones. Choose a favourite portion of a song and convert it into a Ringtone. You can even create a Ringtone fusion by merging 3 songs or parts thereof at a time. The fusion can even be saved as a song for your listening pleasure.



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Are there any applications for Nokia 5230?

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic: Programas e games gratuitos no site da Nokia ├Źndia | rodrigostoledo.com
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