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The N9: It's not a Windows Phone.
Nokia Phone NewsJune 22, 2011

Nokia N9 Announced: Packs MeeGo, 8 Megapixel Camera, and Swiping

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything really worthwhile on this blog. Then again, it’s been a long time since there’s been any worthwhile Nokia news. And so, after a four-month hiatus, it’s time again to look at one of Nokia’s latest phones: the oft-rumored N9.

Nokia Phone Accessories4/23/2009

Nokia BH-102 Bluetooth Headset Is $7.18 After Rebate

Hot on the heels of the last Nokia Bluetooth deal is this one from Dell: get a BH-102 BT headset for $16.19 – $15 Visa Card rebate = $1.19. Shipping not included, it’ll probably run you $5.99.

Wireless Industry News4/22/2009

LG Mobile Phone Division Reports 255 Billion Won Profit in Q1

And while that sounds like a lot, 255 billion South Korean won actually equates to about 181 million dollars USD. Gotcha! Still, parent company LG Electronics managed to post some decent numbers for the first quarter, with an overall profit of $324 million US dollars.

Wireless Industry News4/18/2009

Sony Ericsson Reports $466 Million Dollar Loss

Sony Ericsson sent out a press release earlier today that included a section called “Q1 Highlights”. There were only three bullet points. And the first was “Income before taxes was a loss of Euro 358 million (excl. restructuring charges)”…but we must remember, it could have been worse.

Wireless Industry News4/16/2009

Nokia Reports Better-Than-Expected 90% Drop in Profit

In this day and age it doesn’t seem like it takes too much to beat the numbers that Wall Street analysts put up. Case in point: Nokia just announced that profits went from 1.2 billion euros last year (1.58 billion USD) to a meager 122 million euros (160 million USD) today. That’s a 90% slide. [...]

Nokia Phone News4/14/2009

Rumor Mill: Swivel E71 Contraption Heading to Verizon

The Boy Genius Report reports that a new, swiveling, cell phone just might be coming soon to Verizon Wireless. Wow.

Nokia Phone Deals4/13/2009

E63 Price Drop: Now $243 Shipped at Amazon

Sure, the E63 is the el cheapo version of the NokiaBerry E71. But don’t let that hold you back on this deal: Amazon is currently selling the E63-2 (US/North American version, with 850/2100 3G) for $243, 13% less than the retail price and 25% less than the going rate of the E71. And while we’re [...]

Nokia Phone News4/10/2009

Nokia Starts Things Off in Korea With 6210s

Yay for Korea: after mass producing millions of cell phones for years, the country finally gets one to call their own – the Nokia 6210s. Normally, this would be something to brag about, but here’s the catch: the 6210s is essentially a 6210 Navigator, made in Korea, for Korea. Not to mention that the 6210 [...]

Nokia Phone Accessories4/8/2009

Deal: Nokia BH-101 Bluetooth Headset for FREE After Rebate

Newegg is selling the Nokia BH-101 Bluetooth Headset for $14.99 with free shipping. Fill out the Nokia Accessory rebate form and get $15 back, and your grand total is -$0.01. Nice!

Wireless Industry News4/8/2009

Rumor: Nokia To Jump on Netbook Bandwagon

Now here’s a new one. Apparently tired of just producing dumbphones, smartphones, and internet tablets, Nokia is now setting its sights on the now-ubiquitous netbook, says thestreet.com. Unfortunately, they’re a little late to the game. According to the article, the devices will be assembled by Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer Foxconn, the same company responsible for building [...]

Nokia Phone Deals4/7/2009

When Is the N97 Coming Out?

As the days grow longer while waiting for Nokia’s Next Big Thing, aka the N97, to arrive in the USA, I’m tempted to go out and buy an Xperia X1, or Touch Pro, or even a 5800 XpressMusic. Because man, I am itching for a touch-screen QWERTY phone right now.

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