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Get Nokia Messaging Working Again on Your E66/E71

February 2, 2009 in Mobile Phone Software
Nokia Messaging: Great When It Actually Works

Nokia Messaging: Great When It Actually Works

If you’re like me, you recently updated your E66 or E71 (E66 in my case), which completely broke Nokia Messaging. This seems due to the fact that the latest E66/E71 firmwares included something called Nokia Email, which is completely different from Messaging. It’s pretty confusing to say the least.

The Nokia Email application, while looking very similar to the Nokia Messaging client, is not actually an email client. It allows you to add email accounts to your phone’s stock client. This is probably something you do not want.

Fortunately, there’s a pretty simple fix for the problem: just reinstall Messaging. To do this, make sure you do not download the Nokia Messaging client by going to email.nokia.com on your mobile phone. It installs the wrong client. What you want to do is log in to your Nokia Email account from your PC, and use the option that sends a link to your phone via text message. In other words, use this link instead. And put 1 for the country code if you’re from the USA, NOT 01.

This was making me pull my hair out all weekend. And the worst of it is, this only allowed me to install Nokia Messaging onto my E66 – after a day, my phone refused to sync correctly with the Nokia email servers. To troubleshoot any connection problems, you may want to check out the log – at the Nokia Messaging client menu screen, go to Options -> Connection Info, and then hit the left softkey for View log.




6:10 am

hello guys!!!

In Menu , go to installations there u wil get the nikia messaging icon.. and if u havn’t downloaded it from the site go to nokiamessageing and there put ur email and password they will send u a link open the link in the inbox with the help of options..

2:55 pm

THANK YOU! I was wondering why the file I got from the nokia email site just added a new account to my regular email. It put a new icon on my installations that didnt do anything. I then tried what you suggested w/ the sms and it worked like a charm. Thanks!!

6:40 pm

Hi There,

I’ve been having similar problems with my e66 since updating. I have no problem getting the SMS however once the nokia symbian? (im not a techie!) download i get the error message “file corrupted” and it wont allow me nokia messaging on my phone? Can anyone help? Was working fine before the update! – I’ve tried resetting the phone to factory settings but with no joy.

Appreciate any help on this one

1:55 am

I’m not sure why it’s like that either. Installing the application through the Nokia Email mobile site gives you the same application that you get when updating the firmware (Nokia Messaging), which basically adds email mailboxes to your phone. So far I’ve only had luck with the SMS to get the correct install file.

6:27 pm

Okay, I had to do the sms to another phone since it’s refusing to send me one still. I am not sure what is in that SMS message, but it self destructs after triggering the setup program properly. Nokia support is being useless, they claim this program is only “launched” in european markets. At this point I’m annoyed enough to give up on this program, but Nokia has locked all 3rd party developers out of modifying the “active idle” screen, so there is no 3rd party email program that is ever going to be able to integrate into it as cleanly as this one.

1:07 am

how come the SMS works? it won’t send me one so i can’t try it. i’ve downloaded the e71 beta 4 version of this app from two places, including the official site “http://email.nokia.mobi/”, and i don’t see why it would be the wrong file. it sure doesn’t work though, same problem as above.

8:35 am

corrected: Funny, there seems to be no clear central place for nokia messaging support, other than the place where they also deal with sms, or another one for mms, etc.



8:24 am

Glad you posted this, same happened to me.
Funny, there seems to be no clear central place for nokia messaging, other than the place where they also deal with sms, etc.

Anyway, even the SMS’s do not arrive, so I am stuck.

I would appreciate if you can post the links for the E66 and the E71 (mine), so I can copy them into the browser

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