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Software: Nokia Messaging Goes Live (Verdict: I Like)

January 15, 2009 in Mobile Phone Software
Nokia Messaging: Two Thumbs Up

Nokia Messaging: Two Thumbs Up

Let’s face it. The stock S60 mail client is a little dated. It’s slow, clunky, and likes to spit out unfixable certificate errors from time to time. Nokia’s Messaging service is an attempt to revamp the existing client while also (in the future) generating nice sums of money for Espoo.

Nokia Messaging is actually made up of two parts: one part service, one part email client. It connects to an existing email account (say, gmail), checks for email, and if there’s anything new, forwards it to your mobile device. And getting set up is a pretty simple process: you just need to enter your email address and password, and Messaging will do the dirty work.

And it functions very well, for the most part. The interface looks and works great, and best of all, it’s actually speedy. The integration with the Home screen is well done, and shows you how many unread messages you have in your default mailbox, the total unread in other mailboxes, and the latest emails.

There are some limitations however – mostly small things such as not being able to view images that you attach to a message (as opposed to the stock S60 email client which handles this part beautifully), and not being able to change your outgoing email address. That last one isn’t all that necessary, but I found the first to be quite annoying. Say you just snapped a picture with your phone camera, and you’d like to shoot it over to someone. When trying to attach the image, you’ll need to point to the actual file – and since there’s no thumbnails nor any way to view images, that’s just cumbersome. Also, it seems that Nokia Messaging does not integrate with the Gallery, so the “Send” option actually uses the stock email client. (But oddly enough, when using the Screenshot app, “Send” used the new Messaging client. I have no idea how or why.)

One of the biggest caveats to using Nokia Messaging versus your regular email application: price. Right now, Messaging is free. However, Nokia’s site claims that this is for a unspecified “trial” period, which means you’ll have to start forking over an unspecified amount soon enough. But either way, Nokia Messaging is such a monstrous improvement over the default client that it just might be worth it.

Nokia Messaging

Nokia Messaging: Writing an email.

Nokia Messaging: Writing an email.



2:06 am

I have received the link to my mobile, i started downloading the sofware and its size is 2 MB. Now my yahoo mail is working and fetching new mails. there is no problem with NOkia E71 mobile set.

10:16 pm

just try direct from your browser at email.nokia.com

S. Jusuf
1:21 am

I had registered my mobile number to Nokia Messaging and got the sms with the link to be opened by the phone browser. Had tried to open the link several times but the result is the web page show error “Not acceptable”

Any body ever experienced similar problem ? How to settle this error ?

Reply to Budiarto

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