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Sort-of Awesome: LG’s GD910 Watch Phone

December 31, 2008
The LG GD910: Watch + Touch-Screen Phone

The LG GD910: Watch + Touch-Screen Phone

Watch phones are just one of those cool, futuristic ideas that usually end up being completely unpractical in the real world. So of course I drooled all over LG’s latest creation, the GD910.

LG has done away with the old-school “calculator watch” button style in favor of just one small (1.43 inch) touch-screen with three buttons on the side. That’s good and bad. On one hand, the entire watch is fairly svelte (13.99 mm thin), so it doesn’t feel like you’re strapping a brick to your wrist. But now you have to deal with a tiny touch-screen, which could be a serious problem.

The GD910′s full set of features is pretty limited (as is getting any hard specs on it), but it’s definitely got the necessities: voice dialing, speech recognition, text-to-speech, Bluetooth, camera, and music player. And 7.2mbps HSDPA, apparently.

More details to come at CES 2009.

LG-GD910 wristwatch phone to debut at CES 2009 – UnwiredView



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