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Preview: Nokia E63 Phone (E71 Clone)

The Nokia E63 takes the E71 a step sideways.

The Nokia E63 takes the E71 a step sideways.

Today Nokia dropped an E-bomb on the world with the (completely random) announcement of the E63 smartphone. Essentially it’s a budget E71, with the exception of a couple nice features aimed towards the consumer market. Since it’s an Eseries device, it still retains business-y features such as the ability to switch work/personal modes. More details inside.

In a nutshell, here’s the differences between the E63 and E71:

  Nokia E71 Nokia E63
Size 114 x 57 x 10 mm 113 x 59 x 13 mm
Camera 3.2 megapixel camera 2 megapixel camera
Audio Jack 2.5 mm audio jack 3.5 mm standard audio jack
Talk Time 10.5 hours 11 hours
GPS Yes No

-”Better” features are highlighted in bold.

The E63 isn’t what I’d call a step forwards or backwards, even though it loses the GPS and the higher pixel count camera. It’s more or less a step sideways. The way I see it, Nokia is just starting to recognize the trend towards Blackberry-ish devices with full keyboards. Look at the success of recent Blackberry models as well as the Palm Centro, a phone that I personally think has a horrible shape and design:

The Palm Centro in all its rounded glory.

The Palm Centro in all its rounded glory.

But the Centro, for all its roundness, surpassed the 2 million mark in sales thanks to a retail price of $99 (with a plan). Meanwhile, the E63 will retail for 199 euros ($247) without a plan – which brings it pretty damn close to the Centro after all is said and done. This is, of course, assuming that Nokia manages to get the E63 into the hands of some carriers, something that’s been a major feat in past years.

The Nokia E63 is expected to ship some time in – you guessed it – Q4 2008.



Jack Taylor
9:11 am

U both r right. I bought Nokia E71 few days back n its amazing.

G1 Review
12:55 am

Nokia has been making some sweet cell phones lately. I had a Nokia e62 unlocked to T-Mobile. I am a Nokia cell phone lover, however I just recently got the T-Mobile G1 and I’m happy with it. The nokia was very bulky, but this e71 looks sweet.

Jason Dion
3:58 am

Nokia has best mobiles in E series.

Reply to G1 Review

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