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Deal: Get a Fat Discount Off Any Cell Phone on eBay

October 22, 2008 in Nokia Phone Deals

The MSN Live eBay promotion is 25%, and the search term is cheap wii. If those words meant absolutely nothing to you, then let me give you a little background.

(update: was 30%, now 25%)

A couple of months ago, Microsoft and eBay teamed up to do a little promotion, one that brought direct links to eBay depending on the search term used. Normally, this wouldn’t be much news except for the fact that Microsoft was giving a whopping 35% cash back on any eBay purchases that originated from Live.com. Long story short, the 35% turned into 30%, then 25%, then 12%, then 8…etc. Until recently, when it shot up again to 30%.

So what (made?) makes this full of awesomeness? The stuff on eBay (cell phones included) usually sells for a heck of a lot less than retail. Getting a 35% cash back on top of that makes for some pretty ridiculous prices.

Let’s see how this works with the current 30%. Say there’s a cell phone you want – we’ll take the Nokia E66 here as an example. Right now, there’s a couple Buy It Now auctions for $432.59, $446, and $449. The retail price for the E66 is $478 (NokiaUSA’s price). Throw in the 30% cash back, and suddenly you’re looking at $302, $312, and $314 after cash back. Whoa. When all is said and done, that’s ~37% off the retail price, and a far better deal than you could get anywhere else.

There’s a couple caveats, of course. The cash back only works for Buy It Now type auction listings, and you have to wait 60 days to get it. That last one is the main gripe, but in a way it’s not a whole lot different from a rebate, just without the annoying paperwork. You’ll also need an MSN Live account, which is free.

After 60 days, Microsoft will send you an email allowing to cash out your winnings, and which are to be deposited into a Paypal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account, then I’d say you have a problem.

To take full advantage of the promotion, hit up Live.com. Search for “cheap wii” (already baked in the link above) and click on the banner ad that says “Buy Wii. You may get xx% off with Paypal if eligible.” It doesn’t matter what you search for, as long as it shows the percent discount and takes you to eBay. From there, you can just search for whatever it is you want to buy.

Update: I just rechecked it, and whatdoyaknow: the discount is now 25%. Everything else is still the same, though.



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