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The Nokia N85, N79, N96 In Pictures (An Evening With S60)

September 19, 2008 in Nokia Phone News
N85: Taking the title of Flagship Phone away from the N96...I hope.

N85: Taking the title of Flagship Phone away from the N96...I hope.

As expected, the Evening With S60 event was a blast even though I didn’t take home one of the two N95-3′s that were given away. There was the accelerometer-controlled RC truck, booths set up with Reset Generation and Maps 2.0, waiters serving up the hors d’oeuvres, and of course, phones.

And I got a very up-close-and-personal look with three of Nokia’s newest – the N79, N85, and N96. Here’s what I thought after giving each a nice little run-through.

Nokia N79

It’s slick. Light, thin, and a definite winner in the candy bar department. The 5 megapixel camera has a classy looking sliding lens cover. The accelerometer works fairly well (but only when turned 90 degree CCW and back again), and depending on what theme you choose, the portrait->landscape screen transitions can range from the rather elegant (the fade in/outs are impressive) to the just plain nasty (a flash of pink every time the screen rotates). One neat feature: when you swap out the N79-specific Xpress-on covers, the phone will automatically change the theme to match. Useless, but sometimes it’s the little things that count. Caveats: I had an issue with the Send/End/Soft Keys. They’re way too tiny and a little annoying to press.

2 pictures taken with the N79:

Closer look at the N79 (thanks to a lack of pictures):

Nokia N85

Wow, wow, and wow. Definitely the crowd-pleaser of the night. The OLED is, in the words of acertain Nokia employee, “sexy hot hot,” or in my own words simply incredible. We watched a clip from the movie Monsters Inc, and it was akin to watching a movie in HD for the very first time. It was that impressive. Add in the tri-band WCDMA and the solid “feel” of the phone (and the dual slide mechanism), and it just makes for a really, really desirable smartphone. I will say, however, I’m still not sold on the dedicated music/gaming buttons. They seemed rather mushy, and combined with a directional key very reminiscent of the N81 (aka hard to press), it doesn’t seem like it makes for a pleasant gaming experience.

Sorry, the N85 video is causing Nokia’s Share on Ovi to break right now (it’s THAT awesome), so no video today.

Nokia N96

Nokia’s flagship monster phone lost a couple points this round. Truth be told, the N96 actually felt a little on the cheap side, and I came away a little disappointed. It’s not as thick, nor as heavy as originally thought, although the phone is a little large (length x width). The 2.8″ screen is fairly sizable but the contrast ratio is nowhere near as crazy as the N85′s. Not much else to say.



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