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The N9: It's not a Windows Phone.
Nokia Phone NewsJune 22, 2011

Nokia N9 Announced: Packs MeeGo, 8 Megapixel Camera, and Swiping

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything really worthwhile on this blog. Then again, it’s been a long time since there’s been any worthwhile Nokia news. And so, after a four-month hiatus, it’s time again to look at one of Nokia’s latest phones: the oft-rumored N9.

Nokia Phone News9/15/2008

More on the Vertu Signature

So the new Vertu Signature was outed last week by Friedblogs, and aside from the juicy bit of information that the luxury candy bar would include both 3G and wi-fi, we were left in the dark. Now Sybarites has a little more to say on the subject.

Wireless Industry News9/12/2008

Comes With Music: Possibly Hitting You For Another $150

So, there was this question of how Nokia was planning on financing its Comes With Music “free” unlimited music download service. Would they simply try to push the customer into forking over an unspecified amount of moolah once the one-year subscription ended?

Wireless Industry News9/10/2008

What’s Next For Nokia and Location-Based Software

A recent article in Forbes highlights new software that puts your integrated GPS to good use with some cool location-based services. There’s pickings from Google (based on the the up and coming Android operating system), Apple, and of course Nokia.

Nokia Phone News9/9/2008

The N96 Gets Reviewed

A user over at All About Symbian posted the first unofficial review of the Nokia N96 MonsterPhone, and it’s looking pretty good: other than a stiff camera shutter key and a couple of minor S60 app glitches, there’s a lot to like. Of interest might be the better-than-expected battery life (“the N96 lasted a full [...]

Nokia Phone Previews9/8/2008

First Impressions: Nokia 5610 XpressMusic

After a brief stint with the sort-of-low-end 5310 XpressMusic phone, I’m now looking at its successor – the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic. The two devices share the same red-on-black color scheme, but the 5610 is definitely the beefier (in more ways than one), more functional brother. So I’ve had it for only a couple of days, [...]

Wireless Industry News9/6/2008

Nokia Reports Declining Market Share, Stock Gets Hammered

It’s never a good thing when a company issues a press release for the sole purpose of dropping some bad news on the table. Today’s epic fail press release comes direct from Nokia, with this not-so-upbeat announcement: “Nokia now expects its mobile device market share in the third quarter 2008 to be lower than in [...]

Nokia Phone News9/5/2008

Nokia 6650 Coming to AT&T? FCC Pics Say So

You might recall a certain Nokia flip phone that had a collection of decent features – an integrated GPS and HSDPA among them – that was supposed to be headed exclusively to the likes of T-mobile. Well, it looks like that just wasn’t the case, because the Nokia 6650 has shown up at the FCC [...]

Nokia Phone News9/4/2008

…And the Nokia N96 Starts Shipping

Nokia’s managed to spice up an otherwise uneventful day with some interesting news: the Nokia N96 has started shipping. To where, I have absolutely no idea. However, I DO know that for a mere 550 euros ($796 USD at last count), you too can feel the power of Nokia’s latest and greatest* device.

Nokia Phone News9/3/2008

Nokia “Comes With Music” Service to Launch in U.K.

So Nokia’s Comes With Music service is finally coming alive – at least for residents in the U.K. The service gives Nokia phone puchasers unlimited music downloads for one year (from a catalog of about 2 million tracks), with an option to extend the time for a monthly fee.

Nokia Phone Accessories9/1/2008

Deal: Soyo Bluetooth Stereo Headphones + Transmitter $22.99

Woot is selling the Soyo Freestyler Bluetooth Stereo Headset for a grand total of $22.99. It’s basically a pair of over-the-ear headphones with A2DP/AVRCP support (stereo + wireless remote control) that also comes with a nice little 3.5mm plug transmitter for your other audio devices. Like all Bluetooth headphones, the Freestyler functions as a normal [...]

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