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The N9: It's not a Windows Phone.
Nokia Phone NewsJune 22, 2011

Nokia N9 Announced: Packs MeeGo, 8 Megapixel Camera, and Swiping

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything really worthwhile on this blog. Then again, it’s been a long time since there’s been any worthwhile Nokia news. And so, after a four-month hiatus, it’s time again to look at one of Nokia’s latest phones: the oft-rumored N9.

Nokia Phone News9/30/2008

More on the Nokia Tube, Take 2

No, there’s still no firm announcement date for Nokia’s 5800 XpressMusic, aka the Tube, but an article by Forbes sort-of-but-not-really confirms what’s been floating around the ‘net for the past two weeks: the launch of the Tube will be this Thursday, along with Nokia’s new Comes With Music service.

Nokia Phone News9/28/2008

Nokia and Visa: NFC Ain’t Dead

Wow, it’s been a long time, NFC – the last time I wrote about you was almost a year ago. At that time, Nokia was conducting yet another trial experiment in London, where NFC guinea pigs received a Nokia 6131 NFC-enabled phone and 200 GBP spending money – not a bad haul.

Mobile Phone Software9/25/2008

Software: Mobile Dictionary Now Working on 6210

Good news for Nokia 6210 Navigator owners: Mobile Dictionary is now officially compatible with your phone. That brings total device compatibility for the app to a grand total of…5 phones.

Nokia Phone News9/25/2008

First Nokia Tube Press Pic Surfaces

So it looks like the first ever Tube/5800 XpressMusic press photo surfaced today from a random Czech site. I can’t read the page for jack, except for the words “Symbian S60 Taco.” Taco? Anyway, the pic shows the Tube in all its touch-screen glory, albeit looking a little thicker than expected. Apparently it’ll release with [...]

Nokia Phone Tips and Tricks9/24/2008

The Handy S60 Phone Shortcut List

This month’s official S60 newsletter included a nice little “tip of the month” column that highlighted the quickest way to add a carriage return (enter key basically) to your text messages/notes: just hit the 0 (zero) button three times. So simple, yet so effective.

Nokia Phone News9/23/2008

Probably Not a Deal: N96 at Best Buy For $799 in Oct

Best Buy has been going crazy today. First, they inadvertently announced three HTC phones (Touch Dual, Touch Pro, Touch Diamond) slated to be released before carrier Telus themselves even announced them. Then, what looks to be a BB employee managed to grab this shot of the Nokia N96 tucked away in the retail chain’s computer [...]

Nokia Phone News9/22/2008

What’s Next: Nokia E72 and E75 Phones

So there was a pretty major “leak” from Nokia this past week, with an online video making its rounds on YouTube before being pulled. It was pretty much your typical Nokia promo video, except the subject was two previously unreleased, unheard of devices: an E72 and E75. Whoops!

Nokia Phone News9/19/2008

The Nokia N85, N79, N96 In Pictures (An Evening With S60)

As expected, the Evening With S60 event was a blast even though I didn’t take home one of the two N95-3′s that were given away. There was the accelerometer-controlled RC truck, booths set up with Reset Generation and Maps 2.0, waiters serving up the hors d’oeuvres, and of course, phones.

Nokia Randomness9/17/2008

Reminder: S60 Meetup in NYC Today (9/17)

If you’re in the NYC area, hit up the Nokia Flagship Store at 7:30 pm today for “An Evening With S60″. There’ll be food, drinks, fun, tons of Nokia devices, and me. Also attending the event is Dean Kamen, “legendary” inventor of the Segway. Yep, the Segway. Should be an interesting night. Read: An Evening [...]

Mobile Phone Software9/16/2008

Contest: Nokia Mapsters

In an effort to get Nokia Maps into the spotlight, Nokia is hosting a “test your knowledge of the world” contest. It’s actually a pretty cool flash game: you have a world map, push-pins, and 10 different cities, and the goal is to drop the push-pins as close to the actual location as possible. You [...]

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