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Preview: Nokia N78 Phone

Nokia released a whole slew of new phones (four of them to be exact, the N96 among them) and also unveiled the Touch UI and a couple other odds and ends that had to do with Ovi. So let’s take a look at the newest member of the Nseries product line: the N78.

In a nutshell, the N78 is a middle-tier candy bar with A-GPS, 3.2 megapixel camera (+Carl Zeiss), WLAN, HSDPA 3G, and – get this – an integrated FM transmitter. More inside.

Nokia N78 Phone

Nokia N78: affordable candy bar complete with funky keypad.

The Nokia N78 in all its glory.

Looks like this will be Nokia’s first phone that prominently features the (formerly Beta Labs) Location Tagger, software that allows you to “geotag” or add location-based GPS coordinates to your images. The N78 handles this automatically and allows you to view your images on an onboard map. It’s a nifty addition although relatively minor.

One little design “feature” that might strike you is the keypad – it’s funky. Since it’s a little hard to tell from the picture above, here’s a zoom-in shot:

Nokia N78 keypad

Basically a series of horizontal lines with no obvious gaps in between. Sure it looks cool but the jury’s out on how functional it is. And it also appears that Nokia isn’t going to stop with this “squish the Call/End buttons to the sides” ridiculousness any time soon, if the N96 and N78 are anything to go by. The good news is the C button is no longer right next to the End key so there won’t be any more annoying accidental keypresses a la N81.

While the press release did not highlight how much internal memory would be inside the N78, it did crow about its support for up to 8 gig microSD cards so take that as you will.

Finally, the N78 is equipped with an FM transmitter (not to be confused with radio, mind you) that lets you transmit audio to any device that can pick up FM stations (car radio, boombox, etc). I’ve only seen this on mp3 players, but never on a mobile phone. Interesting addition.

Oh yeah – prices. The Nokia N78 phone will retail for 350 Euro, about $500 bucks (USD) by today’s exchange rates. Expect it sometime in the second quarter of ’08.



Kathy Gretchen
2:03 am

I have been using the Nokia N78 for 5 months. I bought it because I like its design inspired by Nokia N81 and the keypad is special. Actually the keypad isn’t as incomfortable as it seems to be, and it takes a very short time for my fingers to get familiar with it. Now texting is very easy and speedy for me. I am very satisfied with this phone. Only one thing is a little bit annoying –shaky back panel.

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