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Preview: Nokia 6263 Phone (an upgraded 6085)

Nokia has this tendency to quietly release (locked) phones on networks like AT&T and T-Mobile. Maybe it’s because it goes against the whole “Phones should be open to anything” philosophy. Or maybe it’s because the phones that appear on the aforementioned networks aren’t exactly the latest and greatest. Either way, no one seems to give a hoot about these second-tier phones.

The newest Nokia phone to hit the T-Spot is the 6263, a hip flip that looks and feels similar to the Nokia 6085 but has features more like the sexy-back 6555.

Nokia's Latest Phone on T-Mobile: 6263

Meet Nokia’s latest on T-Mobile. The 6263.

Nokia 6263 Phone

The first real feature of the 6263 that caught my eye was the battery. This phone includes a newer BL-5C rated at 1020 mAh. That’s some serious amperes for a phone that isn’t an Nseries or Eseries device, and definitely feels like overkill for a mid-tier phone. Putting that on a performance level, the 6263 provides 6.5 hours of talk time which is quite impressive.

Then there’s the addition of 3G WCDMA 1700/2100 and quad-band connectivity for your always-on wireless internet. Not too shabby.

The two displays (2.2″ main screen, 1.36″ outer screen) are a decent size and even comparable to some Nseries phones.

Other notable features include a basic 1.3 megapixel camera + secondary CIF camera and a mini-USB connector (always a plus).

Now, the 6263 is definitely labeled as a music phone – it’s got the dedicated keys on the front flip and includes support for up to 4 GB microSD memory sticks. So why is A2DP missing? The phone supports the Bluetooth 2.0 spec so I don’t know why this wasn’t included. You’d think that Nokia would implement A2DP on every music phone with all the Bluetooth speakers and headphones that they’ve released this year alone.

Another issue is the 2.5mm connector jack, which does not seem to play fair with those two newly announced wired headphones.

But if you can get over the A2DP oversight, you still have a phone that seems worth more than its current price tag on T-Mobile: $79.99 (with 2 year agreement).



7:42 pm

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