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More on Nokia N95 Firmware 20.0.015

November 27, 2007 in Nokia Phone News

Okay, I finally hunkered down and installed the new Nokia N95 20.0.015 firmware.

Some big changes noticed so far…

  • Camera post-processing time is ridiculously improved. Now only trailing slightly behind the N82′s processing time, at about 2-3 seconds
  • And dare I say it…Gallery image display time improved. No longer the laggiest part of the N95 experience
  • N82-ish “processing image” and new autofocus sound added
  • “Search: Internet and My Content” now permanently affixed to idle screen
  • Nokia Music Store and N-gage apps added, new Welcome screen is more or less useless
  • Music Player playlists now wrap around when hitting the up key at the top of the list (or down key at the bottom) (finally)
  • Faster album art display

My problem with music skipping in the player seems to have been caused by a corrupted memory card. Related to the firmware upgrade? Your guess is as good as mine.

From the comments, it also looks like memory, WLAN, GPS, and battery life have been improved. I can’t verify most of these since I don’t run a whole lot of power-hungry apps and rarely use WLAN. And the jury’s still out on battery life.

One minor annoyance: Nokia Conversation doesn’t work correctly with the new firmware:

“Temporarily removed from Nokia Beta Labs. We are investigating the reported SMS sending problems that Conversation may cause to N95 and N95 8GB users (and potentially others). Sorry for inconvenience.”



12:22 pm

my bluetooth is working in 10 cm range instead of 10 meter of range. Last few things i’ve done that i update firmware 30.0.015 and change to black casing. Lots of software like hello carbide, accelerometer applications, niime i’ve installed earlier. Anybody have any suggestion about the problem? The problem is from hardware or software?

1:01 am

If you’re using the Nokia Software Updater, it will not unlock your handset – only update the firmware based on your product code. You’ll need to either change your phone’s product code or get a black box and re-flash the firmware. See this post for more details on changing the product code.

1:01 pm

Hiya guys. I’m writing from the UK. I’ve just updated my N95 RM-159 to V.30.0.015.
I noticed a few things:
1) The T9 mode isn’t working when texting. It does suggests words but you can’t scroll down for other options.
2) It didn’t unlock the handset for other sim cards.

Any ideas on how to sort this out??? Help would be much appreciated.


george gr
5:39 pm

Nokia has not the right to take back the tracking feature.For me and others was a main reason to buy the phone.I paid for it -I want it back.And no bullshit answers from Nokia that it was promotional for limited time.My friends who didn’t update still have it and laugh at me. I had it for 9 months before update.So some people have it and some not. Come on guys let’s ask for it.
Its useful and we bought it.
Nokia give it back ,your reputation is heart .
Very bad way to make us pay for navigation.The maps are useless now.

1:09 pm

My phone died while updating, so I’m not impressed with the new firmware so far. :( Time to send it in I guess.

8:31 pm

we got screwed with tracking removing…no more gps unless we pay…this really sucks…money back lads…

6:25 am

Downloaded and installed 20.0.015 firmware. Have managed to trace most applications I need, but, not able to Synch contacts through bluetooth with my old Nokia 6230. Any Advice?

flemming Mørch
1:45 pm

I also updated to new N95
firmware version , and found that the map tracking function was removed .To Nokia: Please Include this function again in next version
Flemming Mørch

7:54 am

Ive just installed the new firmware and love it.. One thing I did notice is that you cant add pictures to contacts, it just gives out the known “theres no memory, close something” error. :(

But, other then that.. it looks cool.

6:12 pm

lost the map tracking w t f is that about come on lads damn also lost allot more features

6:11 pm

hmmm lost the map tracking function, and a few other functions like the converter and so on. Seems ok but i think we are missing something here

4:10 pm

installed the firmware v20.firstly noted that it was more stable. doesn’t crash the phone. my phone used to go to a grey screen with all the keypad lights on when using a power hungry app. doesn’t happen now.
battery at over 70% after I had surfed the net and tried nav4all and other such apps for a couple of hours at the least.
Just beautiful! and wish Nokia would have done this earlier.
Oh btw read somewhere that the auto-rotate on camera might not work. anyone heard of this problem? works on mine tho :d.

11:31 am

NICE update

5:13 pm

I cannot see song name when i use blutooth wireless headset on lcd

11:11 am

Everything is working great… i love how they took out the multimedia menu when you went to the mm keys…. simply amazing….

over all speed better.. usually with light usage while at work i’d be at 50% off battery after…i still had full when i left work yesterday….still using it he same amount too…. (good bit of music during the day…and wifi)…

better multitasking…. .. just everything…i think this is where they should have bene when they launched the phone tho…..

5:59 am

I’m having problems connecting to my UPnP media server (Synology 106e). Used to work fine, now I’m getting an error message that the server can’t handle the request. Anyone having similar problems?

Otherwise, great update…

Hernan Marsili
10:39 pm

The update is FANTASTIC. The ‘smartphone’ experience is complete now.

RAM, battery, browsing experience and wifi improvements are the top changes I notice.

Now more MEMORY FULL close some applications message… but, to be fair, some applications went down by itself while browsing. This happened before and still happens. It will be nice if we get some message after closing background applications.

I think Nokia has a little for improvements there…

Floppy Donkey
6:37 pm

Gps fix is crazy fast now….. web browser pages load quicker without showing you a bit then disapearing before displaying properly… the web quick view magnifier fades out.

The RAM! RAM RAM RAM! open what you like and leave it open! web doesn’t run out.

The right kind of apps close when you hit the red hang up key instead of staying in the background.

You get a three day free trial of Nokia maps…

Improved interface too.

Thank you Nokia…. if only you could make some swish animated screen page change movements to completely p!ss on the iPhone

Joe Marshall
1:19 pm

One thing I noticed, is that the wifi connection is much more reliable than previously.

You’d probably only notice it if you have a rubbish wifi router, and a big house. I can use wifi upstairs reliably now.

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