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Another Nokia N95 Firmware Update: 20.0.015

November 26, 2007 in Nokia Phone News

Nokia just released an update for the original N95 – 20.0.015. For the most part, the changes seem to be mostly minor updates to make your N95 a little snazzier than before, although Engadget does report a speed improvement to the camera.

Nokia N95

20.0.015 for the original Nokia N95 is out.

With version 20.0.015, you’ll get the Nokia Music Store Client, my Nokia SMS tips, a new Welcome application, and tweaks to the camera software to allow for “far” faster shot times. There’s also N-Gage game previews, video ringtones, theme animations and bug fixes.

Update on my update:
Using the NSS method, I changed my product code to Euro1 – Plum (0536062) and successfully updated the firmware.

Big Changes Noticed So Far:

  • Camera post-processing time is hugely improved. Now only trailing slightly behind the N82′s processing time
  • And dare I say it…Gallery image display time improved!
  • Nokia also added the N82-ish “processing image” and changed the autofocus sound
  • “Search: Internet and My Content” added to idle screen
  • Those junky apps mentioned up above were all added

To update your N95, download the latest Nokia Software Updater and install. You might need to change your product code however – it seems that the update has only been released for the unbranded N95s. Read my guide to changing your product code (originally written for the Nokia N80, but applicable to the N95 – see Step 2).

Here’s a list of known Nokia N95 product codes:


0534841: Euro1 – Sand
0536062: Euro1 – Plum
0534842: France
0536063: France
0534843: Alps
0536064: Alps
0536065: Euro2
0534844: Euro2
0534845: Turkey
0536066: Turkey
0534847: Scandinavia
0536068: Scandinavia
0534848: Baltian
0536069: Baltian
0534852: Euro3
0536074: Euro3
0534854: Greece, Cyprus
0536076: Greece, Cyprus
0534857: Israel
0536079: Israel
0536058: Belarus/Moldova
0536073: Belarus/Moldova

0534849: Russian
0536070: Russian
0534850: Ukraine
0536071: Ukraine
0534851: Bulgaria
0536072: Bulgaria
0534853: Balkans
0536075: Balkans


0534832: Hong Kong
0536084: Hong Kong
0534830: Taiwan
0536083: Taiwan
0534833: Apac 1
0536085: Apac 1
0534835: Australia
0536087: Australia
0534836: New Zealand
0536088: New Zealand
0534834: Philippines
0536086: Philippines
0549001: Philippines
0534837: Indonesia
0536089: Indonesia
0548298: India Apac 2
0548299: India Apac 2
0535053: Thailand
0536093: Thailand
0547867: Thailand
0534839: Vietnam
0536091: Vietnam
0534833: Singapore

Operator Specific codes

0548170: Orange UK
0548020: Movistar
0548021: UK (O2)
0548364: UK Carphone warehouse
0547869: UK (vodafone)

(courtesy of SmartPhoneArena)


pushpenera kumar
4:33 am

i bought my N95 last year in nov i have given my cell to nokia care center to update the software hey installed v12.0.013 they said this is the latest available firmware they have. What to do

8:53 pm

Wow, i am really really impressed by this. I had a branded phone, and i was about to sent it to a shop chargin 40 euros to unbrand it, but stumbeled upon your guide. Tried it, and MAN THANK YOU! It works sooo well. I should give you my money actually! :D

1:43 am

Everything progress in the new firmware V20.0.15 are very good, but the quality of the camera is bad especially when took a picture insufficient light. The result become dark, blur and the the picture shows undetailed when compared with previous firmware. Is it normal

4:09 pm

0550043 Orange Slovakia N95-1

3:57 pm

The product code of my N95 is 0547869. By using the NSS, I managed to change to 0536062: Euro1 – Plum.
But my mobile phone is not recognised with the Nokia Software Update V.1.4.23en. I ensure that I do all right, according to the NSU instructions.
Please help.

1:24 pm

Hi Hanishkvc,

Can you check the product code of your phone? It’s behind the battery and says,
Code: xxxxxxxx.
I have the n95 with a code of 0549001. Whereas the nokia web site says that the 20.0.015 is available for this code, the NSU is not recognising the phone.
My current firmware is 12.0.013, what’s yours?

huynh thuy
10:09 pm

0536091: Vietnam

6:10 pm

i can confirm that the 20.0.015 is available for EURO 1 – PLUM but not certain APAC regions. use NSS and change your product code to 0536062 (euro 1 plum) and it should work. note that updating the firmware for this product code will change your default languages to the default euro ones.

2:30 pm

I got my phone in India, the NSU is still showing 12.0.013 has the latest version. Any inputs on it, also igor from Europe also seems to be having similar results, so has this been actually released ???

4:28 pm


at the first time I didn’t change the code, but after i have done it, it worked fine.


3:34 pm


NNS worked and I got the code (0536062). But the Nokia Software Updater doesn’t find the new firmware (version 20.0.015) and only suggest to reinstall the one, I have got on my N95. Any ideas?

Thanks: Igor from Hungary

6:47 pm

hi i am from england and i got t-mobile and i cant update the latest one

2:56 pm

0534857: Israel

Reply to hanishkvc

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