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Nokia N81 Reviewed, Verdict: Not Recommended

Stefan at IntoMobile wrote up an in-depth review of the Nokia N81 slider (8GB version). He’s got a hell of a lot of gripes with the phone, but his bottom line is don’t buy it, it ain’t worth the price.

The Nokia N81 8GB isn't all that it's cracked up to be, at least according to IntoMobile.

The Nokia N81 8GB ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be, at least according to IntoMobile.

Nokia N81: Landscape View

So what’s the problem with the phone?

“The device as a whole feels like a cheap Chinese toy that kills small children due to excessive lead contamination. It creaks, it rattles and it is not the Nokia you grew up with.”

…that, a cramped keypad, a crappy camera, a useless navi-wheel, slow wi-fi, and a high price tag pretty much sums up everything.

Now the N81 I played with at the Nokia LA Event didn’t have a loose slider and it certainly wasn’t rattling. But this guy’s experience doesn’t really surprise me, after going through the Nokia Flagship Store in NYC a couple of months ago and finding that more than a third of the phones N95s there had slider problems. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the one N95 that I sent to the official Nokia Repair Center for slider repair came back in the form of a replacement model with, guess what – another loose slider. I eventually lucked out with a completely solid N95 slider. Too bad it took 3 tries on ebay.

So anyway, I really hope that the N81 doesn’t go the way of the N95, at least in terms of mechanical problems and what I’d deem as manufacturing flaws.

Okay, I just wanted to get that out. As for the rest of the problems, well, all I can say is the N81′s (probably) guilty as charged.

If you’re an optimist, look on the bright side: Stefan reports that the battery is actually pretty good, the sound quality is “fantastic”, and there’s plenty of memory to mess around with.

Review: Nokia N81 8 GB, too much money for too little hardware – IntoMobile


3:42 pm

The most horrible exerenc I had with Nokia was to buy this fphon. Imagine the display broke while in my pocket!!!! Once repared the onnector broke…. and believe me or not I HATE THIS PHONE BECAUSE THE FRONT SCREEN CAME OUT and I could not findit… This phone is utter USELESS!!!! Now I got a 5800 hope it survives for an year atleast!!! … but so far on 5800 I am very impresse, If this also goes and shows messy Thats it Good buy to Nokia for a life time.

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