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Software: Nokia Conversation for Symbian 3rd Edition

September 23, 2007 in Mobile Phone Software

A couple of days ago, Nokia released the beta Conversation application for Symbian 3rd Edition smartphones. It’s a nifty add-on that extends your current texting features by grouping messages by Name instead of a huge blob of a list that is just hell to deal with if you’ve got lots of text messages. Kind of like the way gmail handles emails by turning them into conversations…

Nokia's Conversation software for Symbian 3rd Edition phones.

An application that should come standard in every Nokia phone: Conversation.

Once installed, Nokia Conversation integrates itself into your Symbian UI. It’s a tab, so you can easily access it by browsing your Contacts list and then hitting the right arrow key.

Nokia Conversation: Browsing text messages, grouped by Name.

One of several nice features is the ability to group messages by Name. This way, you can quickly find a contact you’re interested in, and browse the “conversation” – basically all the messages that you’ve sent and received by this contact, sorted by time. It’s a hell of a lot better than opening up your inbox, sorting by Sender, and attempting to piece together text messages by rapidly switching back and forth between the inbox and sent box.

Nokia Conversation: A conversation.

When viewing a Conversation, you can also directly reply by simply typing in your message and hitting the send option. Alternatively, you can use the Voice Call or Video Call options to place a call without having to dig out contact numbers.

Other notable features include the ability to delete entire conversations by Name (great for those ex’es that you just want to forget about!) and add your own little icons next to a contact name. But that’s not necessarily a good idea, because…

The Nokia Conversation software is quite laggy. Sometimes you’ll have to look at a “No conversations” message for 5-10 seconds while the contact list loads up, and then watch in horror as the app proceeds to count all the messages from each conversation. It’s annoying, but it’s also the only real drawback to an otherwise fine piece of software – seriously, this is something that should come standard on every Nokia phone (or every phone for that matter).

You can download Nokia Conversation for free from Nokia – note the two different versions. This is part of Nokia’s Beta Labs so I’m sure there are bugs somewhere around.

I should have mentioned this earlier, but you need to install the Nokia Contacts Services Support Package FIRST before installing Nokia Conversation!

S60 3rd Edition Devices (not feature pack 1) – N73, E50, E60, E61, E61i, E62, N71, N75, N77, N80, N91, N92, N93, N93i
Nokia Contacts Services Support Package
Nokia Conversation for S60 3rd Edition

S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 Devices – N95, 6290, 5700, 6110, 6121, N76, 6120, E90
Nokia Contacts Services Support Package
Nokia Conversation for S60 3rd Edition FP1




9:45 am

I tried installing both softwares to my e61 but it’s not working.

5:15 am

Good little article. Seems to have improved the speed.

Still think for one of the market leading phones its still very sluggish. I don’t know whether this is down to my networks build.

Martin Delport
12:44 pm

How about an N70 compatible version? I thought N70 and N71 operating systems are the same, but I get a message saying “file is corrupted” for the contacts services file, and an “incompatible” message when installing the *.sisx file…or is my phone too old? haha. using latest firmware though

Adam Dempsey
9:57 am

Not managed to get it to work :(

I get System error (-1) on startup :(

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