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Kyocera Bluetooth Stereo Headset TXCKT10161 Review

July 16, 2007 in Nokia Phone Accessories

Now that I actually have an A2DP platform to test out (stereo) headsets on, I was finally able to dig out those old Kyocera BT Stereo Headphones (code-named TXCKT10161). These are the over-the-ear type of headphones that double as a Bluetooth headset in case someone actually calls you while you’re rockin’ out.

Kyocera TXCKT10161 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

A review of the Kyocera Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.


First step: pairing. The process was relatively painless – all you do is press and hold the “multifunction” button for about five seconds (until the LED flashes both red and blue), and then you instruct your mobile phone to search for a new device. Note that the headset flashes blue after about three seconds, so you’re supposed to keep holding it down for the extra 2-3 seconds.

After the passkey exchange, you’ll have the option to automatically connect the TXTCKT10161′s to your phone if its switched on within range. This feature worked well, although there’s a slight lag of about 3-4 seconds while the connection takes place. All in all, no problems on this end.

Ease of Use

The buttons on the TXTs are pretty self-explanatory – there’s + – volume keys, a fast forward/rewind/pause button, and the multifunction on/off/pairing mode/answer calls button. Everything functions as expected.

Sound Quality

The Kyocera’s produced okay sound. Compared to a set of standard headphones (Sony G52′s), music was noticeably more hollow and tinny sounding. In certain instances there was also a some low white noise static. I couldn’t seem to reproduce this consistently, however.

Note that I don’t have any benchmark A2DP headphones to really compare these to. For now.

As for actual phone call quality, voices were a little quieter than expected, but sounded clear. No complaints from the other side either.


Music was consistent within a range of about 20-21 feet (6 meters), with 2 obstructing walls. After that, sound was just plain intermittent and dropped every few seconds. At times, the headphones also attempted to speed up the music with generally hilarious results.


Kyocera’s stereo headset is heavier than your typical set of over-the-ear headphones, but in my case I didn’t feel them dragging down on my ears. Then again, the design of the earhook’s a little weird – instead of rotating vertically to allow space to put on the headset, these rotated outward and as such didn’t feel like a tight fit.

Sales Package

Included in the TXCKT10161 retail package:

  • Kyocera TXCKT10161 Stereo Headset blah blah blah
  • USB Female to AC Plug
  • Standard USB to mini USB cable
  • Zippered Soft Carrying Case


The Kyocera TXCKT10161 aren’t the best headphones around, but they’re certainly an excellent bang for your buck. You can get them at Kyocera’s online store for $28 bucks, a price that’s definitely on the lower end for A2DP headphones. I’d recommend them on that basis alone.

Final Verdict: Recommended.

Testing Platform: Nokia N95 v11.0.025



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7:50 pm

i had alot of probloms with my headset :(

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