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Verizon’s Answer to the iPhone: LG Prada KE 850

May 26, 2007 in Other Mobile Phones

It’s no unknown fact that the iPhone will debut on AT&T, which probably means mucho buckaroos and new subscribers for the wireless carrier. But what of Verizon, you might ask?

It turns out that the second-largest mobile phone service provider has been developing some new weapons phones that may just give the Apple phone a run for its money.

LG's Prada phone thumbnail

The LG Prada KE 850 Phone

It’s really hard not to talk about its similarity in looks when it comes to the Prada vs. the iPhone. The only real difference I can see is that LG/Prada opted for a more rectangular look than the curvy iPodish style. Thickness (less than a half-inch) between the two phones is about the same, while it seems that the Prada is shorter (3.9 inches vs the iPhone’s 4.5)

The KE 850 also features a touch-screen, 2 megapixel camera, microSD expandable memory, and video/music players.

I would love to see how the KE 850 stacks up against the iPhone, especially when it comes to the user interface. Apple is known for creating some of the best UI’s around (so simple that even a caveman could use their products!), but LG certainly isn’t. And we’re still not sure how much influence Prada actually had on the device, at least other than looks and appearance.

The KE 850 is expected to retail for about $600, which puts it in about 100 bucks more than the smallest capacity iPhone. The GSM (triband 900/1800/1900) version of the Prada is actually available (albeit from ebay) as it has been released in the UK.

There’s a good chance that the finished KE 850 for Verizon may be slightly different than the GSM version – the company has been pretty quiet about the entire project. From the article: “In reaction to all the iPhone attention AT&T is getting, Verizon COO Denny Strigl told USAToday Tuesday: ‘We do have a very good response in the mill. You’ll see that from us in the late summer.’”

Source: “Verizon Plots iPhone Killer” – TheStreet

LG's Prada phone




9:57 pm

The reason why Verizon doesn’t have the iphone is that Verizon uses a totally different networking system than AT&T. The Iphone was specifically designed for there network. The AT&T system works as a streaming system so when you call someone it is a direct link between the two phones whereas Verizon sends information in batches kind of like a walky talky….. doesn’t sound right but this is direct info from a Verizon Tech

8:29 pm

no… the reason that verizon did not take the iphone is that apple requires their products be worked on by apple technicians. Verizon did not want to “outsource” this work back to apple.

7:42 pm

this is definitley a big competitor to the iPhone.

1:12 pm

actully the reason why verizon did not take the iphone is becase it is a mac….and it only takes I tunes which would take away from verizons own wireless music database…..and verizon turnd down iphone…..so they were forced to go to at&t

jerry rosales
5:34 pm

i heard the reason in which why verizon didnt get the iphone was because the iphone doesnt carry insurance which means you cant put insurance on the phone and also the iphone doesn’t carry a replacable battery which means that when your battery gets messed up you’ll have to buy a new one and every single one of verizon phones is eligible to put insurance on them. verizon just wants what is better for the customers

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