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How-To: Beware of the Fake “Nokla N95″ Phone

As if buying cell phones on ebay wasn’t annoying enough already, with a bajillion things that you should know, it’s about to get a lot worse – at least if you’re thinking of purchasing a Nokia N95 phone.

Learn how to spot the fake Nokia N95.

Learn how to spot the fake Nokia N95 in this How-To.

Behold the “Nokla N95″ touch-screen smartphone. A clone of the N95 that’s manufactured by some scrubby company in China. Sellers claim that the phone has a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, and even a touch-screen display! Unfortunately what they usually don’t tell you is that the “Nokla” is dual-band 900/1800 which makes it pretty useless in the USA.

How to spot the fake Nokia N95 phone

The good news is that it’s a clone, but not a very good one. There’s some telltale signs that you need to watch out for when it comes to the N95.

Spot the differences between the Nokla N95 and the Nokia N95 - front view

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two phones, frontal view. Note:

The stylus-driven menu buttons (red box). The fake N95 has a “touch-screen” with a stylus, and the easiest way to spot the counterfeit is by checking this area. If you see a row of little icons (compare to the real N95, bottom), then it’s a knock-off.

Wrong buttons and no dual-slide. (yellow and green boxes) In place of the real N95′s Menu/Multimedia Key buttons, the fakey N95 has a Play button (yellow box) and a Stop button (green box). This is mainly because it doesn’t have a dual-slide mechanism, so whoever designed the knock-off dropped the playback buttons anywhere. And since there’s no Symbian OS, there’s no need for the menu buttons either.

Back view of the real and fake N95s:

Back of the Real and Fake Nokia N95

The Color. The real Nokia N95 comes in two colors: Silver/Plum and Silver/Sand (sort of a silvery-yellowish color). The plum and sand colors refer to the back cover of the phone (which includes the sides too). However, the counterfeit has a back cover that’s black.

Lens Cover Thumb-Switch (orange box). Doesn’t exist on the fake N95, but very prominent on the real thing.

Nokia Logo (teal box). When the two phones are looked at from this angle, note the difference in the logo placement, size, and direction (it’s flipped on the fake).

Some random camera oddity on the fake (purple box). Not sure what this piece is supposed to be, but there’s some random design on the Nokla N95 (the knock-off) that’s in the shape of a 3. Don’t be fooled!

Also note that the buttons on the fake look cheaper and are raised slightly higher than they’re supposed to be.

Some more pictures as a reference (the fake N95):

The Nokla N95 open.The Nokla N95 in the box.The Nokla N95 in...a different box.

If an auction refers to a “replica”, “Nokia N95-inspired”, “NOKLA”, or sounds way too good to be true, avoid it like the plague.




10:58 am

Hi, i just bought a Nokla95. Guess what?It came with 2 extra battery with free, charger, 2Gmemory card, working bluetooth, working FM, supperb touch screen features, etc. The store where i got it from honestly told me that its not Nokia but NokLa. Still i bought it at P4,000 only. The unit is really worth more than its price. Believe me i feel so lucky for this purchase….

7:38 pm

hello every body ::??? can any body tell me how to install java on nokia n95 fake plizzz ?? thanks

2:23 pm

Ps the backside is adapted to the real one . No flipped LOGO no more

2:17 pm

I recently boucht a Nokla N95 , 2 batteries and memorycard 1G for 650RMB in beijing.Bought it for dual simm and chinese sign display.Everything works , Dual reception internet ,bleutooth and so on. Connecting to pc gives memorycard acces .So i myabe lucky to have a good one. Only updating and adding applications is so far a mystery. if anyone nows an answer to that , thanks.

12:57 pm

Does Both the phone have W/Lan or Wi-Fi?/
Pls. mail me : hishamanna@yahoo.com

12:55 pm

Does “Nokla” N95 Have W/Lan????

6:15 am

I bought one in shanghai yesterday for 80€, it is actually a good copy, no touch screen here. User interface looks just the same, and so does the phone…
Of course I knew it was a copy, as I bought it on the street in front of our hotel.
I got phone, charger and an extra battery for 80€, but no box nor instructions nor any other kind of extras. Everything came full of Nokia logos and hologram stickers, from the charger to the batteries or parts …
Came with some MP3 music by April Lavigne in it too!

Chris Williams
7:17 pm

People, whatever you do… DON’T buy any Nokia fakes.

If you do not buy NokLas or God knows what they’re called these days, there won’t be a market for these phones. This will bankrupt the Chinese companies selling the fakes, which is a good thing.

Finally, to all the people experiencing problems with the phone – sorry about it, but there’s only one solution… remove the battery, burn the phone and buy an original Nokia.

10:56 am

my usb or charger has broken and ive got no idea how to charge my phone can any one of you help me urgently

12:43 pm

I just bought a FAKE Nokia N95 8GB …i paid 250 euro and its crap… I thought I was a smart guy… I made some calls, I sent an sms I sent a bluetooth item I took a picture…

3:28 pm

Can any one tell me where I can get a charger for a Nokla N95?

Please send details to kencinergi@msn.com

- would be much appreciated ;)

gerry lee
11:42 am

i’ve got a nokia n95 tv model here at korea and i do not know if this is real or fake. i am planning to take a long vacation in philippines and i need this. please help me.
this N95 TV Model is a new or a fake one?
Nokia please send me information about this matter before it is too late and i can give back to the seller.

4:17 am

guys you all are stupid hmm no offense use common sense…that real 1 doesnt have touch screen the fake 1 does…the real 1 doesnt have duel sim card the fake 1 does..i got the fake 1 and im happy with it..srsly way better then the real 1…(=

9:32 am

people, i bought the phone, knowing that it is a fake one!
Ecen thou it looks like the real thing, without the touchsreen, and EVERYTHING is the same, but there is a catch, u can check if its the real thing only in one way:::
U need to try to get it connected to a PC, using the Nokia PC Suit, if it works with that… You are OK!
If it Doesnt… Boy you’re screwed!

- belive me , i have the fake one, i bought it from china, home delievered, and it works the same like the real one, its a high copy, the only diference is the PC suit! BE AWARE!
‘cas what i heard from ur forum, i see there are more types floating around exept for my type!
I hope i helped anyone!

11:10 am

I broke my charger and it seems that the real N95 chargers are not the same as well as usual nokia chargers . Does any body know which one fits in ?????? please

Danny Lo Yee Fuoi
1:19 pm

F*ck u all racists!! so what if it doesnt match the criteria of a Nokia N95.. at least it’s for the better of Nokia N95 lovers in China who cant afford the real thing! at least its better than u all meanies put together!!

6:59 am

how can i identify nokia 5310 express music to a clone one?

Stuart Moss
5:26 pm

I have got the fake n95 but mine says ‘enjoy’ on the back of it. but its got everything that a normall n95 has well exsept that i ent got gps or tv link.

9:59 am

SORRY does any one know which
charger works with THE FAKE N 95, I got screwd and the charger does not work at all so i have to find a new one , i bought the original and it does not work so could YOU PLEASSSE HELP me. What kind of charger works with the NOKLA ??????????

11:50 am

can u help me?how to formatting N70 phone

8:09 am

hello i have a fake nokia n5 8gb and i can’t connect it to my pc anybody who can help me ?? plzz

8:53 am

why try to look at the new imitation on nokia n95,not only the looks but even on its features and application are both almost the same.it is really difficult to tell which one is original and which one is fake.today imitaion on nokia coming from china are getting better and better.

3:20 am

The “camera oddity in the shape of a 3″ is the logo for a Hong Kong based mobile phone service carrier, obviously called 3. Haha.

Just thought I’d let you know.

And I seriously hope that the carrier would not “pick up” cloned phones. That’s pretty sad!

8:04 pm

i bought one of these fake nokia phones too.. i am so freaking mad … but this Nokia N95 8GB looks EXACTLY like the real Nokia N95 8GB … i checked the firmware it says:

[Branch]: 06B JIA8GB
Build: Nokia
Serial #: MT012345678901234567
[Build Time]
2008/3/29/ 23:17

and the USB doesnt work… so f*ed up!

2:14 pm

sometimes when something seems too good to be true is it because it isn’t true. Watch out on Ebay. I got hosed.

5:21 am

where can I find softawres & themes for nokla n95 ?
Why format supported or file support? tank you.

10:21 am

What is the best quality of N95? The one made in finland? japan? or hungary?

Get It From Boy!
12:42 pm

how about other Nokia phones? preferably Nokia 5610 Xpress Music? how can one tell real from fake?

2:19 am

yo..i had bought nokla N95 and it made me crazy..my dual sim not working..then my bluetooth suddenly missing..i also dont know how to change the wallpaper
and dont know how to download theme for this phone..so anyone that know how to resolve my problem plz email me at Moon_bugi@hotmail.com plz..

1:18 pm

actually guys, what the poster originally said is right. There are fake n95′s however, the real n95 also comes in bvlack color on the back. Not only plum and silver. It is true as it is in nokia.com

Bander Shabib
10:33 am

Am a very loyal customer of nokia, 26 years old, never ever bought anything but nokia. And just the other day i bought a nokia N95 -8GB. And it turned out to be fake, u have no idea how bad i feel. i do blame nokia for not putting out ads to warn us loyal & ordinary customers.

10:06 pm

Ufff what a mess with these Nokla buyers. Just some notes:

- Nokia as a Finish company manufactures not only there, but all over the world. NSeries in particular are mostly manufactured in China,Finland,Canada and UK, so the thing that is from China doesn’t mean it is fake as first instance.

- Some of the phones sold in ebay or other webpages at so much lowerprices than the carrier’s or Nokia stores, are normaly either fake or if you are lucky, they are real ones, but prototypes (funtions won’t work best ‘cos they are not final releases) or they are real but stolen (you can also check the IMEI’s and type of phone when you remove the battery, to make sure it is a real Nokia phone).

- People who is happy with the Nokla fake phone were not suppose to be the target of the N95 in the first place, ‘cos they probably bought it ‘cos they heard it was cool and the best, but they don’t really needed what the Nokia N95 offers, which is so much better than iphone and so much ahead of its time (Integrated GPS, Wifi, 3G, Quadband, excelent cameras, as it has 2, bluetooth stereo A2DP if you are into wireless technologies, windows messenger, Fing VoIP, Flickr and Vox software, Nokia Maps, until 4gb micro SD memory, the new N96 has 16gb of internal memory, push email, push to talk, you can play your movies, everything a techy person needs (so far of course…lol)

- Nokia has already touch screen devices, but they are internet tablets. Soon also phones or multimedia computers as they call it now.

- If you really needed the N95 all functions and got fooled ‘cos you thought you could pay less for it, or just couldn’t afford it try to make a reasearch and think what’s best, there are many ways of getting a N95 or others directy from the Nokia online stores (so much better cos they are SIM unlocked) and you can pay with credit card sometimes 12 months without interests, etc. check on your country Nokia Flagship store or online store. Nokia gives production priority to their direct sales stores, so less risk to have a damanged phone and if something happens, they change it for a new one right away.

- When somebody wants to use all the features of the N95, has to have unlimited internet package, or use wi-fi a lot. If you get it with a carrier with a plan that suits you, normally the phone is for free (of course you sign a 2 year contract) I pay 30 euros per month with unlimited GPRS internet and the N958GB was for free when I extended my contract. It is worth it, because to use all the features you are a person that is online all the time blogging, uploading pictures, chatting, using VOIP, which is cheaper than making regular calls, you would save more money at the end when you invest in the original, than in a fake replica.

- When you buy a mobile phone, make sure you use google to search what is the best phone according to what you need/use, there are great blogs like this one, no only Nokia’s, where you can compare the phones and see what’s best for price, there’s a Nokia phone for each one of us.

Good luck!

9:36 am

I have also a fake N95 matching almost all criterias of above. But my bluetooth works, USB cable works fine. But Camera doesnt seem to be 5 MP as noted. It connects to PC very easily in “Mass storage/Com Port/ Webcam”.
But it doesnt be detected by the Nokia PC Suite Software. Can I Update the Phone software in any other way…?

5:49 am

They almost got me. They wanted me swap my Nokia 6680 with their new Nokia N95 but when I touch it, the phone is very light weight and the picture of the screen is much a little bit too neon in colors compare to a real Nokia phone and so as the pixel of the camera is not that cool as I wanted it… so.. just beware…I guess the best way to buy a Nokia is in it’s Nokia Center itself.

9:20 pm

China phones is also sold here in the Philippines. Like N95, iphone immitations.

It’s very cheap though, but it doesn’t have warranty. It seems like China is the No.1 country when it comes to selling “fake” phones.

10:25 am

the bluetooth icon has dissappeared reccwntly and when i insent a sim into and it the phon eis not working ti foes off and on pls help me

8:34 pm

i already got N95 8GB, and i got it half of the price than that of NOKIA store. personally, it looks the same with the genuine N95 or genuine N95 8GB but as soon as i try to register it on myNokia, once entered the imei number(serial no#) the fone model appears N70. How is that possible? is it fake or not?

2:10 am

hey has anyone bought a phone off dhgate.com and are the imitations just as good as the real ones as in usuage or not

Jayson M.
2:10 am

I am planning to buy a N95 8gb when i found out that there are already clones being manufactured here in my place.. Can someone also do a spot check on the real and fake N95 8gb? It has all the features i like, but how did they ever thought of removing the lens cover that was in its predecessor, i think that was a great feature they took out from the orig. one. i can understand why they removed the memory card slot, but not the lens cover… D-UH! anyway, guess I’ll have to pass on this one until NOKIA can make (or has already) a touchscreen smartphone… and take the lens cover back…

1:44 am

hey how can i know if my n95 is fake?can anyone tells me?as i read my n95 is similar and its “not fake”.but one question is why it doesn’t read on my computer?when i plug the usb cable on the usb port it doesn’t read why????/pls answer my question…

7:30 am

I just recieved a Nokia N95 which I bought on ebay from a UK seller. After unpacking it I wasn’t sure about the feel of the phone, it felt cheap. After switching it on I was pretty sure that it was a fake – very loud speaker even after turning the volume down to the lowest setting, very poor quality menu screen with icons that differ from the real nokia menu. No WLAN connectivity, poor user interface and generally not a real Nokia.]
It is obviously a latest generation fake, it has a dual slide screen, the correct tv jack (but no cable), usb slot in the right place, a 1Gb micro sd card but no phone memory (Should have 150mb)

I am about to start a dispute with ebay to get a full refund, including post and packaging!

I’m not happy!

12:12 am

I have bought the nokia n95 clone a trust me its worth it!!!I dont have any problems i got the quadband version!it depends on different version,Im am happy for my choice and the price i paid:):)dont worry its all good

10:30 pm

Theres a lot here in the Philippines, thers a phone that have come out, dual slide, good nokia colr, ok buttons. Pretty much the same with the original nokia n95. The only difference is the price: Original N95 – almost 30,000.
Fake N95, but really the same like original, 5,000.

how about that.*damn*

Please if anyone can feature here how to spot the fake ones, please do. thnx

5:57 am

I just bid on one on ebay uk, I didn’t notice the body said “not Nokia”. Anyway ebay de-listed pretty quickly.

11:10 am

OMG…its a good thing that ive read all of your observations about the fake N95..actually i was really planning to buy it..but thanks to you guys..i now know the features of that crappy clone..good heavens.. my money was saved…thanks!

8:28 am

there are more than one counterfeits of the nokia n95. you might think your buying an original but it is also a fake. ask questions before you buy!

7:46 am

hey guys check dis out here in the phillipines there is lot of fake n95 selling down town basilan city so you better watch out for you not to be fool>>>peace

3:58 pm

rules people should know:

nokia is the best mobile company, if the mobile is so cheap that i costs 400 quid less tahn in a shop, its a fake.

never buy mobile phones in china.

nokia n95 doesn’t have dual sim

md mallick
7:12 am

hiii my quest is to u that what is the actual range of n-95…. in market there r now chinese mobile in market….we get bluff by every one …………..

7:49 am

here in africa where cheap but fancy phones are needed there is completely arush for the tv coded mobiles from china and they are selling hot. 3cheap noklas are equivalebt to 1real thing, no pain when its stolen or falls. plus ample features like tv dual sims etc the price of 150 en below is a catch guys

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