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How-To: Beware of the Fake “Nokla N95″ Phone

As if buying cell phones on ebay wasn’t annoying enough already, with a bajillion things that you should know, it’s about to get a lot worse – at least if you’re thinking of purchasing a Nokia N95 phone.

Learn how to spot the fake Nokia N95.

Learn how to spot the fake Nokia N95 in this How-To.

Behold the “Nokla N95″ touch-screen smartphone. A clone of the N95 that’s manufactured by some scrubby company in China. Sellers claim that the phone has a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, and even a touch-screen display! Unfortunately what they usually don’t tell you is that the “Nokla” is dual-band 900/1800 which makes it pretty useless in the USA.

How to spot the fake Nokia N95 phone

The good news is that it’s a clone, but not a very good one. There’s some telltale signs that you need to watch out for when it comes to the N95.

Spot the differences between the Nokla N95 and the Nokia N95 - front view

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two phones, frontal view. Note:

The stylus-driven menu buttons (red box). The fake N95 has a “touch-screen” with a stylus, and the easiest way to spot the counterfeit is by checking this area. If you see a row of little icons (compare to the real N95, bottom), then it’s a knock-off.

Wrong buttons and no dual-slide. (yellow and green boxes) In place of the real N95′s Menu/Multimedia Key buttons, the fakey N95 has a Play button (yellow box) and a Stop button (green box). This is mainly because it doesn’t have a dual-slide mechanism, so whoever designed the knock-off dropped the playback buttons anywhere. And since there’s no Symbian OS, there’s no need for the menu buttons either.

Back view of the real and fake N95s:

Back of the Real and Fake Nokia N95

The Color. The real Nokia N95 comes in two colors: Silver/Plum and Silver/Sand (sort of a silvery-yellowish color). The plum and sand colors refer to the back cover of the phone (which includes the sides too). However, the counterfeit has a back cover that’s black.

Lens Cover Thumb-Switch (orange box). Doesn’t exist on the fake N95, but very prominent on the real thing.

Nokia Logo (teal box). When the two phones are looked at from this angle, note the difference in the logo placement, size, and direction (it’s flipped on the fake).

Some random camera oddity on the fake (purple box). Not sure what this piece is supposed to be, but there’s some random design on the Nokla N95 (the knock-off) that’s in the shape of a 3. Don’t be fooled!

Also note that the buttons on the fake look cheaper and are raised slightly higher than they’re supposed to be.

Some more pictures as a reference (the fake N95):

The Nokla N95 open.The Nokla N95 in the box.The Nokla N95 in...a different box.

If an auction refers to a “replica”, “Nokia N95-inspired”, “NOKLA”, or sounds way too good to be true, avoid it like the plague.




6:16 am

yesterday i have NOKLA N95…ithink is NOKIA N95…what is the same company or no…im confuse..

4:41 am

Other fake nokia phones are already out like n81, n93i, n82, nokia 6120 classic, nokia 5310 . I was fooled once when i asked about the 6120 on a store near my place. I asked if how much it will cost me if i trade my n71 for a 6120 classic and the shop keeper told me i only need to add Php 500 for the trade. I was shocked about the price. I asked him if I could take a look at the phone and I was disappointed. The screen resolution was not like it should be, the screen was smaller than 320×240, the menu wasn’t anything like any s60v3 phones and there were no nokia application installed. Another phone i looked at is the 5310. I already knew it was a fake because of the opening image. the sound was kinda annoying and the graphics of the two hands holding each other is too slow. Another phone was the n93i. I was kinda intrigued when i saw it so I asked if I could look at it. When I opened the phone the inside didn’t look anything like any n93i. It has a touch screen and no menu button. the camera was not 3mega pixel and the screen was way much smaller. I’m kinda disappointed cause these 3 phones that I looked at was the 3 phones I really want to have. I cant believe that they can already make fake nokia phones.

Stuart Friedman
5:54 pm

There is a NokLa n95, ver. 2.0 out. The phone is triband, no touch screen, and apparently a version of the Symbian OS.

Karl Young
11:41 pm

I have been using NOKLA for the past 9 months. Its been given me very good service. I have never had a problem with the software or the battery as a matter of fact no kinda problem. It is advisable for you to buy it. It is quite chep and available in the city of Bilaspur….this is in 36 china town. (Chhattisgarh)

All the best guys…

4:46 am

Thank God, I’m not the only one being fuck*d. I just called Amazon today to report a counterfeit Nokia N95 8GB. yes! they counterfeit the 8Gb already.

I was so pissed when I realized it is counterfeit. The screen has icons in the bottom. Screen measure 2.5 ”
(The original is 2.8″) The Play, Forward, Rewind Pause,Stop buttons on the top slider are ridiculously just fucking “prints” not really a button, just a goddom ink of arrow plays. There is no symbian OS, Camera quality is low, video capture is is fucking 3gp low quality compair to the real N95, it is mp4. No GPS, No Wi-Fi, And the worst thing about is I paid just as the same amount as what I would pay for a real N95 8gb… God forgive me for my bad words today.

8:53 pm

What cellular service will turn on this thing? Does anybody know? By the way the site that sold me my junk is http://www.pickyourorder.com. Please stay away.

8:35 pm

Its awful the way these folks in China are fooling people. I am a victim in Georgia. Can anyone tell me what company will turn on the phone?

3:02 am


its just easy to detect if the n95 is fake or real.

in the battery it is written “Nokla” which is absulotely wrong and very far from the word “Nokia” you have to use your eyes guyzzz to not waste your MONEY, and everything. It might blown up also and perhaps it will be blown inside your room, house..
So be careful, be wise in buying mobile phones..

6:47 pm

Hi guys, Im in the UK and I bought one from china, not knowing it was a fake, but im actually really impressed with it, it slides both ways, looks exaclty the same as the original ( its the black one ) , the camera is alright, the only thing it doesn’t have is the 8gb memory ( im buying an 8gb micro sd card from ebay for £40) and the gps ( which i’d never use ).
So for £100 pounds i think it turned out alright…

Emad Dehnavi
8:54 am

Hi…i buy nokLa N95 in iran with only $100 … i hear about this fake and i know this is a fake , but i think $100 its suitable for this phone ;-)

10:30 am

dont forget the spelling at the back of the cam. the fake cam spells “Carl ZESS” instead of “Carl Zeiss”… Nokia should do something… Chinese people will really do anything just to sell their products.

9:52 pm

hi, someone offered me a Nokia N95 and she said it was a replica. But it wasnt a touch-screen and looked like a Nokia N95. It was written on the phone Nokia and not Nokla and its buttons were like a reguler N95 but it was only 3 megapixels. so, what should i do?

5:38 pm

Actually the Nokia N95 also comes in all black as well.

7:43 pm

I’m so pissed off!! my dad got fooled also! damn! my dad paid $700 EACH!! and he bought 2 units… this “NOKLA” thing, was a shit… damn! I’m very mad… sorry… its not easy to be fooled with…

1:12 pm

when i bought the phone, N95, they told me that its a 3G phone (with dual camera). But when i found out with local people, they told me that i need to unlock the 2G system in the phone, u have any idea on it?Thanks

9:28 am

Can i download a games or themes frome my nokla 95 trough p.c? wat should i do? pls help me

4:36 am

can anybody help me find ways to fix the software for my nokla 95?

12:46 pm

Hey guys, don’t I feel stupid. Here I am visiting China and came across a shop selling this S#!T, I hadn’t done any research and brought two of them as x-mas presents for the kids. I paid $2500RMB (AU$410) for both. I intend to go back tomorrow and give these chicks that sold them to me a peice of my mind. They are crap, non of the features that you would spend that kind of money even present. Being China I don’t know how I will go getting my money back, but have faith fellow ripped off I intend to spit in the faces of these shisters! Hope that is some compensation for you all.

9:48 pm

i bought fake n95 black.
wifi is working, camera is 2mp, no tools menu, powerbutton only for off/on(no menu), usb not working, no iR menu, but has IR..(cant turn on coz no tools menu), no maps, and good thing i just bought it on a local store here, and im about to sue them… zzzz.. i was about to keep it coz the only thing missing are IR and camera of 5mp.. thats ok.. but fuck the USB aint working.. and if i plug the charger.. it says usb unplugd.. duh!!

10:56 am

hi. i recently got fooled into buying a fake nokia n95 by a chinese owned store here in our city. out of embarrassment for having been taken for a ride, i didn’t try to return the phone after realizing that what i bought was an inferior imitation of the original.the video was horrible, the pictures look muddled and couldn’t adjust to the light..though cheap, i still feel cheated for having paid for something that couldnt give my hard-earned money’s worth.

8:33 am

Y go for branded mobiles when they dont have product value consideration. A new mobile release in branded for 30k and by the end of one year it comes to less than 8K.
I think better ppl go for non branded for less prize (use and thro) say if we buy for 5k use for 6 months and thro get another one so u lose 10k ina year, where as in branded the mobile drop more than 20k….
Its time for People have to think and question the branded owner for the huge prize, just for its brand

4:51 am

look all I want to know, what does the fake one has as characteristics?
it got camera, can take pics, i heard it’s 2mp can handle memory card, can listen to musics?
do we have all these?
if yes and for suck a small amount of money i’m ready to buy one.

4:52 am


marlo n uy
9:43 am

what benifits do i get in fake nokia n95? i need an anwer now!!!

8:21 am

I have one. I have to say it’s rather nice and the touch screen is really rather good. I paid roughly $180 for it and it seems to work pretty well so far.

It also comes with interesting choice of MP3s for ring tones.

7:53 pm

hey! there is another fake model which i happened to buy off china land!- 250 Euros. Its a great 1st grade copy. In fact, the above details to distinguish fakes from original do match. Everything is the same… buttons, camera and shutter esthetics’s , colour, prints, size, MMC, packaging box, charger, phone booklet, dual slide with media player… Only the software, which is not symbian and camera Megapixels which are something around 1.2MP with really shitty picture capture. The front logo (right above the screen) is slightly more cramped than that of the original. And the screen is a normal LCD not like the original N95 screen. The Battery is made in Hungary and is very similar to the original too. Dont buy from china. they do steal ideas and our money… remember… if u pay peanuts,.. u get monkeys. :( .Hope you wont get fooled like we were . gud luck

Dub master
1:49 pm

hi people, i bought NOKLA n95 new fixed version for 200$, until now IT IS GREAT. Its got GPRS, BLUETOOTH, 5MP camera, micro SD, TOUCH SCREEN and all works GREAT!!. contact me for where i got it. hahahah im so happy. BETTER THAN ORIGINAL N95

4:52 am

it has beautiful features that you can enjoy, but the problem is can i use tv jack port to it? where can i find games and themes for it?

7:34 pm

OMG! i never knew that lot’s of people here were experiencing to have a fake n95. hmmm…just hours ago, i was convinced to buy the cloned n95 from my officemate. coz he is selling it at a lower price. it’s just cheap at php7,500pesos. but when i read the comments of the people here, i got confused on what to do. but i like the features and the touch-screen thing…i guess it depends on how u use it, right? But, ill try to find more facts about it tonight before my officemate will hand it in to me.

4:06 am

Almost buy this fake Nokla N95, but after reading this forum and the feedback. I’ll buy ROKR E6 instead……

8:35 pm

The price of real NOKIA N95 is $800.00. You also know the function of NOKIA very clearly. But If you buy it with $155. Have you thought the phone are real? I think you know it very clearly.

3:53 pm

Recently one of my close relative brought two Nokia N95 100% fake Chinese mobiles for 325$ each.Its disgusting to have fake.Guys you can save money but never compromise with quality.Just drop into next Nokia showroom, buy the original with atleast 1year warrantee and no hadache for repair.Enjoy the Nokia N95.

12:28 pm

I’m not sure if this is a good thing but these clones sure make the price of originals drop BIG-TIME. With the new N95 clones getting more and more comparable to the originals, the prices of original Nokia N95s (slightly used and brand new) in our Country have dropped to around US$350-450.

6:23 pm

wich charger does work with nokla n95

2:34 pm

Hi I have bought so far 3 of these so called Nokla N95 phones and each one has worked fine. bluetooth is working ok and everything else they cost me less than £50.00 each and as a phone there ok. All i will say is if you want to pay £300.00 plus for the real one then fine but at £50 the phones are ok. I used to own a nokia n95 real one and the problems i used to have wiht it was a lot more than these so called fakes, freezing and having to take the battery out to reset it every 3 or 4 days was a pain thats what i call a problem phone.

1:04 pm

hey everyone, i was about to get me a N95 for 700 dollars when someone told me not to do so cause i could get me one for 200…got really interested and went to see that 200 dollar’s nokia and trust me IT HAS NOTHING in common with the real one!

before buying something make sure it’s not too cheap for what it is first and you’re not losing anything if you check out web sites to know what you’re buying!

Ripped off
6:59 pm

I ordered some nokia n95 8g phones off alibaba, got charged $190 us per phone. when they arived they were bad copies of the old n95.but they were in real nokia boxes with real nokia instructions for the original n95. they were all locked. i lost a few grand.

no one can help, i thought nokia would be able to…

12:46 am

this nokla n95 has been out in the philippines too! and they are selling it for 5 thousand, thanks for this blog and i got to know the fake one, im very glad that this kind of blog exist, tnx guys… cheers

6:01 am

I just got scammed into the Nokla, but in all honesty I only paid A$150, and so far I find it to be a great phone, all the features that I was looking for actually work. For a cheap rip off model its not too bad.. All I want is a program disk, so if any one knows where I can get programs etc for it pls let me know….

lil' dsondz
12:07 am

HI dear friends,
Thank you very much to let you know about the real and fake nokia n95 now i have got bulk of N95′s it is original and now i can sell all of n95′s
thank you god

I just found the real!

10:49 am

it’s not that bad..but i have seen nokla n95 which looks 99.99% alike with the original nokia n95..it is dual slide,not touch screen and many more..i own one myself,,

1:57 am

nokla n95 has 3G service too?

3:12 am


I have nokla N95.But I have problem with that,my mobile restarted (or) refreshing touch screen very often.Its screen not stable within 3 Sec.when Iinsert sim into it the phone is not working.any one can give tips to me

8:07 am

guys i have seen the nokla n95 yesterday…its tochscreen facility dosent works at all places and it has been offered to me for just rs 6200

11:18 am

i bought the damn thing in dubai, but i was aware it was a fake(bought it from a chinese mall :D ) i wanted to examine it with my real nokia n95, and mine, it didn’t have the weird three, although instead of Nokia on the back, it said BLUETOOTH!! HAHAHA!

7:36 pm

:( I got fooled to ! I paid 200Ls and this is a 283.01 EUR f… , nokla jes ,god please hellp me , my parients kill me … :(
china why you do that???

grrrrrr gooosh

10:23 am

i want to buy nokia N95 but im afraid of fake one please help me

cornflake man
4:36 am

billy – the phone there trying to sell to you isnt a japanese version its the cheap inferior fake that people on here have been moaning about. if you really want a fake n95, buy one from replicaphones.co.uk – £40 cheaper.

9:39 pm

I bought a Nokla N95 from net. It works normally but just some of the features are slide different from the ral one. I have not encounter any problem as yet. Will share more later.

8:38 am

Well, I bought the phone because of the dual sim, and so far, It is working fine. I was not looking for a Nokia N95 but rather i was looking out for a phone that will take two sim cards at the same time. I think the guys should have given the phone another name. I love the technology.

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