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How-To: Beware of the Fake “Nokla N95″ Phone

As if buying cell phones on ebay wasn’t annoying enough already, with a bajillion things that you should know, it’s about to get a lot worse – at least if you’re thinking of purchasing a Nokia N95 phone.

Learn how to spot the fake Nokia N95.

Learn how to spot the fake Nokia N95 in this How-To.

Behold the “Nokla N95″ touch-screen smartphone. A clone of the N95 that’s manufactured by some scrubby company in China. Sellers claim that the phone has a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, and even a touch-screen display! Unfortunately what they usually don’t tell you is that the “Nokla” is dual-band 900/1800 which makes it pretty useless in the USA.

How to spot the fake Nokia N95 phone

The good news is that it’s a clone, but not a very good one. There’s some telltale signs that you need to watch out for when it comes to the N95.

Spot the differences between the Nokla N95 and the Nokia N95 - front view

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two phones, frontal view. Note:

The stylus-driven menu buttons (red box). The fake N95 has a “touch-screen” with a stylus, and the easiest way to spot the counterfeit is by checking this area. If you see a row of little icons (compare to the real N95, bottom), then it’s a knock-off.

Wrong buttons and no dual-slide. (yellow and green boxes) In place of the real N95′s Menu/Multimedia Key buttons, the fakey N95 has a Play button (yellow box) and a Stop button (green box). This is mainly because it doesn’t have a dual-slide mechanism, so whoever designed the knock-off dropped the playback buttons anywhere. And since there’s no Symbian OS, there’s no need for the menu buttons either.

Back view of the real and fake N95s:

Back of the Real and Fake Nokia N95

The Color. The real Nokia N95 comes in two colors: Silver/Plum and Silver/Sand (sort of a silvery-yellowish color). The plum and sand colors refer to the back cover of the phone (which includes the sides too). However, the counterfeit has a back cover that’s black.

Lens Cover Thumb-Switch (orange box). Doesn’t exist on the fake N95, but very prominent on the real thing.

Nokia Logo (teal box). When the two phones are looked at from this angle, note the difference in the logo placement, size, and direction (it’s flipped on the fake).

Some random camera oddity on the fake (purple box). Not sure what this piece is supposed to be, but there’s some random design on the Nokla N95 (the knock-off) that’s in the shape of a 3. Don’t be fooled!

Also note that the buttons on the fake look cheaper and are raised slightly higher than they’re supposed to be.

Some more pictures as a reference (the fake N95):

The Nokla N95 open.The Nokla N95 in the box.The Nokla N95 in...a different box.

If an auction refers to a “replica”, “Nokia N95-inspired”, “NOKLA”, or sounds way too good to be true, avoid it like the plague.




7:06 pm

I am really disgusted with these clone phones from china. Their phone isn’t too bad. So I think it’s better if they would create their own brand name instead of faking people by using the name of Nokia. I have my own way of checking a phone whether it is original or not. Read it here:


3:00 pm

Hey guy’s how are ya doing? I have a small problem with the fake n95, but now this problem seems to be getting taller than me, i recently swap my SE..K800i for a fake n95 which i didnt realise it was a fake because i hadn’t seen them before…now it wanted a ribbon for it…and i can’t get it no where in jumaica…can anyone tell me where can i source this ribbon plz….email me if you can help me get it(pswish19@aol.com)

6:30 am

how can we tell whether nokia N95 8GB is original or fakes

9:59 am

I sold 50 of these in 2006, went for £400 each on ebay, lovely profit as I got them for £30 each. People went mad after they received them, but the listing did say NokLa N95 from china, so people should read before they buy, and if they dont well :)

11:55 am

is it original? n95 nokia made in korea?

1:02 am

They sell those fake cell phones in philippines they advertise them as China Phones, they have many different models copying all different popular models of cell phones and some original ones I even saw a Hello kitty and a Mickey Mouse one , cost about $80-150 have touch screen TV tuner, etc beware the software on the phone is not Nokia you cant download games or apps, the software is full of bugs and if it breaks good luck finding parts, cant even find someone to fix them in philippines One notable feature that makes them easy to spot is that they all seem to have that same overlay strip of touch screen buttons on the bottom of the screen as shown in the pic at the top of this page in red. My wife had a LouisVuitton one very nice looking big screen but after about 2months the charger quit and couldnt find another charger anywhere. You also couldnt change the tones from those annoying built in ones.
I although did like the fact that the phones speakers were very loud much louder than a N95 and you could use 2 sim cards(two cellular providers)in one phone. Speakers just died on my real n82 POS and I dont even play music that loud. most phones are made in china anyway they just figuerd they would cut out the middleman I guess, if the quality goes up and they stop coping the look of other phones like N95 and go original with tech support. nokia may have some competition

11:39 pm

I bought Nokia N95 second hand it looks to me really original even the eight and nine digits are “0″ which states real Nokia N95 serial no. every thing is real but I am having problem with blue tooth it requires passcode and camera zoom is large. Will some one help me.


5:47 pm

hi, some people say there are 3 nokia N95
1. dubble slide
2. touchscreen
3. both

so my question is: has any N95 a touchscreen or is it a fake? thanxxx

4:47 pm

hai friend even N95 orginal have no tochscreen option…so u plz and check out that….

1:58 am

press *#0000# to find out is it the REAL nokia or the FAKE nokia

hope it’s helping

3:53 am

guys im sorry im gonna talk about nokia n81…
so.. i broke my lcd and i got it replaced from a shop and it dose look da same as b4 but the problem is i can see a small space like a line on da top of da lcd (i mean dere is a blang where da light is coming out)and when i go to da gallery..da photos i have taken when i look at dem the screen is like shaking…da lcd costed ,e sumfin lyk 49$ but i repaired it in u.a.e….so its sumthing lyk 188 ove here…i wish u ca help me guys …thnx

8:28 am

hi pple am wondering that if nokla n95 has music player

3:55 am

You are all stupid for not asking questions about the phone. My friend purchased one and after filing a dispute with paypal he lost. Paypal awarded the seller to be correct because the item did match the descriptions. It was my friends fault for not enquiring and getting too excited by the sale price.
Buyers have to be more careful that’s all there is about it. Whether it is mobile phones or designer handbags.
I know someone else who purchased what was described as a “prada” purse. She lost the dispute via paypal also because even though it was a fake it still matched the description.

K Soriano92
9:28 pm

The purple box with th “random” ’3′ design, that’s not just sum random icon, it’s the logo of Europe’s “3 Network”–much like are AT&T and T-Mobile. It was probabaly put on to make it look more legit.

Reply to Ronaldo

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