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Software: Must-Have Software for Mobile Phones

April 28, 2007 in Mobile Phone Software

Forbes just did a great article on some must-have software on every mobile phone.

Nokia Widsets

Nokia Widsets: Part of the Top Must-Have Software For Mobile Phones.

Among the highlights:

Google SMS. By sending a text message to GOOGL (40045), you can get a myriad of information including directions, areas of interest, translations, movie times, definitions, and product prices. Not quite phone software, but definitely handy nonetheless.

uLocate/Loopt Friend Finders. It costs extra, but this little piece of software (available on Sprint/Nextel, Boost Mobile and Helios networks) lets friends track your every move on a nice little map.

Google Maps. I’d have to disagree with this one, since it requires mobile internet which most cell phone users don’t want to shell out big bucks for. As an alternative, check out Nokia smart2Go, which trounces Google Maps in almost every way imaginable. It’s NOT written in crappy Java like GM, and it’s a very impressive piece of FREE software. Did I mention free?

Mobio/Nokia Mobile Widget Software. These two separate Java applications, brought to you by Nokia and Mobio, are designed to be little programs that save you time loading up 100k webpages on your smartphone. Nokia’s Widsets includes an eBay tool for checking up on bids and a portable version of Wikipedia, while Mobio’s Mobile Widgets gives you the ability to purchase movie tickets and make dinner reservations.

Soonr. This little-known app connects to your home PC and lets you check out documents, emails, pictures through your mobile phone. Think of it as a Remote Desktop type application that gives you access to the files, but doesn’t actually let you control your computer.

SpinVox. Interesting is what I’d call Simulscribe’s mobile wonder-program. SpinVox takes voicemails and sends them to you via SMS – spelling out exactly what’s recorded in your VM. Unknown words are represented phonetically. The only drawback? It costs $10 a month for up to 40 voicemails.

Orb MyCasting/Slingbox/TV Scheduler. These programs (you might recall my preview of Orb MyCasting) let you stream video to your phone, usually with a little fee involved. Unlimited data plan recommended or you’re going to see your cell phone bills go through the roof.

Emoze. Software that lets you push email (a la CrackBerry style) from the home PC to your mobile phone. The good news is it’s completely free and available for Windows Mobile or Symbian OS users.

Source: “Must-Have Mobile Software” – Forbes


3:45 pm

Great tips! I’m always looking for apps for my smartphone- especially free ones! Thanks

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