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Rumor: Nokia N99 Doubles as a Phone, Puzzle

March 24, 2007

From the rumor mill at Gizmodo:

Behold Nokia’s patent filed for the N99, which is a normal looking slider phone until you realize that Nokia snuck in a little keyboard under the screen, AND a keypad that does some kind of funky 90 degree rotation.

Nokia N99 Patent Application thumbnail

So let me start by saying I feel sorry for whoever wrote up this patent application. It reads like Greek, only ten times less understandable.

It’s rumored that the N99 will sport an 8 megapixel camera. But will it sport a keyboard OR a little game keypad interface?

“[0038] As illustrated in FIG. 9C, a game controller keypad is provided in the portion 58 of the main body element 52 rather than a full function keyboard when the second body element 56 is moved to the open second operative position. The game keyboard comprises a set of action keys generally designated 162 constructed on the face 54 in the portion 58 of the main body element 52. A motion pad or joystick generally designated 164 is also constructed in the portion 58 of the main body element 52 on the face 54.”

I’ll take a wild guess here and say that the game keypad feature idea will be short-lived. Is the world really ready for another N-gage? I’m thinking not.

Nokia N99 Patent Application Sketch 1Nokia N99 Patent Application Sketch 2

Link: Read Nokia’s Patent Application


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